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The enormous whiskers her summary Goechala ( ) Sikkim India April 2015

Evelyn and Aryeh Ben Porat

The sooner later and mention that we had to stop the Trek and actually offered only five days out of 8 that actually becomes like the zongeri, but the information there can certainly contribute to whom does each.

We passed 50 age couple with experience in field trips in the country and especially abroad reached decision to trek for the April period, there are few places you can take them trekking season.

This is the first time we are in India certainly different and interesting when it must be remembered that this isn't really country of Sikkim India these classic looks more like Nepal on its charges with people much more pleasant and welcoming.

The Trek program:

According to what we've experienced times listed here are gross i.e. including constipation and food breaks, for example NET first day going 5 hours of Evelyn j.

Yuksom (will 1700 m)-Goechala Trek

DAY 1)  Yuksom to Tshoka (3050m/6-7 hrs)  (Camping/Hut)

DAY 2)  Tsokha to Dzongri  (4030 m, 5-6 hrs) (Camping, Huts)

DAY 3)  Dzongri Rest and Acclimatization, Dzongrila (4020/4250m/40 mins) (Camping/Hut)

DAY 4) Dzongri to Thangsing (3930m, 5-6 hrs) (Camping/Hut)

DAY 5) Lamune Thangsing to  (4130m, 3 to 4 hrs) (Camping/Hut)

DAY 6)  Lamune to Goechala (4940m/5 hrs)/Thangsing (2 hrs) (Camping/Hut)

DAY 7  Thangsing to Tsokha  (3000 m/5 to7 hrs) (Camping, Huts)

DAY 8) Tsokha to Yuksom (1875m, 5 to 6 hrs)  (Hotel)


Well we're a bit crazy on this one except for the equipment makers collecting material and book your flights and accommodation made several feet long trip in Jerusalem, especially, which bring us into great shape-not mandatory but recommended.

I ordered the limbo of umstei only two nights before and after the Trek (the place is highly recommended), you must pay attention to cost close us first by email at b + 1000 rupees per person, meals are expensive. For the last two days were over "smart" and realized that more price 750 per couple per night and separately-excellent and plentiful, the private bus from ordered through Limbaugh even demanded an advance-amazing, they love Israelis so please keep them and our name.


The attached list took us note that sleeping bags not required to bring can be accepted as part of the ascat Trek we preferred to bring and in addition we also theirs as the SEC was very cold so sorry.

You must value with full winter clothing in terms of temperatures certainly dropping below freezing at night, everything can be warm through rain or snow and extreme cold as the mountains like in the mountains the weather unpredictable.

Getting there:

We had discounted tickets to Mumbai via then flew to ELAL problem coming in the morning and already unable to catch flights later so close to us and saved the day for a short city tour we hired through the hotel taxi driver in charge by 80 km or 6 hours certainly enough, hardly anything but we had too high expectations.

The next morning we flew with Jet Airways to Calcutta hours remained on the plane and then we flew one hour to bgdogra (olim! "was even eating two flights), did the pramit Sikkim (free) there's a podium before a little Terminal right took exactly 10 minutes even have the pictures we just took us advance j.

We went out to crazy not heat in cool, had no air conditioners, here we have a jeep waiting a short practice organizing and setting out just over five hours away is not easy. Initially in West Bengal much traffic takes a long time to leave Siliguri region then the situation gets better, but upon arrival at the mountain road is very rough and bumpy at some stage has half of the bridge in the town of Melli there check and signed pramit passports--our driver treated process, in principle you can do pramit.

We continued driving until we stop to Jorethang-refreshment drinks and food again undergo serious bridge over River and climbing my way eternal dust Evelyn came thanks to yuksom is with crazy headache, an hour and a half we went in last because I was also very cloudy so the night earlier.

We arrived to yuksom and FIMA took us directly to the limbo umstei

Yuksom Yuksom + closing with a local agent:

Limbaugh first name dancing (like dancing) and warmly welcomed us to take us to a room on the second floor room very clean and comfortable, the shower and went out to dinner with wife odarani preparatory חבל"ז of delicious food and a variety of levels, graduation dinner, tea and kinhano went to sleep in, Vale was a long day and very tired.

The next day we got up and did a spin among the different agencies and approximately 100 meters-centric walk to village centre, market and restaurants where to our surprise all the agencies were closed quickly understood the meaning of this was a funeral of someone selling yuksom village nearby and everyone went to, we found one open agency called Mountain Tours and Treks , but the price offered was delusional $ 75 per day per person.

We decided to use the time and travel to a short track that offered us up dovadi monastery, 40 minutes of rising rips but equal and who we meet on a walk before the convent the funeral procession Arriving there at the end of their "journey", which was mostly in cars, they put the dead at the entrance to the monastery when he was wrapped in white uniform and filled with more people add and tied white ribbons are beautiful to the carrier.

Upstairs at the monastery tried to contact the guy who instructed by Israeli guy and functional and was in contact with via email, and he dialed me where he is? At the funeral along with us! We told him that the coming us, talked with him for about half an hour discussing his proposal and apparently he Trek lived in nearby village 10 miles away is an independent guide who organizes alone all the Trek, even for the purpose of the reserve is pramit should go, gantock was out the next day as planned, these days, we all with details and costs $ 35 per person per day, he did an impression of a nice young and seem trustworthy speaks English very well. We agreed to meet in the afternoon down after we see additional options and then catch up on him.

We went back to the village we drank local beer and good eating in the restaurant most recommended local-only our Gompa pm began to open agencies went one not recommended by Red Panda Red Panda Web only when doing. The Guy didn't seem reliable, so we created our sense anti cheat. We received a bid of $ 45 per person per day and simply ran away (at the end of our Trek we met four Englishmen and a closed with zongeri Trek and they had a shocking experience to guide was drunk and smoked some pot in addition, we have 4 sleeping bags for five people, happening at noon and more-to get away from the guy like mash, no matter what price you get!!)

The next place I went to him is at the entrance to the village right at the hotel there is a front-don't remember what low fat guy named Linan gave us a detailed proposal $ ב45 per person per day and a us agreed with him that if we decide we want prior to meeting with the Guide, we consulted with Limbaugh and with him to decide between between sunang Linan.

Limbaugh asked us to examine agency Black Yak (were it but was closed) is called a guy named Puspa pospa to come to us, we sat with him for half an hour and was very favorably impressed at 50 would lose as 45 $, price includes: Guide, a Cook, two kitchen assistants, porters who also leads to horses and three horses, asked to meet with the instructor before the final closing, modest and nice guy with English named Pritam pritam talked with him and we were impressed. Agreed with pospa terms of payment when agreed on a total of 13,000 rupees for payment at the end of the Trek. Moved his passports and passport photos to prepare pramit and he went to arrange everything. For the purpose of clarification it was for six evening and the next morning we set out at 8:30 for how they do it.

(Why is closed precisely with our first impression and feeling it on a straight guy and a professional source is any guide the motion of climbing is also a good option to sunang and cheap but we are concerned about some of it has no back of Agency and so sorry.)

Course of the Trek:

The first day. Yuksom to Tshoka will 1700 m 3050m (Express distress.)

In the morning we ate breakfast and as expected, forty-five minutes late--Hey, we get it, of course, picked up our bag loaded on horses and then sent us to the beginning of the Trek is on the edge of the village a mile from the location we waited until confirmation of pramit presentation with a few couples and even one French girl who made the Trek just is and guide with full-well done.

We started the walk alone, pritam guide stays close last things primarily for equipment and food packaging (must remember to carry 8 to 7 days) but finished fast guide pritam and join us. Relatively easy climb route along the left channel of the River, shaded and varied rifle cross several bridges, some independent, most under jungle flora, after walking for hours we stopped for lunch. The Cook and porters that worked already skirted us about cooking and washing of dishes in a small building next to the road map and prize pritam serving us tea with cookies first and then a surprising and delicious in the end always blow in another.

We continued walking, this time a bit more steep uphill but again pretty comfortable path shmolano start to get convoys of dazo (a cross between a yak) or horses that fell from above, every time they need to stop and stick to the far side of the abyss because they "don't see the eyes and without intention to kick you out. We started to finally see the rhododendrons bloom or as Nepal-General called the pot really, at some point we reached the cabin staffed for the forest service have also small kiosk instead stopped briefly and continued climbing for a while in front of us our porters, while they make some crazy cuts of guess where we got some fitness, height 2500 started some feel that our pace is dropping some due to lack of oxygen but so beautiful way all common.

The distress it actually reached the abandoned village of Tibetan refugees exiled to yuksom by Government with the Declaration of the area as a nature reserve, there's a few scattered cabins and plenty of places to erect our tents had been erected inside equipment really nice to get it to the end of a tiring walk, organized in a tent and made little lost lunca round met and been chatting a bit with two pairs of nice French (arrived separately) called us pritam afternoon tea with biscuits and ... Popcorn were in the market, what a treat.

The name means SOS village near the Lake, we asked where pritam Lake And he pointed to a small pond behind our tent we couldn't not laugh, meanwhile our team the trouble of preparing dinner in a small hut with all open Windows before. The we added them because getting cold and dark, sat down on the side of a makeshift Kitchen, and it was really nice to see them in action-all lay on the floor, Cook on a giant nseniia carried on horses and mushy, again the layout set red white two candles on the table and a delicious meal and instead been very hungry and done arrange two hot water bottles to put in sleeping bags We go into the tent of course already pitch dark but also we didn't see a cloud descended meters lucky pritam led us into the tent or we might never have found him.

The night before my water bottle leaked, in part my fault, and I woke up in the middle of the night with the bottom of my bag wet I pulled the bottle out and stay onthat trace continued to sleep until the morning.

Day 2 3050m Tsokha to Dzongri 4030 m (Pronounced zongeri)

We woke up to an amazing sunny day finally saw clearly all the mountains around, really charming. I took sleeping bags to dry and put on the tent pritam for what happened that night, he never stopped to apologize, telling him it can happen and really doesn't matter as long as the sleeping bags as we itibsho extracted our bones the tent, brought us each a bowl of hot water for washing and polishing it inside, said Pinnock. And then some hot tea, delicious breakfast. Pack your bags agreed with pritam since short walking day 4 hours just skip lunch and eat it in zongeri it was our mistake because actual need and good to have a hot meal on our way requires you to stop and rest and adds energy.

Here we go again only stayed to help staff pritam, from here the route more challenging since the first adversity in steeply soon at a height when a large part of the trail is paved with wooden beams to prevent sinking in the mud there again very soon the weather went and found ourselves walking in cloud and see the scenery, but really beautiful way with whatever strange rashes and immigrants and now it seems that some top but not J continue to rise, said pritam last week he instructed here and there was half a meter Snow, after about two hours we stopped at bkatvent on it actually constitutes a meeting point between the increase in imports to zongeri Trek tshing.

The deluxe room a little to see how other teams organise food and drink and we have our fault, but fortunately was able to arrange stay onthat trace pritam us hot drinks and something to snack on these teams, "Fu" to our directory.

From here the route climbs again sharply and Evelyn started feeling a little nauseous from the height of her respectable and most comfortable and lgunity that began to appear at about 3500 high, actually rising to a height of about 100 meters and maybe over the location and then the last part zongeri down to which this sort of trees and fortunately some of the clouds and we could see the surrounding scenery. Total net walking day 4.5 hours.

Camp zongeri much smaller and centered around two cabins when the tents are built around a central dining room where staff handed us our lunch, then did some laundry and some have been washed in water that flows by slowly arrived more strolling and the area was filled with tents, large tents and kitchen staffs. The weather was cloudy half "played" to source, pritam took us to the operator's cabin fun place fireplace and warm Center could finally take some clothes, brought us to afternoon tea too now we.

We ate dinner in the dining room as usual by candlelight because what the food was not much successful investing but the result was not good especially lack of seasoning, said noachach with pritam tomorrow so I know what to change, went to sleep really early course with 8 hot water bottles (lucky I bought in Israel as the root of the folding could use).

Day three-day climate-adaptation in zongeri her to 4250 views And walk to the Lake disappeared.

We got up at 4:00, Sunrise should be 5:10 for we put our layers, drank a cup of hot tea and began to climb the observation point to watch the sunrise on the Ridge took me half an hour, Evelyn accompanied pritam arrived after 45 minutes, is a viewpoint above 200 but accommodation due to the slight increase to level at all due to the lack of oxygen but damn worth the effort. Up with quite a few people you most already got acquainted with French, Irish, Ukrainian and Indian group. We start of Sunrise is amazing but clouds came fairly quickly, at least for us was wind and cold was tolerable, pritam cute guide responds to my request and managed to get us a thermos hot tea that had come with one of the porters 30 minutes after we were already there and how I added some pampering, popcorn this cold drink hot tea, is also one of the most respected French couples to bond.

Some people decide to lose but most and we decided to wait maybe things will change and hopefully the clouds dispersed and amazing panoramic views of the Himalayas-mount Kanchenjunga (World's third highest 8,586 meters) filmed countless wow images it was hard to stop this phenomenon, we also have the first experience, Rainbows and the circle of our central shadow am phenomenon

After more than an hour in we went down to the tent to find the clothes that chbasti yesterday froze and became like lumber so funny how it looks, I spent hanging on the fence. The team immediately goes to standard procedure serves us hot water washing and brushing, hot tea and breakfast-how easy it is to get used to it. We talked with the pritam about disappearing Lake indicate that an hour and a half as Greece and easy-he wasn't accurate, our mind about Bush that looks really nice and warm even with questionable running of cabin Bluff for taking rain-gear!!, the trail begins a sharp rise from the cabins and it turns out later he moves exactly on track tomorrow just in the last 15 minutes walk to have deviated from the path of the Lake-dyaved a little stupid not to integrate it into tomorrow (that's what I just did the Irish who marched with us). The road rose and fell several times and crossed the line 4200 unfortunately Abilene feels this good and suffered from headaches took to reach Lake hours! When the last part was all about snow reached a frozen lake worth the walk, but also insanely cold dropped us in the meantime and precipitation cloud that we weren't prepared, especially I came only with shirt and micro fleece. Evelyn took Tylenol and after 5 minutes left quickly feared that worse weather and therefore we tried quick course it could snow, Evelyn never stopped for a moment, he was easy, going back on an hour and a half at enormous pressure.

I'm in two minds and the Abilene should maybe stop the light post and trek back she convinced me that she tries to sleep in a tent and decide what goes on in the evening. I was very upset and talked with pritam is said to do whatever we decide, meanwhile getting cold entered the operator's cabin with a stove to dry the laundry. Just held close to the oven by hand every time an item then despair, the company's teams made Chang liquor from a mixture of cereal motssim briefly in hot water with a bamboo tool smells like wine? I haven't had not seemed irresistible.

Evelyn gets even aushshth with good mood we sat in a dining room with lovely pair of French right after dinner, good time agreed that we track progress and see how Evelyn feel. Anyway, planning for tomorrow to lose height at 3700 feet in tanshig and where we can cut back to distress in another way if necessary, was also supposed to be a four-hour walk away.

The fourth day

Cutting edge programs and politika!

24:30 I wake up and see Evelyn kept perches asks her what is happening and she season air in the tent and open some terrible and I say there are ghosts in the air space so not I see she can't breathe suggested to wake up but asked not pritam, meanwhile tried to order her half sitting half lying because she's lying was able to breathe as I figured it it really badly dressed and went to wake up when I came to him he panicked pritam turns even thought flying tent our spirits The Evelyn, I told him and he said that must descend to 3,000 feet, distress to some past 1 freezing and total darkness seemed possible request to find out whether there's a less oxygen to help her breathe. I returned to my tent, and immediately after he arrived with another guide, the guy started talking about snub-nosed told him the situation and not help bullet , She swallows bullets against altitude sickness. They came together and consulted said they decided to come down, they began to organize a basket of porters and cut it open, to make it as a Chair and said they would take her on her back and divide them in the tent helping Evelyn dress, she discovered some confusion in her conduct, packed fast during what I wear and everything.

Pritam worked with Porter and me I go down quickly to distress him try for airlift through the insurance, of course it was impossible to know if any cellphone reception is going to be there? Evelyn went far from the tent and start with tchootiot and vomiting, I do it, but I had to drop everything as soon as possible to help, trusted and pritam people out there who will be able to carry her down just appreciated that it would take 4-5 hours.

The Porter as "Iraq" with me, I gave him a black mayor of Abilene and started at first in her and was quite difficult to move quickly, I'm glad everything was frozen mainly mud, so that we could go down pretty fast until we came to an area where we had a lot of mud, I don't want to go into details what thoughts went through my head while walking down wouldn't wish that to anybody, I just wanted to see her come in peace.

After two hours of walking I saw the crazy buildings of distress directly below us I tried to call the insurance company not to believe but I had full reception, the phone with clear focus the situation and he said immediately they return to me who addresses the subject of rescues, Meanwhile I called my son with me, I told him to take writing tools and lists right-handed him all the important details, location, telephone and insurance asked walk that will take them and contacted all the information for the event and have a communication problem like the front-end-dialed Insurance and mast again said immediately called a doctor to understand the status of Abilene and communication this is broken. I tried both my devices and Evelyn call but nothing went down the distress more 5 d and I tried to find a place with absolutely nothing recorded some frustration, I wrote several SMS me and hoping to send him in a moment of time signal.

About a quarter to five I see black isolated descends rapidly down and hear the thought already happened, pritam anora all appeared and calmed me immediately said okay and even snippy with the kitchen and soon she will be told, pritam commenting immediately someone operators huts we bring her in and I started to go upstairs to see her after a short distance saw both Abilene was completely exhausted but soul properly (told me what happened immediately detail) hugged and went downstairs. Pritam, Doug to wake someone in the cabin and even lit a fire damp was Evelyn head to toe in sweat because the track with everything I wear layers because I thought she'd be in the cut of the porters, we went to distress the cabin took her most layers were really sweaty and posting to the cute and Porter were Iraq immediately to prepare soup for all people.

I went to an area where supposed to be recorded, and there was still nothing happen on the way back I saw a sudden there just froze instead dialed immediately with me I told him briefly what the situation and asked him to suspend the rescue process and we stay here one day to relax stress and go downstairs to yuksom. I managed to catch right after the insurance and filling them currently not required extracting but willing to not coming anyway, from here the next day we were already close to yuksom was more cellular reception.

So what happened if Evelyn? (As she did) when I started off with the zongi Porter, her condition worsened and she began to choke, so ahatchootiot and vomiting, the guides picked things very critical limits and therefore without finishing the whole organization just got her quickly put it in a basket, and then another four helped him around (pritam two guides and our kitchen Porter) as they constantly encourage Abilene, the problem that the start-up's hard and they had very quickly had to make a trade. Though her snippy see so she just die on the mountain so told them to try it go they help her indeed was: 5 and been surrounded and so the first request, as they constantly encourages her, saying her as their mother and to be strong, once started the decline was slightly less hard and at one point he pritam and can handle and thus release other guides and Porter. Evelyn describes their walks so they kept both sides let me go into most comfortable for dligo like they just climbed and reindeer party "after approximately 500 meters broke the altitude breathing mode greatly improved and the problem was mostly dark and fatigue.

Towards the end of the walk you convinced pritam Evelyn to leave her to keep up with the chef that he advised me to calm down and stop the airlift process, being the last part goes with.

What happened in Israel? A story in itself – both young with me (solider was on vacation) would happen with his brother in an apartment in Tel Aviv as shachiigati which it was 1:30 the middle of the night awake, he wrote everything said he realized the gravity of the situation is good 'cause he didn't hear me talking with a choking throat whenever I mentioned the name of Abilene. He immediately contacted the insurance adjuster and as they sounded a bit complacent then decided to call the guy who he knows from the surfing-Jesse deals with rescues in the world for insurance companies, yohai took care to call the right people and some that they rescue a local Indian company trying to produce me. obviously unsuccessfully, in retrospect, I now know not to pick up a rescue helicopter at night so if it happened in the best possible way we'd see him not before 7:00.

After I informed him to freeze all, created a very long period of time where he and his brother made contact shifts on the phones to see what happens. Me informed the army that he doesn't deserve to stay with phone As a result of a request to freeze the situation for them was not good (I don't mean them that way under pressure), anything under ambiguity and thought that the call option exists to give the rescue at any given moment, this situation lasts over 24 hours because there was no communication.

Well we stayed in distress to rest is very important to us and the staff there for lunch and it was great because ups and not rain until the next morning and the mountains was a Blizzard, saw everything already 3500 high mountains with snow.

In the charming staff made dinner party to finish the Trek and this time I finally ate us but what is really not easy, baby had to sit together with us-it was weird – then explained pritam yuksom they really not ordinary visitors treat them with such closeness and evaluation, it seems completely natural.

On the fifth day.

Started the morning wet and dripping agreed with pritam take time easy and go that last part-programs separately and individually been said before-breakfast to Abilene was not an appetite again started her stomach uncomfortable sensations, I decided to fold quick start falling apart and pritam has been really get to us after 500 m reduction in her prison was all gone and feel great with a good mood. At some point there was finally a signal called the kids and we have kept everything for getting to yuksom and there will be two nights alone. Course team passed us early and stopped about half an hour before the park entrance yuksom to make us lunch and delicious hot-investment of a meal well done (usually separate them accepted in the breakfast and dinner with us happened to noon) give their tips and split up.

Yuksom returned to limbo was blown with a group of French, a little less pleasant, and we had really nice surroundings, drove the next day to peeling with one jeep were there one night, not something the next day drive with replacing four crazy Jeep went out at 7 a.m. and ended at 5:00 pm-Gayzing-Jorthang-Pelling-Melli Darjeeling-reached the charming dargiling for delay of four great nights and nice city street food and some wonderful hikes in the city and the region.

On the last day of tpnkano in bgdogra field trip with a private taxi was worth definitely because we had three away flights in sequence to the country.

Important tips:

What to demand from travel agency-see before closing with the Guide, three hot meals, hot water bottles a night duty, some mattresses get duty-4 seasons, some sleeping bags, moamesim bags on a thick rubber bags to keep all payment is late.

Altitude sickness-Trek in "unhealthy" because even in height too quickly and therefore the risk to get the disease syndromes or really sick as we, who have suffered in the past from such problems should be careful sevenfold. The recommendation on the subject of her height is no more than 500 metres per day and acclimatization of day to try to rest here, in the first day and two 1000 1300 to 4000-too high too fast already. If not enough really not endowed with the acclimatization of day.

Evelyn took 24 balls before the Trek 2 and although it happened what happened there is debate quite poignant about these pills because they don't cure just supposed to help high growth but also decrease symptoms this problem of course-to use or leave your doubts, in our case, we think that just doing damage and "hid" the existence of the disease and its intensity.

You should read the material and to learn about the symptoms don't necessarily require all appear together in our case, for example, we didn't know that she had a lack of appetite is one sign that symptoms the headaches then needed was a harsh warning lamp fuel the disease exists!

Transportation- shared Jeep to inquire the day before and would rather book fixed rates don't always make sense, 100-250 rupees per person depending on how far the preferred place in the front near the window or the window Middle bench, anyway just exercise we did occasionally paid for more room and so we sat in a private, Kip really expensive ballpark 10 times or more.

Distress communications-it's the last one and that communication comes and goes then all along the Trek I just don't and should be places where locals have no radios or other media attention, consider taking a satellite phone!

Money-we brought cash and kept in Mumbai all at once with no ATM or Bank yuksom

Accommodation in yuksom -Limbaugh the umstei highly recommended for very unusual level what India and the food is great and the atmosphere is more my kind of hospitality recommends closing on accommodation only and can notify every time if you want to eat somewhere in the near future, in addition dnsig helped us all in the smallest request, the general subjects close to him, paid only with wife odarani-best experience preferred (laundry took real pennies)

B-route possible to sleep in cabins should also ask the Guide because they assume that we as travellers want the experience, recommend the cabins with rain, the advantage of this quiet and privacy tent warmer anyway blumine Thursday night and no need.

A tip on tips on paid staff get really angry and very important element tip them if you want to pamper them tip we gave 2000, 1500, 500 750 Porter and all the horses, plus bonus tip, an amount equal to any of them, on the night that moved us all with Evelyn-indeed really deserve!

Some costs:

Mumbai HotelJyoti Dwelling-3,500 rupees with breakfast-very close to the airport with shuttle

Along with the 2,500 momai-rupees

Flights Mumbai-Kolkata-gdgura – double rupee 18,560

A private taxi from bgdogra to yuksom-5,000 rupees.

Lina Limbaugh tsofia-750 per night per couple without food must eat yummy guys cheat

Accommodation in Hotel Garuda peeling 600 per night per couple-free something.

Andys dargiling-guest accommodation house700 per night per couple great-there's one hot shower per day?! But worth the watch and the morning sunrise.

Dinner – about 300 rupees per couple

Go and enjoy State and amazing people

Lion and Evelyn Ben Porat

We will be happy to help in any question by email


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Sounds fascinating.

Are there any pictures?

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I'm glad to be back safely.

Many thanks for this report is not just to report wrong route, but these events can learn a lot.

Altitude sickness is one scary things. I have to say I read the track listing (even before I got to the part where things went wrong) I thought to myself "what's the altitude profile?" from 1700 to 3050 in one day then another 1000 pounds to 4030 day then?

I hate to say, but some have ordered something. This altitude profile within a short walk, i.e. without prior adjustment, that really tempt fate.

Do you see many independent travelers "like her French promenade in orbit

The writing is very interesting, and less area covered in the Forum as I would love to.

Thanks again for the report.

אמנון לנגי  
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Lion as usual. Helpful in your summary in the Lycian way and I'm sure the help summary to others.
If it is possible to combine this picture would be perfect too.
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On the subject of heights I agree of course with everything that has been said here-but unfortunately this wisdom to us in retrospect-just remember we already
For altitudes before like rotate the anforna of course rise slower
Hope visitors will read this summary and realize the dangers that these bgbaim
I also post dose and functional to maximize exposure.

Hey Amnon,
I have so many pictures I tried before but I can't seem to upload here.
I'd like a neat explanation how to do it-don't understand why I can't get
Thanks in advance

Next month the bena dating Bulgaria – Pirin, RILA and Balkan Center

They all have a great week.
Aryeh Ben Porat
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But that, of course, some just a few encountered a problem.
Uki. Now about the two options to upload an image. First need to open the "Edit image"
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Via a. Choose in the main menu the option "insert" drop-down menu and choose "insert image"

Via b. Click the icon "insert/edit image" is the fourth icon from the left on the bottom (the first icon from the left is the review and reflects)

After that opens the "Edit image" there are two ways to upload photos into the post instruction:
Via a. To insert a link to a picture of ה"מקור. This option is intended for images that are on the network (any site, on the album Reloaded details etc).
When you use this option, you can also use an option of "dimensions" to the image doesn't get too large (be careful to keep the tab "limits" proportions is selected). There are two rectangles of dimensions. The left rectangle is the width of the image and the right side is a dimension. The picture lying there to constrain the width and height to 800 to 600. The picture is about the limit for width and height 600 to 800. Otherwise use option specifies the dimensions, the picture comes to its original size then you can decrease/increase it when we are using the standard method which decrease and increase.

Via b. Upload your photos from your computer to our server. More complicated option that many find justice prison too.
This method requires a bit of practice and I give now an abbreviated Guide to implementing the deal.


Upload pictures from your computer to our server and forum post layering

In the "Edit image" on the right side of the rectangle "source" has a chshaomedim camera icon on it with your mouse to see the "Upload Image"
Clicking the camera icon opens the image editor window (Image Manager) now describe the procedure.

1) to create a new directory (by clicking New Folder). Into this library resides. It is important to give the library a unique name. Suppose-Nepal-Amir 2015

2) after we have created the directory, you must enter it and select the option "Upload a file".

3) now has two options to upload images to the directory we created or drag them into the page or click the page and select the images from the library on the computer

4) after we picked the pictures (or the traction or selectively from the computer) they begin to rise. Each image comes out for Reef V.

5) after all images have risen back to library created by clicking (Return to files list) and now at best allow to upload your photos to the message.

6) Unfortunately, you can upload photos into just one message at a time. IE should return for each image on the troubles of the Insert picture, and then clicking the camera selecting the directory created and select image. Like this for all the images that we want to upload. It's very unfriendly but that's it.

7) it is important to reduce our picture dimensions to view the message.


Good luck

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