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#1 Posted : Saturday, November 1, 2014 3:31:08 AM(UTC)

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New Zealand

Written by an acquaintance (freebird) period of the PCT. Maybe it will give something to someone that wants to see a long journey and wondering about things behind things.

Thru-hiking has been a big part of my life & I'd like to share a few lessons that I've judge.

(1) : K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. Most of our lives are needlessly complicated. Simplicity opens up greater freedom.

The backpack itself provides information a great metaphor for life: what we consider to be indispensable or luxurious is often a burden.

"I've judge and that I can live comfortably with very, very little.

(2) H.Y.O.H.: Hike Your Own Hike. This often quoted, but seldom practiced clich? of the hiking community is very practical.

The most obvious meaning of direct & HYOH is that we should refrain from judging or attempting to persuade other

Hikers that our hiking style is better than theirs. It's a common human tendency to believe that we are ' right ' in

What we are doing, and therefore others who don't conform to our notions must necessarily be wrong.

A prime example of this behavior is the ubiquitous ' purist ' vs ' non purists ' debate. Hikers often ridicule those that hike differently.

This self righteous judgment stems from insecurity. In the end, we are only responsible for ourselves.

(3) The "Fake World": Many thru-hikers come to the CNC that their life in the wilderness is much more real

Than in the so-called ' real world. ' Stripped of parameters, rules of societal class etiquette, social hierarchy, etc. thru-hikers

Are free to be themselves. What really matters becomes crystal clear: besides the necessity of rudimental

Self preservation (food, shelter, clothing), living in harmony with our environment & caring for one another becomes paramount.

When viewed from a higher perspective – literally & figuratively at the so-called ' real world ' is a chimerical charade.

The $-based consumerism, rat race of accumulation, Imperial hierarchy/status, environmental degradation, pollution &

The incessant entertainment & communication, revolution and politics ", etc. are colors appalling. It's not surprising that many of us

Thru-hikers in ' serial ' or ' repeat offenders ' in order to escape from this quagmire of insanity.

(4) Flexibility: Probably the lesson release "I've become more judge is to open-minded, more flexible.

Plans are ridiculous on thru-hikes. They inevitably break down because there are too many factors that can

Change the course of a hike in a moment: weather, floods, fires, injury, etc. My hiking style has combat evolved is from

A fairly rigid itinerary based mileage/destination, walk into a ' wing it ' style of unplanned adventure.

Typically I never plan my destination for any given day (unless I'm out of food!) or worry about mileage.

This way I don't have to ' work ' towards a destination or goal mileage, but rather ... enjoy the day as it unfolds.

I've carefully judge to listen for the ' still small voice ' of intuition to guide me on a daily basis.

When I'm able to completely ' let go ' or surrender any goal or plan, I've found that the true "trail magic"

Serendipitous encounters with beautiful happens: wildlife & people and unforgettable campsites that I've never even re-imagined.

"I've set judge to not be on any single course of action: when there's a proverbial fork in the road, to be willing to take either path.

Hippies would call this being in the ' flow. '

(5) the Spiritual Path: This is the primary impetus for finding out my hikes-who I am & how I fit into the bigger picture.

"Finding ourselves ' is a work in progress for all of us. "I've found it very helpful to spend time alone in order to contemplate

The deeper meaning of life. A thru-hike provides information a wonderful opportunity for soul-searching.

The "clarity" & "I've attained inspiration on hikes has been indispensable to my growth/progress as a person.

If you're reading this & have dreamed of setting off on a thru-hike of your own, I encourage you to

' Throw caution into the wind ' and do so. When a thru-hike becomes your highest priority, you will set out on one.

Every single thru-hiker that I've met (thousands) has mentioned that their hike was either the most important

Thing in their life or a major turning point. I guarantee that you'll never be the same-for better or worse.

' Worse ' only in the sense that you may have a hard time fitting in (reentry) after the hike.

This is not necessarily such a bad thing after all.

Happy Trails

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יענקל'ה סער  
#2 Posted : Saturday, November 1, 2014 11:46:10 AM(UTC)

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So true,

Their hike was either the most important thing in their life or a major turning point.

The longest HIKE is still Israel but its path. Tell briefly about it next week.

#3 Posted : Sunday, November 2, 2014 8:29:03 AM(UTC)

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Interesting and profound. But point 4 amusing me, especially in relation to point 2.
I always plan ahead quite exactly the next section. I know a few miles I do every day, and how I sleep, campsite in 4-5 days until I get to stock up. It's true that all the plans change, and while I am flexible to changes and sometimes going a little more or a little less. But I like to know in advance what I expected, and it make the necessary changes.
I noticed that most of the aiikrim that went around at all did the same thing, and were closer in attitude to the approach flow. But when hyoh-. And my approach worked fine for me.
#4 Posted : Sunday, November 2, 2014 1:44:48 PM(UTC)

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Feel that I wrote it myself.

In my view section 3 and 5 is very related to each other.

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