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#1 Posted : Saturday, September 20, 2014 10:40:57 PM(UTC)

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From which I returned with lots of notes.

I've always wanted to write but haven't travel so take me lpiranas.

This time I came back with a bag full of notes were those containing invoices, insulating papers and packs of cigarettes, I even found them BOARDING PASS.

Everything is full of small and dense handwriting not always readable.

At do them a kind of retroactive travel journal-I said to myself.


So I decided to get some small amount, without chronological order, almost without editing, on the assumption that probably this chaos.

August 30 in Barcelona


I told her that it's hard for me because I can be her father there have children almost her age.

Age is just a number to me, you're not old, except now you crossed the Pyrenees. It is not old.

Even though you're trying to stroke my ego, I said, I'm a lot older than you think as a matter of fact, I'm almost 2,000 years old, and most of the time I go.

I went in, I went in the Atlas mountains, the Caucasus, the Alps, the Carpathians. Almost everywhere. 2000 years ago and most of the time I go.

In recent years I walk less, mainly live in Israel.


Because Israel has carrying sand.

What is this?

This type of sand carrying sand, fter I like especially in summer the burning of hot carrying sand in my bare feet, no place in the world where there are such carrying sand

Even in Sahara?

Not just got sand in Sahara, Israel, from acre to Rosh Hanikra have carrying sand in the summer is much hotter than sand, actually the only thing I remember is that the touch of Israel carrying sand on the feet.

This must be what the Israelis call "Zionism"-ה"זיבזיב".

Didn't I find Zionism, I just love the carrying sand right now I don't even like Israel, except of course hazipzif.

When we were kids, we were digging in the hole carrying sand and bury each other's neck to the ihidashani remember from my childhood.

Just that you remember from childhood?

I remember a lot of things, but a feeling. This is the only feeling I remember now, are you mad?

A little.


Maybe tomorrow won't remember the feeling of my body.

Tomorrow, I feel your body again, weekend day, hence perhaps forget chshassa feel.

You idiot! Come to bed.


A few miles south of ronsooles, there is a small town that I forgot the name.

One street.

Facades of houses renovated in style.

2 the recipient stores called SUPERMERCADO, Spain and HOTEL, HOSTAL, ALBERGE, etc.

The street is filled with yellow arrows teachers South Harmon tells me "it's baseball, here it goes.

So pretty ntooti to Camino Santiago.

Rainy morning 0700.

The developers of the bedroom lights emerge ponchos, which Brendan lurks heads lack Interior. At first, and soon they become dense history streamed southward.

Herman tells me went the baseball last year, and the reason for the early rush is everyone rushing to grab a place in the next town.


From BERA (or VERA, depending on who you ask, skiing or just Spanish although there is no such thing as just a Spaniard) climbed to Santa Barbara, and the bunker (a relic gnerlsimo) lit a cigarette, and I saw my grandfather going in Ukraine, bail out Europe and sitting at the bar in Pamplona with Ernest Hemingway drinking gallons of red wine, and discuss dialectic of mrchsistit and how to save the world from apashism.

Hemingway was obviously drunk, and my grandfather was carrying 4000 year-old millstone neck.

5 in July.

From the bunker at kndasho (I have probably unfinished matter with bunkers), you can see black clouds.

In the town's local deliver, someone said something to me, and how many times the word "gauze".

I don't even know how to count to 10 in Spanish, Basque. maybe he mean also had black clouds over Gaza, he has a hat in blue Husky.

Both sitting and drinking a pint of beer each, with the favorable reserve probably just lack a common language.

How said the helicopter flight commander of "מ"אפוקליפסה "wing nut. Nothing like the smell of Nepal in the morning. "


Australian traveler told me that Americans place the replica of the original bus, next to the main road in Alaska for traveling.

All that's left now is to devise a path, path, and passports issued by a representative of the Holy see to sign them.


In d by history

Tell me, she asks how old she was when she died?

Pussy shit, how do you say in English "in chemistry?

Tough guys are the ones running around them in the mountains as wild horses trying to beat nature, and still live with him in peace.


In our neighborhood.

David Robinson (real name, in England it's kind of like AVI Cohen) is a retired family practitioner goes also GR11.

In the mountains I see people asking me if I "the elder" to Briton goes on the trail.

I met him in Refugio rstenta.

He was just age, tall like me and what I called "gray hair".

He tells me that it is asking if the old West "that roams.

We're talking I asked him (doctor or no) questions relating to Physiology and the fate of the thighs, and he asks me, why shouldn't we treat Palestinians.

At the end of the evening, and at the end of a few beer cans, reached accord: somehow I have to live with what you have: your knees are worn and Palestinians better with both of them.

Shortly after, I met a young Purdue is a beautiful Spanish Galicia.

You embarrassed me a cigarette butts was a smoker, was put into a bag and stuffs her little siplock.

Barcelona arrived smells like an ashtray, because hybrids differences in my pocket.

June 27


From Bilbao went to Guernica.


That way, I don't know.

Bombing of Guernica

Bombing of Guernica was an attack on Basque city air that occurred in April 1937, during the civil war in Spain, causing carnage and destruction, the bomb was placed by the Luftwaffe, the Nazi Germany's air force in air force of fascist Italy aid the bomb is the work of Pablo Picasso Guernica.

Wikipedia defines a terrorist bombing of Guernica.

But like any civilian population's bomb, depending on who you ask I came to Guernica, there is no memory of what happened in the town has some ancient tree with exotic story Besides, nothing, Nada.

Many years ago, when I was a young soldier, I had my first one mag, Matan Vilnai in winter 73 he was something else in the Division (I don't really remember) what was then called winter training in the North breached (rising from Jerusalem to Jericho, right steer Nabi Musa, hyrcania Valley to) wait would stop the pledge brings his father Professor Zev vilnay, and taking all the guided trip grounded in the Judean desert.

The days became kind of a drag, not only by implementing the traveler, but also sometimes makes them generally under rocks there are humans, and humans have had a story.


A few days later, she asks me how I see.

I answer her Barcelona looks like a wedding cake Baker must have, after baking it, leaving a huge pile of birth decorations turned to his children and said to them: now, finished the job except he forgot to return, and they continued.

Well ... I was a little drunk.

In fact, Barcelona is one big crap.

In 1936 my grandfather Leon, separated from his wife and two sons, izoda case, he left his house in Rivne, Ukraine, up to the West.                                                    My grandfather Leon "red".

In Spain the war erupted at the same time Leon grandfather was among the last Jews in the world who took part in what was called a civil war he was an idealist (I guess) that belong to a group of idalistim, adventurers, and inoperative data pushers, oh what nikraa so they flocked to BRIGADE Spain INTERNATIONAL institutions to save the Republic from apashism, and the world itself.

As a proud Jew, he of course was ה"אדומים. lost in the war.

Has me somewhere in the House photo gray and shabby, that my grandfather between two friends, armed with a ruined Church, half-maybe this is even the Pamplona Church were ringing in the ears of Bluebell. Hemingway.

Anyway, my grandfather came back from Spain, I have no idea where is buried if at all I think it's important.

Grandpa Leon had two sons, one of whom died in Stalingrad.

Grandpa's grandson, Leon, burning a large combustion power in 1973 but it happened somewhere else, another war.

September 20, Israel

Tv shows some massacred and thpiite on some eggplant.

Another channel, telling me about how to kill Prime Minister and staying alive.

Saturday afternoon, it's a good time for reruns.

I am trying to produce a repeat of my picture, sitting up at the LE Rock G on GUINGUETA, crying.

October battle.

October is time for princes, some of them even detachment.

How the hell did produce a rerun of crying.

#2 Posted : Sunday, September 21, 2014 7:13:58 PM(UTC)

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Maybe we should instead start collecting expedition Journal notes

Thank you Nahum

#3 Posted : Sunday, September 21, 2014 8:03:21 PM(UTC)

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Cool notes! You couldn't paint with words and thoughts can bring us something from the air!

Sounds like the start (or end) of a book.

#4 Posted : Tuesday, September 23, 2014 10:18:38 PM(UTC)

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I had a very strong feeling of history what I thought he was actually in Spain Catalonia but felt somewhat similar also in Madrid and Toledo, but certainly not in Andalusia and less in Aragon.

The feeling in Catalonia, mainly in Girona Barcelona was of common destiny is half Jewish, especially State felt that the monument to commemorate the heroes Aran Valley who went underground and never surrendered to Franco, the monument is near the bus station in Kira, wings of the history interface there is definitely the simer hair.

The Spanish mentality at all the fact that it's a very cultural people like me he was there, he was also a historical weight isn't easy, which is not just a thing.

A fascinating country that his feelings have really liked.

#5 Posted : Sunday, September 28, 2014 3:32:16 PM(UTC)

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"October battle.

October is time for princes, some of them even detachment.

How the hell did produce a rerun of tears. "

Klum, indeed bloody October, you had a farm

#6 Posted : Sunday, September 28, 2014 4:24:41 PM(UTC)

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If the question can be answered, call me.
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