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#1 Posted : Sunday, October 5, 2014 5:28:27 AM(UTC)

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New Zealand

As part of the review notes that landed me here recently to give a brief overview and exhaustive of the Te Araroa in New Zealand. Trail of 3000 miles across the country.


I went up to araroaha from teh December 2009-March 2010. (Unbelievable that it's been so long). When I went, more than half the trail did not exist and he officially opened just two years later.

Which means that I also experience different experience today (insert in any walk) for the best and I hope not.

So we have to take a grain of salt to write things which are clearly personal experience.

The link to my quest log that the Forum is:

Http://www.hike.co.il/posts/t66141-Te Araroa--% D7% 99% D7% 95% D7% D7% 9 d, 9E,%% D7% 90% D7% 99% D7% 99% D7% 9C-Of-New-2009-10 # post546131

And a link to the documentation on my personal journey on the net for those interested:


Who cares here is a link to the track as I did at Google from scratch:


And now to the topic itself.

Updates: (updated to August 2015) Summary and tips of Te Araroa age Efrat 2014/15

Te Araroa-The long pathway (walkway outside New Zealand)

Why New Zealand?

"New Zealand looks like a dress rehearsal before creating heaven. It has everything. Unexplored forests, glacial till yet, volcanic activity, seals and penguins

Whales and dolphins walled fjords, waterfalls, dizzying mountain snow white mane owners, blue lakes and even the camera can't receive,

Local residents with ancient culture, rare birds and the air is so clear that it purifies your lungs. "

The trail itself.

Advantages: very remote part also in terms of getting into the country, hard, wild, amazing views are primitive, physical and mental challenges, some of the losers
Disadvantages: very remote, rough, wild, often expensive, by predators.

Some history: many years ago a journalist named Jeff Chapel decided to take action and try to establish a connection between places and New Zealand landscapes for long.

He and his wife Mary established the Organization of teh araroaha (given name to Miriam's brother, is also the one who invented the logo for) and started to build the dream.

The 2011 officially opened the path and Kings decades make Theroux his hike. High end. Official trail number issued (data book) a few years ago inspired data books of the USA

But also includes more information. Here's a link to it:

Chapple, a-walking-guide-to-new-zealands-long-trail-te-araroa-9781869797140.aspx http://www.randomhouse.co.nz/books/geoff.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly from the point of view of information isthe official site for where you can download the full map of the path planning and supply points all have the Baker in terms of preparation.

Here is the link:


Another link to meet the New Zealand .DOC or nature reserves. Here you will find information about certificates and instructions and of course camping and trekking in New Zealand.


Quality marks: it's not the AT or PCT. More like CDT. But things have changed for the better as far as I know.
Trail route quality: bad (marshes, etc.) and.

Up to 30 degrees. With track surface route. A very diverse. Rainforest and jungle to the impressive Ridge walks and walks and coastal bays. There's everything.

Total not difficult nor easy. Grades are aggregated AT least 500.

Rivers :
Crossing rivers and many of them some are dangerous and need to think well what to do. Some are really dangerous. In New Zealand most people get killed because of rivers. Some are linked to the sea and rivers need regardless of tide.

Serious warning: there are two South Island rivers. These are actually tunnels, but large-scale drainage basins. The RAKAIA and RANGITATA.

This is a list of rivers of 2 to 4 miles wide where teh araroaha fetus. They are the natural barrier for bikers are crossing these rivers normally trails Ford USA.

Or take a boat or a ride to the other side. When these rivers dry period and actually become 10 rivers.

But when it rains and that New Zealand can happen at any moment, these rivers are filled within hours in meters of water and it became simply impossible to ocean crossing.

I want to highlight any language and as. .. These are not tunnels crossing! Don't even try and do bollocks.

Need to know and understand how to cross rivers in General. This is a technique that should be purchased before you go and try on all sorts of things. Might be worth writing a few words about it or a short tutorial below. Tell if you are interested in.

An outline of the route:
The track is divided into several parts the ו99 percent of Heather for bikers going from North to South.

The first lighthouse at CAPE REINGA is on, New Zealand's most northern point and extension is the sign in Stirling at the end of South Island near the village of BLUFF.

1. the north part (Cape riinga Hamilton)

The walk is on relatively low mountain ranges (that is still in the height trees) and beautiful coastline walks. See also the countryside along the way.

This section essentially good and convenient for building a fitness trail. A-zagging between the Pacific Ocean which gives favorite variety.
Difficulty level: easy to moderate.
Length: approx. 800 km.

2. North Island-southern part (Hamilton to Wellington Botanic Gardens)

A combination of stunning Alpine walks on the famous volcanoes of New Zealand (Mt doom from Lord of the rings is one of them) and ridges are notorious as the TARARUAS.

The trail itself doing a short stretch them but gives a taste to a dangerous brchsim. In addition, there are still beautiful beach walks and cultural diversity of towns and villages along the way.

Note: should you do the mountain Taranaki also emerged on the West side of the North Island. The amazing and easy about prototypes but powerful experience.

If the weather is good, of course. Although he's far right (need a ride or bus) but if you pause for a few days I highly recommend.
Difficulty level: moderate to difficult
Length: approx. 800 km.

3. South Island-northern part (Shipp, the Queen Charlotte to tecapo the Great Lakes District)

Here you cross Cook Strait and the island's topography highstand as indicators. The first part contains possibly the hardest sections physically and mentally on the trail.

Here feel the remoteness and isolation of New Zealand. A combination of trekking familiar with Alpine ridge walks and crossing many rivers, some of which are dangerous.

The walk is faithful to dibide of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.
Difficulty level: moderate to difficult
Length: approx. 700 km.

4. South Island-southern part (the Lakes region and cook to Stirling point extension, anyone)

Some that combine hiking Alpine Alpine ridge nor far to reach the southern sea and extension. The trail as it passes through forest route today and through its extension

And than I went at that time because I had to invent my own route until the end point.

Difficulty level: medium.

Length: 700 km.

Also on the island is a small island South to Stewart Island New Zealand's big and go a few tens of km South. It is a wild and rough area.

Although you are closest to Antarctica to be but not much snow on the island at any stage. There are mainly some even mention jungle jungle. Strange.

And just FYI, this is the island has 350 days of rain a year on average. Prepare for mud. And much. It is not part of the trail but whoever can go much further south then.

It is also the only place that actually has a good chance to see Kiwi bird even in daylight. However, the vomiting while crossing the Strait between the Islands by ferry.

I recommend anyway.

Another important thing you can do to the built-in variants and replace all kinds of scenes in the much more impressive that loua actually sticking to dibide island.

Such as aspiiring Mountain Park and Fiordland National Park the trail only goes on beyond. Plan based on what you want.

Well can any picture or two:

Cape riinga-square one (photo by Jeff's son's Chapel went with 50 km of the trail so I was exposed to all the business behind the walk)

90 mile beach

Nerhoai Volcano (better known as mount doom from Lord of the rings)

The beginning of the walk South Island (queen charlotte track)


Mount Cook (the highest mountain in Oceania)

The bird KIA and mad about the South Island Amaz

Sign at Stirling point, BLUFF

Today I think we already have iltim of the official start and finish with whatever endpoints was temporary. Fun!


Formal approval is not needed to follow the path. If you want to use the slice network throughout New Zealand so you should buy the ANNUAL PASS please-country overnight.

It cost some tens of dollars blacks and much more. Camping houses arranged in New Zealand cost of DOC from several individual $ 20 dollars to popular places.

Season recommended:
Early November until late March.

The rate ranges from 80 (highways) and 150 (slow) days.

Totally psycho. It is an island in the Pacific Ocean with rugged mountains and close to Antarctica. Which means celebration. You can prepare yourself to climates of salad.

2 important things to note. Storms in New Zealand can be very difficult (Patagonia style) and there are requests and can be even when there is no storm.

But just because something crazy there.

Difficulty level:
Medium. The day is structured and Kings decades doing it a year and a lot more doing. When I went there was nothing.

So today really experience is different and in my opinion has already created a culture that Bill and she just go and seize momentum over the years.

You can find and download all topographic maps for a given site. Also free chnel c If you want to take.

For access:
North: Cape riinga. A little distant but with hitching can be reached relatively quickly for Not that bad. However, no settlement within 100 km away.

So someone who goes there. But since this is a relatively popular tourist point in the season, so it's no big deal.

South: BLUFF, friendly little fishing village and 20 km far from the city in the area so that to the most southern point is easy.

This is known as an island, isolated from the world, and therefore, there kinds of animals evolved and others psychotics. But there are no large predators loot amazing birds and stuff like that.

However, unfortunately there are also a lot of cattle and sheep and you encounter them. It's a little annoying.

South-North or vice versa?
The vast majority, going North-South.
The benefits? Building. The route more convenient in terms of how the aggregation heights is divided. And most of the moves are going in that direction, so has the bllcht experience with people.

Also, starting in spring in the North and snow time to defrost.
Cons- The shredder will go in that direction and so maybe someone will want to go against the flow.

Another thing you should know. The sand flies. And crazy just doses. There are sections that just awful. And sometimes receive reinforcements of horse flies.

Come and network with spray head


The North Island is quite easy because there are many localities on the way and should not carry more than maybe 4 days eating. It's usually less.

South Island business changes and the insulation is noticeable. You'll have to send some food packages or carry food. Or catch a lift of 250 km to Greece.

All information found in the site.

And speaking of food, I have a recommendation for something. And you can get it only in New Zealand (and Australia). It is a kind of food for breakfast/dinner really concentrated.

The advantage can be found at any hole in New Zealand's most remote. Including gas stations. Anyway here is the link:

One square meal

Another thing you should check is the back country cuisine


New Zealand is full of water, but there are places in the North Island, especially the water is contaminated and even streams with water poisoning because poisons that are spreading. There are always signs in such areas.

Because New Zealand is full of cattle and sheep, very clear water. Especially the North Island but not only. Human impact on water resources unfortunately felt.

However, no need to carry plenty of water, except for very specific and many sections and there is a maximum of 15-20 miles.

New Zealand is not cheap. Not at all. And that little thing hurts. But it can be difficult to maintain email to dollar. South Island more or less expensive than atzpveni.

Because many smaller settlements and outlying tourist based. Is expensive.

Trail Angels:

Currently there are several of these and they are great. The kiovim (local alias for the famous name) are small and with open-minded and patriot. Quite similar in the sense that only polite.

Mention the Irish and Scots. They also met with a variety of nature activities and therefore their devotion to her moves. You enjoy it.


When I went there was nothing. Just nothing. Kiovim couple had started a month and a half before and made large sections of the course and a Dutch guy who started a little me.

And at the end of the South Island met and walked together to the end. He also went to the Lake and have combined forces to overcome obstacles and balicht there is no course open officially.

The experience we had together accompanied me all my life and is one of the closest friends.

But The situation today is different and there are dozens of Theroux's season nor discourage some of the skshiin that you are discourage. And as the years pass the path grabbing momentum.

I believe that at the end of the day he will be PCT level in terms of the amount of people. That is a few hundred. North Island anyway through few towns and meet.

The South Island you're on your own. Get music, you'll find conversation that there very remote.

It is a good idea or not?
Well I'm a little biased here because I went another time and a really late New Zealand one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Heaven and nature.

Those who choose to walk the trail gets powerful experience without a doubt. I highly recommend and that will also be

So I'm probably forgetting a lot of things so if you have any questions then paddle. (That's what happens when you're sitting at home and nothing to do. Begin to write summaries for trails)

Pleasant walk


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#2 Posted : Sunday, October 5, 2014 3:55:17 PM(UTC)

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Great, thorough summary.

Missing New Zealand. Which country just a paradise for hikers. Dream!

#3 Posted : Sunday, October 5, 2014 10:38:58 PM(UTC)

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New Zealand

Crossing rivers

I sit and breaks the head and the NET finding videos about how to cross rivers. Very hard to find. Some are simply wrong and stupid.

Anyway, here are some links to explanations I found worthy:

Http://sectionhiker.com/safety-tips-for-fording rivers and streams--/

Http://www.wta.org/hiking-info/basics/how to/how to ford a river.

Http: trailgirl.com/2013/11/13/how-to appalachian-or-not-to-ford a river,

And now put rules. I am careful here because these are my rules and should adapt to the rules according to body weight, height, etc.

Can be a pattern and things will be a bit of a mess. Try to get the most out of it. With you. Please feel free to add stuff.

1. When you reach the River, always check the surface and not cross blindly at the point where the trail comes to her.

2. usually cost upstream gives better half point because there is less strong flow. Sometimes it's better to get even a few km up the River to cross safely.

3. take a walk or a tree field and test initial and check depth depth of each step or two inside. If the river deserve the high chest and you're just at the beginning of the half back then.

You have no chance. Also waist height very better to find another spot to cross.

4. before crossing to dismiss the case. Forbidden forbidden forbidden to cross with related tracks. If God forbid exaggerate this recipe sure to death that the bag adds you weight.

5. never cross with a poncho or coat or rain that can store water. The iikrit in PCT thru died a few years ago just so when she tried to cross the river when it leaves the poncho

She lost her balance and buffer poncho gallons of gallons of water in seconds and she just drowned.

6. don't cross barefoot and especially coming from rivers and glaciers where the waters as a result of a crumbling and drifting further away. As f after rain.

7. important! After rain, water level rises. And some times flow Don't take stupid chances. After a hard rain don't cross.

8. in principle it is better to cross rivers in the morning when the snow melts, the ice yet. PM is usually the worst time.

9. better always to cross with another person at least when combined hands to handle.

10. better cross facing upstream. Rather than facing downstream. The crossing should be walking away.

11. sometimes have to cross rivers near their sea estuary or ocean then need regardless of tide. The differences between the tides could be six feet or more. And in any case not very nervous.

The shed but entering as much inside into the Mainland and away from the shoreline. (Not like all sorts of things heard crackpots on the days in Southern Patagonia, for example).

12. rivers in dangerous canyons several times, especially after rain. Do not enter the malls when it or just after rain. There's a good chance you won't get out alive.

Reached 13. Already want to end the day. The River seems likely. Cross- Tent set up after half the river and before you have no idea what the status of the river the next morning.

Let alone to camp right on the riverbank that if it rained at night have you pray. I had to say in New Zealand I did exactly that and I set up tent 10 feet from the river.

Rain in the night and not even really hard but straight. When I woke up a few hours in the middle of the night, the River was already 2 feet from me.

14. the group then you should send the first tall and strapping to check water level and amperage.

15. always try to choose a place where the river's flow also advanced toward the other Bank and just really down. So if you drift, God forbid, then at least the river throws you.

To the other shore eventually.

16. boulders in the river usually say currents and variable directions and got careless. The I discourage trying to reach bolderim in the middle of rivers and it usually causes accidents.

17. don't think that you can fight and win. The powerful river of you and you have no chance at all. Don't try something if you feel unsafe. That confidence in this crucial River crossing

If something happens you have to be very agile and quick.

18. quite a few rivers in the world are very cold. And so it's half your body immersed in such temperature sometimes for minutes.

Anything that affects almost instantly on the muscles and nervous system. Take this into account. The longer you are in effect increasing.

19. I don't take extra footwear (crocs) and such rivers. A matter of personal style. Theroux's for bikers need to know to deal with moisture and rivers and all. But it's definitely a matter of style.

When you don't see the river don't even think of trying to cross with Crocs and similar things and certainly not barefoot.

20. to the river is wide and shallow. Generally rivers tend to hatmselg (TO FORK) and various industries are indeed narrow but strong flow several times and depth usually

Because the water in powerful digging ground. In basic physics.

21. the most important rule: crossing rivers is part of walking in nature and technique you need to learn and perfect as everything else (walking in snow and ice, etc.). This is perhaps the best thing to have in thought.

So use your head.  If you don't know what you're doing, then don't do enough training courses in how to manage nature, especially when crossing rivers.

Study of a few afternoon hours can and definitely save your lives.

An example of a simple stream crossing on teh araroaha. All South Island full of such sections. It's the easiest segment I can remember. Except it wasn't really trickle stream. Anyway,

Araroaha in New Zealand just teh River

An example of not crossing River:

Idiotic experience (mine of course) to cross one channel of rkaiia River in New Zealand

How we look after since we crossed I let you imagine or seek the video.


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#4 Posted : Monday, October 6, 2014 12:18:52 AM(UTC)

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Oh ... I love having time off.

I remember this video zazat psycho everyone back in the Forum meeting.

Great tips, especially championing at no. 14.

I went to different parks along the route, then hiking in the island, and I joined the recommendation to select and interesting arientim (aspiiring Park is really amazing).

Here's a clip of cookie went up the trail with his girlfriend--I think he passes the diversity of landscapes.

Great country with special people. Thank you for the summary and the memories that you have uploaded.

#5 Posted : Monday, October 6, 2014 4:15:00 AM(UTC)

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New Zealand

Here is a summary of Habib's, too. And thanks to the New Zealand DOC.

#6 Posted : Friday, November 7, 2014 11:52:39 PM(UTC)

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New Zealand

Another important topic: hypothermia

#7 Posted : Monday, March 2, 2015 3:07:15 PM(UTC)

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New Zealand

3 Israelis for teh araroaha what I know.

Gil's blog here:


An interview done with him at the end of North Island

Http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4617692, 00.html

#8 Posted : Sunday, March 8, 2015 11:54:41 AM(UTC)

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Here is a link to a summary of a Buck-30 m. I haven't read it, and/or know enough to to decide if he's a very good summary. But there's a lot of travelers who use it, so he might be relevant for you, Klum.

Buck-30 himself came to make Israel trail in October, after he finishes the CDT for the triple crown his double.

#9 Posted : Wednesday, March 25, 2015 10:30:07 AM(UTC)

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New Zealand


All the Israelis finished the track.

Not a bad achievement total finishers

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#10 Posted : Monday, August 3, 2015 11:54:53 AM(UTC)

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A detailed summary and age of Efrat, all interested.


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