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#1 Posted : Saturday, May 2, 2015 9:03:08 PM(UTC)

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We went to Bulgaria, in average shape, with experience in trekking in Nepal and Europe. The planned short-term trip of three weeks (we really don't need more than that), we ordered tickets to Sofia (Bulgaria Air) notice and books that arrived a few days ago, some case studies through the Internet and especially big enthusiasm.

Weather — drove in late July to mid-August 2014, won quite a few days of rain in the mountains usually reasonable weather during the day and sometimes afternoon rains.

We used several of the Cicerone (note that times tend to be shorter than the times we went).


You can easily step between different tracks from the book and other days we have distributed (if the weather would allow, probably 3-4 days were United, as days 9-10).

Mapsmust buy a map of the current track (6 notice) and it is not advisable to go without.

* We use map Rila and one Pirin (received free hostel Mostel on the first day).

Accommodation-hiking sleeping cabins (in Bulgarian-חיז'ה) at varying levels-all of which had a shower or toilet. Accommodation in Durham, we saw people traveling with tent cabins, but the cost is lower and therefore there is no need.

* You do not need to book in advance (maybe I should call ahead to a hoard of Inferi and popular iharn but there is also a cabin beneath it is possible to sleep in as well).

Food-eating and cabins available. Some of the most vegetarian Marilla (omelets, salads, soups, rice, etc.), also have Royal. The food is very cheap and readily available-it's best not to carry on the back (except for emergencies).

Language-most cabins have someone call in English, you must learn the Cyrillic alphabet, cannot do without providing the necessary reading of the names of places and signs (not always a caption).

Money-leva (Lev) is the official currency in Bulgaria. 1 Lev = NIS 2.3 allows to convert dollars or euros. Like most of the world is strongly recommended to convert at the airport but only a small amount for the trip to Sofia. You should convert in banks, where we found the gate was the best.

RILA mountains

Day 1-Israel Sofia-Samokov-Borovets

Accommodation: Hotel Samokov, Borovets

Cost: 84 leva

Additional comments:

To Samokov bus station and the main bus station Yug (7 leva), drive an hour and 10 minutes.

Bus to Borovets – each hour from Samokov (opposite the bus station Sofia).

Landing at the airport in Sofia in back (a Bulgarian airline) and discover that the bus is not really coming from where he was supposed to stop, but the road. Fortunately that stage we find the nachmdotam of the Bulgarians, when teenagers calling us to go after them on the bus.

Using the explanation at the Hostel Mostel fall at the desired station and 20 minutes walk to reach the friendly hostel where you will leave the equipment to save for two weeks (and happily). The short targot (some shopping, changing money at a Bank near the gate) and we're going to ride the bus to Samokov.

Bus station yug immigrants and one hour and ten דק׳ already find ourselves in Samokov which keep the resort Borovets (15 minutes). On the way people think and decide instead to start the Trek go to climb the highest mountain in Bulgaria-Masella mountain (Musala) cable, and then climb another 600 to מ׳ Summit (מ׳ and 2900 something) so just suck it up. Since we discovered the mix-up and borovetz never next to the Bank early Trek, is revealed as specified.

Come to borovetz and since it's a ski resort, there's only. So we find ourselves at awesome dimensions (apparently a remnant of the Soviet period) almost alone.

Continue the evening wandering in borovetz, stroll in the Woods, and a delicious meal at a local restaurant (strongly recommended to try the local cuisine-delicious!)

Day 2-Borovets-Borovets Chalet-mousala-Vada

Accommodation: Vada-cabin shower, toilet.

Cost: 20 leva per couple in DORM

Additional comments:

Yastrebets gondola cabin.

* 8:30 am to 6 pm (except Mondays and Tuesdays) and six cars going up all the time.

* 12 leva per person-and back.

A taxi from Borovets to WADA-30 notice, 35 min.

חיז'ה מוסלה

Start your day with breakfast in the hotel and only knowing the intinsithe Secretary won't eat much. The steps and hishim 25 1046מ דק׳ and already meet the Yastrebets Shack and marching briskly en route to Musala hut (45 min walk). Light path today, a lovely way to the cabin. From 10:00 of Musala hut דק׳ Ledeno ezero cabin (not easy but steep explained) we rest and fill with water. A new way of coniferous bushes to grass and some yellow flowers and finally totally rocky landscape. Ledeno ezero fault begins steep (most of the time a good path) to the top of Mount Musala. The first part (25 דק׳) a bit more steep and then through more convenient (0 דק׳). Beautiful scenery all the way-Lakes, snow and blue skies. The Summit itself is slightly disappointing-beautiful view but because of the popularity of the place, at the same time, the very people who Moreover, saunter further into two structures. After about half an hour at the Summit start dark clouds cover the sky, and we are afraid to start raining. Choose not to stay at the top for a long time, eat something, being photographed and run down. Quick descent-Ledeno ezero 20 to and from there another 45 דק׳ to Musala and quickly walk to Yastrebets gondola in 40 דק׳.

בדרך לפסגת המוסלה

Back in Borovets, proposed in a glass of berries and after consultation, instead of providing information on how half official, decide to take a taxi and head the same day to Vada (getting slammed). The taxi dropped us at the road between split and from there to Malyovitsa Vada walking of 4 קמ׳ road no steep rising to Vada. A charming way around everything blooms in many colors (mostly ruled yellow spring). In the sidebar you will find wild strawberries and raspberries that oppressive agreements on our wild fruits. After 55 minutes on foot to reach the various Vada where we were the only guests. Because the shower construction decided to bathe in the nearby river water is very cold, very much (rather nice). Dinner and breakfast poor hunters.

Rotating cabin rooms sweet cats and only the closed door in the room denied jumping on us at night.

* Vada Chalet is undoubtedly the worst cabin in Canada and probably in the whole world (the cabin was renovated as a shshino and could very well be that in a year or two, the better).

Day 3-Vada Chalet Lovna Chalet-Chalet Sedemte ezera.

Accommodation: Sedemte ezera Chalet-shower, WC is outdoors. Electric charging points have in the dining room.

Cost: leva double room 24 8 (price varies).

Additional comments:

Lovna Lodge has shower and toilet, it looks like a better hut Vada.

Vada Chalet-lovna Chalet an hour and ten minutes (including the tberbrot due to the collapse of the bridge below lovna). Red check-marked.

Lovna Chalet Sedemte ezera Chalet-three hours (including intermission). Green check below becomes yellow-green.

בדרך לבקתת לובנה

At dawn, ringing and we leave him and go back to sleep some more, after a night of little sleep (beds, mattresses and grinded sank, and the noise of the House coughing)-we've had better nights, not sure were poorer.

After a light meal to begin March to Lovna shack. Through an hour and a quarter in her moist coniferous forest until the stream that were supposed to cross over a bridge. The promised bridge collapsed, and who knows when we roam several minutes trying to find Noah cross. Ultimately we choose to skip between stones. Another small and lovely lovna hut, where we enjoy breakfast.

Continue to follow the path marked enthusiasm, a coniferous forest goat. Bumble bees, butterflies, butterflies and mosquitoes. Until we remember to take mosquito repellent has been coming to the end of the forest, recorded a decline of mosquitoes (or maybe they just approaching). Exit-coniferous woodland of forest damage and Nancy pine, it is milder and walk in the mud. According to the description of the book we're supposed to get to the first bshvat Lakes, but is not found. Only in the beginning of the climb to the cabin by the Lake (Ribnoto ezero-Lake fish) emerges from the trees, and the beautiful Lake, apparently stood 20 and מ׳ trees (as they are stunted) hid him. We're still excited to cabin, which changed to a bright tkadrim mchosi clouds, and rain starts to fall. We cover and to Sedemte ezera runners manhole covers (seven lakes Chalet). The rain gets stronger and the spirit is increased precisely as we stand in the cabin, 3 ש׳ walk lovna shack.

The cabin at the same time a lot of people, and to home wasn't time to direct us. Only after they had finished running 40 דק׳ and to take us into the room (which looks a lot better than yesterday). Organized and went downstairs to get something to eat and the people who have disappeared (probably rilski ezera returned to outgoing cable from a nearby town). We ate something and thought to date back then were Thunder and rain turned to hail.

* If the weather is good the region several short side tracks, including the lead track mileage is sacred to the White Brotherhood.

* In the first two weeks of August, the cabin will be very full due to the convergence of the White Brotherhood. It is advisable to book ahead or skip the cabin and go to Ivan vazov.

בקתת סדמטה אזרה- שבעת האגמים

Day 4: Sedemte ezera Chalet – Ivan vazov chalet (road of the seven lakes)

Accommodation: Ivan vazov Chalet-services (Bulls), no shower.

The bungalow is very cold at night, you may want to ask another blanket or sleep in the DORM.

Cost: 15 leva per person (in double or dorm bungalows).

Additional comments:

Sedemte ezera Chalet – Ivan vazov Chalet-three דק׳ 10 ש׳ with lots of breaks (via-colored green and yellow makes green after the Lakes, well marked throughout the day).

In the morning wake up ultimately, peeping out the window and identify you the sky cover black clouds. Decide to go eat and think אח״כ. Meanwhile begins to rain yet we decide not to give up, wait two hours and see if anything changes.

In the meantime, join us for Bulgaria's grandmother room White Brotherhood and community young granddaughter who accompanied her to the cabin and come back in two days to Sofia (she stays for two weeks). We talked with them and we have learned that this is a Christian group that lives according to the teachings of religion (whose name is not recorded), and every August they come to the seven RILA Lakes to pray together (later in the day also saw a group of worshipers dancing in a circle with their Secretaries Tai צ׳י). RILA Lakes and sacred 11.7 may gather all the faithful, wearing white and praying together.

Eventually when we notice a blue crack between the clouds we decide to leave rather than stay another day.

Start climbing through the Lakes when each of us 50 in מ׳ Lake addition. Our accompanying cloud of mist rising over slowly and often doesn't bother to see. With the increase in altitude and landscape opens the advanced shann almost see that six out of the seven lakes.

The increase isn't easy but the multiple stops (must shoot all Lake) can go. At the end of the srzaf is starting to rain and cloud cover and we urged Ridge to ivan vazov.

The end of the runway has been going in a meadow flooded and have difficulty walking, very muddy (which slows us down considerably).

After 3 דק׳ 10 ש׳ come to Ivan and Azov, where accept us necklaces and scented aromas Tibetan flags A lovely place, very nice staff and the long afternoon in a card game with Belgian pair, climbing today what we get tomorrow.

Day 5 – Ivan vazov Chalet-Rila Monastery – RILA village

Accommodation: Hotel RILA village

Cost: 42 leva (there are many rooms for rent at village, we didn't feel to search)

Additional comments:

Ivan vazov Chalet-Rila Monastery-5 דק׳ 10 hours including breaks, red check marked.

Rila Monastery bus to RILA village.

Half an hour, last bus 17, there is a times at a station outside the monastery.

Price: 2 leva per person

Keeping our eyes with blue morning sky nearly free of clouds. After breakfast we start to walk up the muddy trail it arrived yesterday to connecting to Rila Monastery. The cloud fog, who accompanied us yesterday, he decided to accompany us today so that we step in and cover intermittently until Koncheto (our stripe today), deciding to wait until the fog will kindly go away and allow us to watch the impressive, really. Fortunately you do not have to wait long and after about fifteen minutes of the beautiful valley below to find out.

Continue to follow in March in long decline and the variable (time ashvia time high forest and forest again) we'd desperate travellers planned (illogically) from Rila Monastery for seven lakes and return on the same day (unlikely to impossible anyway — is strongly recommended). At the end of the decline of forest trees of poplar and Platanus exit from Rila Monastery.

Eat a quick lunch to go around. Apparently the Bulgarians have learned over the years that if so many people want to come see you should charge. Although admission is free, but to see the various rooms have to pay entrance each room separately (in the main church there is no need to pay).

We bought our little yummy donut (not allowed!) and waited too long to bus to RILA village.

RILA village itself is not particularly interesting place we come to visit but as a נק׳ way to Bansko is fine, our room there is ample hot water and wifi which is all that matters.

Pirin mountains

Day 6.-Blagoevgrad-RILA village Bansko-Vihren Chalet

Accommodation: Vihren hut. Have a hot shower, clean and tidy rooms there is WC and sink on the 3rd floor-socket charging no but if you ask nicely iteino.

Cost: 12 leva per person (room type)

Additional comments:

L. Marilla Blagoevgrad-leva-4 (d + bag)

Blagoevgrad-Bansko-an hour and a quarter to 7 leva per person

Bansko – Vihren Chalet – 30 minutes drive. 6 leva per person

* Bus will depart three times daily from the train station, you can catch it at the third traffic lights near the River (near the bridge), on the side of the river close to the City Centre (next to hotel Mura-slightly above, must continue until you pass the traffic lights, to stand next to the river).

* About the cabin you should ask at the tourist information centre (Central station told us that no such bus and offered to buy us a cab).

The Rila mountains day transition to the Pirin mountains.

From RILA village to take a bus to the city of Blagoevgrad where substitute bus to Bansko.

Bus travel in Bulgaria are a little different experience actually waiting in the station, and the bus is designed. Next bus driver refuse to bring us even though his window register Bansko. Wondering what to do and what makes it even more is no one speak English don't travel. At the last minute, when the bus is already on his way out of a want and agree to raise us.

A conversation we had with Bulgarian boy later turns out our tour bus company earns more money than traveling to far away and therefore prefer to upload the first passengers to their final destination and then, if you stay anywhere, to passengers. Because no significant price differences if a situation arises that you should buy a ticket to a remote destination.
Lovely resort town, having some shopping for the next few days, eat lunch, some in the city and the mountains. Al and iharn hut (Vihren) leads a private shuttle service which runs several times a day (very successful and better than taxi).

Accessible we are surprised to find a cabin, tidy and clean rooms, shower and food (we were told the country that these don't exist in the cabin). We got a room 10 and we where alone happily hosted Israel family cabin also just completed our route tomorrow and gives us lots of helpful tips. The rest of the evening to chat with them and read. For dinner in the dining room, gathering dozens of Bulgarian vocal grandmothers probably tomorrow when you get us to the 960 meters and iharn.

7 day mountain climbing and iharn

Accommodation: Vihren Chalet

Price: 12 leva per person (room type)

Additional comments:

Her mount Vihren – increase in track with Greece, to the top 3 with plenty of stops along the way. -Drop 2:40 with many stops along the way.

All the way red check after is reunited with green check and splits again (in red). Is well marked.

* You can also cost against the clock but we believe Greece when Greece is recommended less

Wake up early, eat breakfast and get ready for climbing. Going slowly after a long series of grandmothers and Bank, we recognize the split paths expected, tbrberim (probably an old check). After a few moments without repeating check back and continue as usual. The entire length and steep for very uncomfortable. But today, we enjoy the magnificent scenery. Cloudy morning sky and the cloud peak Vihren. After 2 hours and half come from impressive bar with turquoise Lakes and even, before gray clouds were brighter, and the gentlemen Vihren peak out from behind the clouds. Some guidelines and begin to climb the 300 meters in the final. Not only do steep slopes as the path is not found and we are forced to make our way between the marching slowly degrades and try to stop and drink as much as possible. After an hour of climbing was adopted arrive exhausted on top and rest is needed so From the top views to Greece which look-Lakes, cliffs, logical, forests and meadows. There is no doubt that the effort paid off.

The descent on the other side of the mountain, steep and exhausting, way more stopping to visit amzukim shlogit, admiring and enjoying the good weather. But more lasting way than we expected and the legs begin to tire and lose stability. The pace slows, and guidelines after two hours and forty minutes to arrive (hot water, what fun!).

In the evening during a dinner organized spontaneous folklore evening when local travelers dance circle dances and Bulgarian kitchen workers join them enthusiastically.

הנוף מפסגת הויחרן

Day 8 – Vihren Chalet – Demyanitsa Chalet

Accommodation: Demyanitsa Chalet – showers and toilets, there are power outlets.

Cost: 12 leva per person

Additional comments:

Vihren Chalet – demyanitsa Chalet – six hours, includes several lengthy breaks out.

* Throughout the day in varying colors, well marked.

האגם לפני הפס

Wake up to a sunny morning, inmates eat breakfast and go! No way difficult, walking along the river and passing a moderate as many lakes. For the first time today and the Sun is blazing hot. Latest Lake before stopping for stop band and meet a group of Belgians and lovely helpful guides to help us on the subject of weather and advise us what to do. He said the next afternoon and rain throughout the day and therefore recommends waiving Demyanitsa Chalet up in the opposite direction for Red Tevno ezero shack for. After a short deliberation we decide we don't want to give up our plan, we look at the map shows us that the Red route includes a lot of ups and downs of 100-200 m and although it sounds (and possibly) skullcap, prefer to give.

* Next day Tevno ezero lodge met in Israeli couple, following a similar recommendation made the Red route and said he was shtipo long and quite tiring.

The sharper incline bar but the road is very good and the increase in srpentinot. To us walking all the time of Belgium and after 40 and 230 מ׳ דק׳ reach the views bar, on both sides and blue lakes and green forest.

After a short break we descend toward the cabin. Walking down the steep mtmthent quickly, going slow than usual but still pretty quick.

The Belgians are friendly stop for lunch near the Lake and we fear the rain of אחה״צ, decide to move forward and down to the Lake and there Dolno vasilashko no longer stand the temptation and stopping for a break on the green lawn and inviting on the Lake (which is right on the road, you can bathe).

Away after דק׳ 45, is our destination for the day, Demyanitsa chalet, although not commended by Bulgarian Guide, but provides absolutely private room that has power sockets, a hot shower and modern amenities, the food a little more expensive, but still pretty cheap Vihren hut.

Day 9 – Demyanitsa Chalet – Tevno ezero cabin

Accommodation: Tevno ezero-cabin shower, toilet outside cabin ().

Cost: 14 leva per person in DORM

Additional comments:

Demyanitsa Chalet – Tevno ezero-cabin about 4 and half hours. Color markup.

* Day check is intensively as yesterday but still very difficult.

The cabin is highly recommended for lunch or if there is no other place to stay, but the lack of services and conduct around the cabin to make it very easy to place accommodation (rooms but we don't got to sleep).

When full there's no tiny seat for everyone in the dining room and some people had to be left out in the cold.

At night all the great cooking Durham (above the kitchen) and a strong smell and very difficult to sleep. In addition, accommodation is in one bed sectioned long-occupied less than 2 feet in width per person.

הדרך לטבנו אזרו

Wake up at, also spreading the Demyanitsa morning wet cat, a little concerned that some of us envisioned the Bulgarian guide yesterday (he spoke on a bad day). Peering out the window and notice bits of blue between the clouds-the obvious conclusion: go! (Even if we dropped of rain we're going to move to a place that smells a little better, although two Bulgarians guides we met spoke with such enthusiasm on Tevno ezero) after breakfast (fried bread recommended) way to As soon as we put foot out of the sky with clouds coated black. We are marching smartly in the beautiful valley, avoiding the abuses and bulls rushing us nervously, pray it doesn't rain. So continue to rise moderately for about two hours until the split trails which begins more steep. The day bar is too long (מ׳ 350) and after we revealed 150 מ׳ two charming Lakes. During the rainy Lakes begins to drip and we quickly coated in all our rain gear. Of course, after 5 minutes the dripping stops. 200 meters up to great bar and relatively quickly reached the grey clouds are getting and making way for white clouds and even some Sun. We rest on and some from the cabin and see more lakes and cows, resting an hour and get better Tevno ezero Shack March, headed the final day.

* The design principle was to arrive to Pirin, but clouds and local guides have persuaded us to stay here. Also not ideal weather expected tomorrow and this split makes sense.

Tevno ezero cabin is Lake of the same name (ezero = Lake) is a tiny and at Durham with other people (for the first time for us in the present). The beds are very crowded but the people seem nice and very nice.

This afternoon while sitting reading and rest Israeli couple entered the cabin, wet rain and immediately followed by another pair of guys who met in mountain climbing Musala. We spend with them the early evening in the dining room until one of the facts rather than getting us out that came to eat. We take advantage of the twilight and bright sky last round around the Lake for an hour and beautiful manage to squeeze back into the cabin and get a tiny corner to himself.

We eat dinner today later than usual (meatballs are highly recommended!) and straight to bed.

* Night hardly managed to sleep (bad combination, frying density, threatening and snoring Bulgarian grandfather's favorite). In retrospect, maybe it was better to reserve in advance in private rooms.

Day 10 – Tevno ezero cabin-Pirin Chalet

Accommodation: Pirin hut. Private room, at room outlets (electricity pm approx.), services, it is not clear whether food shower – unclear whether we had in the House.

Cost: 10 leva per person.

Additional comments:

Tevno ezero cabin-Pirin Chalet – 4 hours and 15 minutes with lots of food breaks

We go for red and later joins the red-green path. In an intense, like previous days but very clearly walking in a Valley, it is very difficult to lose.

הנוף מהפס אחרי טבנו אזרו

From a height of almost 2600 מ׳ Tevno ezero near bar חיז׳ה elevation 1640 מ׳ parachuting in a hoard of Inferi Pirin. Tevno ezero Shack type quick close bar brings us the highest Bank, which begins a two-day decline to the town of Melnik. The landscape is very exciting band with dozens of lakes and agmonim but the spirit is quite intolerable. After a few minutes in prison break down a steep narrow path which leads to Green Valley with many nachlonim flock to big river, which flooded the region raging חיז׳ה Pirin.

The walk today, leaving the mountain view in favor of green meadow and the forest of horns. A day of stops, convenience and snacks. After 4 ש׳ reach a hoard of Inferi the Pirin is very convenient but a bit weird (great room but the weird and it is unclear whether or not eat) and settle into a nice lunch outside the cabin.

In a nearby cabin, dinner with a couple of old people who didn't speak a word of English but somehow out of this dinner is not bad at all.

Day 11-Pirin Chalet-rozhen village Zlatolist village

Lodging: rooms at the Church at Zlatolist. There are toilets and showers and jacks.

Cost: 10 leva per person.

Additional comments:

Splitting up gabban trails to blue and green-5 hours less than an hour and a half of tberbrot. As I have already found the green check.

Striped green and blue trails to the chapel 40-דק׳ to follow carefully after blue marks, they're there.

The chapel until the Green 30 דק׳ including swans and Red check, and now it's faded yellow.

Evergreen Provides path-15 + 15 to the monastery. Without clearly marking.

All day Walk of peace signs (including for blue) helped us find our way.

The monastery found the trail went south on green for good after an hour and a quarter to zltolist.

* A very long day with no option to buy food to Rozhen village.

How do you begin to describe the day.

We thought it was the last day to trek.

This morning begins with a birevor of about an hour and a half to lead us in the start circuit (turn it we should go left go right ahead). Back at the point of a struggle to figure out how and as we decide we meet a family of Gypsies, leading us to the wrong path and only luck man kindly brings us to (not clear how we were to find ourselves).

The decline for very easy and nice mild within every time, even stopping to eat berries. Suddenly from emerging from the undergrowth some boars with sleeping a lot and cross the path just 20 meters from us. Don't we even take a camera.

After three hours of splitting off the trail into orbit should be pretty (not bad) and observations on the sand pyramids of Melnik (badass). The difficulty was to return to the original check for that, only by resourcefulness (and lucky) find him and Rozhen monastery and town. In the meantime, it started to rain and we were wondering what to do, the rain stopped when we got to the monastery and after a short rest and rotation at the monastery from deciding to proceed.

It is not clear whether this shortness of time or we're not brevity but devote time to searching for Melnik and check rush down to the Bill in a way that is selected (in hindsight we did through to Melnik is not marked correctly but it seems that if we hurry we find her at least according to general direction as we did throughout most of the day). After walking for about an hour, during which the sky back to it again and the rain starts to drip, we see all the tiny village and small container entry. Here it becomes clear to us that we named chpronch Zlatolist inhabited 13 people, no one speaks English. Again we are Bulgarians in endless here and use the iPhone dictionary and we understand we have to walk five miles and decide to stay overnight and to complete the track.

Zlatolist seat Church turned out baby cozy rooms with hot showers, and surprisingly, there've four more guests, you spent a pleasant evening (one of the fun we had in Bulgaria).

Day 12-the village-the village of Melnik Zlatolist

Accommodation: Melnik. Private room + shower at.

Cost: 30 leva per room

Additional comments:

Zlatolist-Melnik-hour walk on a dirt road out of town up the road narrows and small with gazebo and a left and right something like bench and him write Melnik (with an arrow), advanced a few dozen meters in Wadi and narrow path to the right (after approximately two minutes of tight reach a cobbled path) at the top of the (deservedly) has a short decline bench then begins which sees the Church of Melnik.

* No topographic

The bus from Sofia to Melnik departs several times a day but only a 6 a.m. bus runs directly without the need for replacement.

פרמידת חול

Arrival to Melnik

Wake up to the morning blue and sunny with no sign of rain yesterday. Agreed in advance with one of the people at the coffee shop that takes us a long way to shorten the walk to Melnik but he hasn't and we start to walk between the sand under the guidance we received yesterday.

The walk is very comfortable way and then climb a short but narrow pyramid blue for clear and rising, after an hour of walking, unfolds before us Melnik. Today hot and humid (in contrast to mountains), and we're doing it to find a lovely room, shower and wash off the sand road.

The other day we roam in Melnik, famous for creating wine, eat and rest.

Recommended especially for climb to the cave, used to store barrels of wine, where also it is possible to hear explanations of vines and wine production in the region, taste and buy wine (white wine-5 recommended).

The next morning we were getting on the bus to Sofia and thus the hiking on our trip.


The following 9 days trip in a rental travel between towns and villages. It is advisable to make also the Rodopi mountains (where there is a lovely town Smolyan lady named Milena, a tour guide in one set and great experiences in southern Bulgaria – additional information for anyone who is interested).

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Excellent post

Sounds like a great destination for those looking to trek in the mountains and the Pocket is there?

#3 Posted : Monday, May 4, 2015 10:12:07 PM(UTC)

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Added pictures to the welcome message
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Hi, I'm planning to trek in Bulgaria in early June, I have a week total.
I'm torn between Pirin mountains RILA mountains, which have priority in terms of one of treks. And some of them more difficult?

Thank you.
#5 Posted : Saturday, May 9, 2015 5:46:49 PM(UTC)

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386. on the description and many post details just invested

My wife and I go to Bulgaria, in August, and the information here will help us a lot.

A few questions for clarification:

1. is it possible to make two treks with overnight cabins without sleeping bags?

2. do you take a hotplate and food? Or you can get along well enough with what you buy in – of course the course today.

3. If it is possible to obtain an estimate of total costs that can also help a lot.

Thanks in advance

Lion and Evelyn

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Note that there is no one style Trek "rotate" or "bypass RILA Pirin. Friendly school rely on the part of every region to 3-4 2-4 day itineraries can be combined between them. Overall, the landscape is more dramatic in Pirin-jagged cliffs, especially around iharn mountain Rila, which is greener and Lakes (although there's no shortage of Pirin Lakes).

The days of walking in the Pyrenees were a little harder, but mostly because the belief we moved every day were longer.

In addition, RILA range closer to Sofia and was easy to get to. I guess there are also direct buses from Sofia to bansko, but they must take longer.


1. you don't need a bag. All the huts which were equipped with mattresses and blankets. However, it is mandatory to obtain the linen-liner thing in most cabins are not sterile.

2. don't take a hotplate, all the food you can buy in as lunch. We took care to take a certain amount of food just in case-a loaf of bread, hard cheese, tuna, dried fruits ... In fact, every day we reached the hut for lunch where we had except for the last day-the walk from a hoard of Inferi Pirin to M?ln?k is long and aachis till רוז'ן town (Rozhen) civilization (and forgive me the Gypsies are) so this lunch was leftovers that complex carried with us.

3. travel and accommodation cost each cabin appears in the main entry. The cost of eating cheap cabins as well. For instance, Mark ~ 2 note, rice with vegetables/pasta four to five hearts, tea 1 Lev, a meat dish 6-7 attention. Most of the chalets back surcharge on each slice of bread that comes with the dish, but the square were carrying bread was usually more umbrella than have to offer so we ate.

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