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#1 Posted : Sunday, July 26, 2015 8:32:53 PM(UTC)

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Hello to all friends of Worthies, it's time to do my part also fetches Forum-and occasionally responds to him for a while.


Last July (2015) I went and connect two guys traveling 25 multiple sections of the via alpina purple trail which continues throughout the Alps from Slovenia to Germany, for those who do not know there are 5 international trails that run along the Alps and surrounding area and are classified as colors red green blue yellow, and purple.

The track features (sections) in the heights they medium heights (between 600 to 2300), walking is very diverse but interesting height propli sharp Moody sometimes (one of these days was a cumulative drop of 1000 m and are cumulative-1740 longest day we had), there are very long days and some of them may want to split (one very specific-detailed below), an average day for the 15th area km per day But some days are relatively short (sometimes 3-4 hours), most days around 3:00 p.m. ends at noon or even earlier than that, of course, it also depends on the rate hike.

The purple trail is characterized by its Bavarian part numbers if large tracks such as E4 and theMaximiliansweg, check for it, our sections passed through towns and Alpine huts and some days you're going to Austria for a few days.

The official mark:


Used mainly in the magnificent site of the via alpina where it is divided in sections and rest days, it is possible to build a route icholl all the information you want to print a story line, the site provides daily story through each day and towns profiles and everything can be grouped into one large PDF file to include this information. Also helpful in the topos online website compass which can see right away dkoit this for himself and profiles, it is recommended to look and plan, there is also an app that you can download to the phone which shows the same and allows another option as a navigational aid.

We chose to do about 10 sections of Greece that have set aside two weeks for our trip (business), landed in Munich and from there take a train (two hours) to our first destination is the town of ngris (Lenngries) located at the foot of the Bavarian Alps.

And after all that lovely introduction go through a story, langris and finished in oberstdorf town that is the end of the runway, went to total close to 210 km, total 10 days. What was below and if we succeeded in running the whole thing. Read below.

From Lenggries to Tutzinger Sunday H?tte total approximately 12.3 km 5 hours:

Al to lenggries arrived the evening before from Munich by train and there is hotel altwirt, the town is very nice and there are a number of hotels where you can stay, the town lies alongside the river ISAR the mdhimo there are several BEERGARTENS you can eat and enjoy the Bavarian atmosphere is very good.

The evening before and the weather that morning not high road, reported that the late morning until afternoon expected rainy weather, unstable ourselves with raincoats in the top of the bag and went through this morning began with passive and drip our way out to the outskirts of town towards (all marked) ravenk mountain overlooking the town. The bravenk and underneath is a pretty big ski resort and decided to challenge ourselves in getting it to use the cable car (below that saves a lot of sore feet and the boredom of the site), some investors start to get her foot to mountain edge failure there, restaurant after her grueling (grads di extremists as ski resort) hour reached the edge of the mountain where the check because I discovered chaod tutzinger hut 3 hours ahead.

For a abravenk ngris

From this point begins to walk toward the cabin but the weather changes, rain and winds and fast rising on raincoats and is wrapped in bags, and left it on the Lectchenkopf Ridge (which is in the bottom right hand photo above), walking on a narrow ridge of Boulder toward the cabin, the cabin is below the Benediktenwand wall, here was a camera rain man and Greece with the difficult winds, in via boldert Eventually, after about 3 hours we arrived soaked and wet to the lovely tutzinger sorry the view rarely seen due to the fog that sings in the area, but the warm welcome (just waiting for us) we got there one can describe in words.

In everything by responsible you favorite food and drink greed alone and before going to sleep, pay for all the food we'd need + delay, reached in 4-room were two Israelis and two Americans are friendly (it should be noted that they were the only Westerners seen whole trip), single bed and mattress and several thick wool blankets.

The bndicterner, the arifeli '

Tutzinger H?tte to Monday: Walchensee-4 hours:

Tuesday is relatively long, originally scheduled to end today at high Herzogstand Greece but it is very, very popular (called a month in advance to find out if there was no place) this day seeks to diversify and reach (variance relief and acceptable), the original route of the Lake that lies beneath the aratogshtd she walchnsee.

There is a walchnsee of Greece returned to the track rises to mohart should get there at the end of the day.

After arifeli day yesterday morning began overcast but begins to calm down and occasionally glimpse the Sun here and there, is starting her traditional above the cabin and walk south toward the pass called Glaswandscharte, the trail continues to ascend and descend into the Woods and leaves them for good view shows driven South to staffalm cabin sitting on high field overlooking the whole Valley, after the trail begins to descend toward the open space of KOTLAM (an amazing green) and climbs back toward you is enormous Jochberg dimensions which overlooks the Lake and town.  We should, continue on foot and reach the cabin sits below a good break Jochberg there stopping beer and Bavarian nkiciut, after the footpath (marked) on the E4 's toward number 11 and get off at zig zag long until reaching road to cross (carefully), there are two options here or continue on the track that goes to herzogstand reitweg (who managed to find accommodation) or start walking in the direction of walchnsee (5 km from splitting) We started walking and annoying (already built some asphalt destroys feet) and were thinking about catching the bus (optional), continue in the direction of URFIELD town where move (you can catch a bus from there) and a beautiful walk along the spectacular Lake to walcnsee, where we arrived at informiion and he found us a place to stay in one of the hotels you can also ask them to call the cabin to reserve a place and so we did.

After a totsingr hut.

Staffalm cabin

Beer stop below JOCHBERG

And the charming Lake

Day 3: fromWalchensee to Eschenlohe-4 hours:

Tuesday is the most arduous, I think we should or split or do like us, the day itself is way to Herzogstand story Weilheimer H?tte underlying day is 28.3. it should be noted that this excess equipment taken hike ... for everybody (probably young New Zealand's thoughts) such as tent sleeping West launched tools which burden us badly to fit that Bill and post taken conclusions and implementation.

The day begins with a walk to the Farhnberg cable car which rises to Herzogstand which is in waclhensee, a short cable leicha (there's a rises to aratogshtd but as a result of the extreme and the acute bravenk here we decided to give up and use the great-who wants can indulge in her and taxing. We do not recommend bluff), the cable comes out of almost a minute to mount herzogstand amazing views towards the Lake below and the surrounding mountains.

The walk starts from the cable car station to the Pavillon 1750 m altitude, walking in zig zag (real German favorite notice), after sustained walking reach piblion Summit where stunning views of Lake arrived addressed and valleys and small towns that lie beyond the Ridge we climb, begins walking on the Gratweg trail, which is on the Ridge trail a very narrow blade, be careful walking on the narrow ridge. Afabilion, descending towards the Ridge secure part and chains for use, for up and down gradually until it starts to climb toward the top of a giant cross HeimGarten views from below, reach the peak altitude 1788 m heimgarten where there are a bunch of guys who catch a variety of trails to enjoy the scenery.

After relaxing light by HeimGarten begin to descend toward the cabin beneath the cross (who can sit there for beer and snacks) at this point we asked for water in the cabin when we knew Greece long day ahead of us and we know there are water okatot, begin to go down South to drop weather weather vally Eschelaine long, at the end of the descent there is signage towards ashlons (destination) and walk towards the forest, walking (marked with orange spots along the way) keeps rising in thick forest that descends the Valley there should continue rising (occasional check gone and needs to be Alert), for passing bad areas (which is not listed in the story through) there should take the case and go under the hedge hoshmim areas (good flexibility required in total). Map the trail continues downhill until it meets the River along which go (almost without signs and go with map), after a few km of walking and fear I'm ordering you! come to sign towards ashlons after about an hour and a half walk to get to town and dormant ashlons come to one and stay there for the night.

When the long day that Greece had a nightmare in terms of weight and discomfort on the back we decided to make a break (the original road story telling if want to rest) in ashlons, here we decided we are a day of rest for the body and back in Garmisch (next) and sending the heavy stuff like a sleeping bag and a tent and food supplies into the country originally Log book continues after the decline of the town (636 m) the trail originally supposed to inertia to Weilheimer H?tte cost at a height of 1960 there have a reservation but told ourselves we don't tolerate and we decided To make a stop in the town called the cabin and told them that we didn't reach.

The view from aratogshtd

Alpine check

Walking on the narrow ridge

The view from heimgarten

The quaint town of Eschenlohe view their crazy

Day 4: rest day-trip to Garmisch Spa prterkrachn and arrangements:

After our night in the lovely Eschenlohe caught (a line from Munich to insburk) to the next destination (originally a cabin in the mountains come to Garmisch) wonderful Garmisch spa town with its leapin Spitz famous Cliff (the highest mountain in Germany) when we arrived in Greece only hotels in the city (whole trip we used informiion and they helped us find the hotel very comfortable, large cities might want to pre-order).

In Garmisch Spa after check-in at the hotel, went to the German post office and sent all the heavy lifting that we achbido to this day (tent, shcsh, pots, dry towel), Garmisch is a great way to do it or get ready for different needs, there are trophies dinghies geek (balon was there too) you can use to purchase things. I bought 2 pairs of socks there (after my atrolo collapsed and combined) of palka (highly recommended!) Little feet, and ate all good and especially assumed.


Day 5: from Linderhof Castle 4: walk of 17.6 and 4 and half hours-long day ahead of you!

It's a long day but his profile is rising, Indian day begins in Lake Pflegersee walk-it is advisable to take a taxi to the Lake when there is no reason for Greece to get out of the city towards the Lake, walk too long and arduous for asphalt and travel habits, we took a taxi straight to the stunning Lake where we went and signs and started to walk towards the forest and the enniglam hut, hike in the forest is sustained and rising along the way there's a water trough can rejuvenate her and fill her water at shlocr if necessary , Continue to rise and are annoying creatures such as giant flies trying to eat you walk (an experience). The increase for the region 1, 000 m in the two hours, come to enniglam where dozens of ways cyclists and hikers are busy drinking beer and looking at the beautiful scenery around here, lovely dune beside the cabin. From here starts a long zig-zag decline towards Rotmoosalm at the bottom of this area falls to the ELMU Valley lindroff, this is rotoslam from the administrative and low walk towards indroff, the walk is about three hours up to the Castle and walk along the Elmaubach until you arrive follow the signs for Linderhof Castle.

Schloss Linderhof, built by the Bavarian King's oodavig in Germany, mporsami in castles here there are 2 options-or sleep at the website (not as old as Greece is relatively expensive), or take a bus to obergrmo which is a larger town but far from linderhof (running her bus line all the time), we chose to sleep at her both about 109 euros.

And those

Enniglam cabin and beers

The mountains around enniglam

The linderhof

Amazing Palace

Day 6: from linderhof to Kenzenh?tte lodge three hours walk 10 km before short day!

As the present day Greece quite short took the time in the morning and breakfast (breakfast) today continues the trend of South E4 that accompanies us along the way, the trail continues along the river and starts climbing into a thick forest, cascading comes toward La Paz called B?ckenalmsattel, the trail becomes narrower and lower field type with smooth and wet weeds until the pass at 1548 m height Apas, views towards Linderhof and the direction from which we came, apas, the trail begins to descend to the West towards Kenzenhutte, after about one hour walk from the lovely cabin where there is some sort of large dorams 8 persons, this cabin is run by three sisters blondes and serves great food.

The signs

View towards Linderhof

First beer and food.

Day 7: from Kenzenh?tte to Fussen: walk about 22 kilometers on foot about six hours and a half.

Day 2 starts at passim's arrival in Germany's most famous, the day begins as always with Kenzensattel up to the vendor which is for rising from the cabin, La Paz at an altitude of 1650 m, pass you can see the deer placed a very cute hikers on the slopes looking for food, you can see the acznsatel Valley which we enter and the second highest broadband that get and put the teeth Gabelschrofen After passing the first vendor walking lasts into gompn Valley enchants with its jagged mountains, the walk continues until Valley trail way coupon right towards La Paz found in 1989 m above sea level, rising to pass is a narrow path dimensions requiring serious attention (sticks required), follow the Orange circles which indicate the increase and meet again kindly families of deer see us and out. Boarding pass takes about an hour and a half and you get her stunning views towards Busan and the valleys around it after the pass reaches zig-zag long descent towards Strau?bergsatte Niedere he Central junction in the area and a walk to F?ssen continues after the zigzag apas keep the roads and Bleckenau all the way with the cozy POLET, who come to the lodge there are two walking options Lucknow (one was closed) towards Busan and noistovishn Castle Our general trail, walking heavily and management on asphalt (the other is probably dust). Continue on the path towards the Marienbr?cke is the famous bridge over the Castle, is the value an hour to two hours.

Leave the trail and saw the commotion and realize that you came to the right place. It was a sudden horror to see thousands of people after a quiet weekend we had, just whizzed to the bridge and took 2 pictures and ran quickly away, there is a path that crosses all arrival to the Castle and it was closed for renovations so we had among the thousands of people pass and down towards that town where Hohenschwangau castle is located, then followed the exit signs and Poussin, here's an option to catch bus to Poussin (requires waiting in line among all the people) or go on foot to Busan We have more power and carried our feet toward the city, here is a relatively nice walk administrative (and maybe caught heavily after a long day) on the way fetuses 2 beautiful lakes and come to Fussen.

Accommodation: Greece that pretty FUSEEN the tourist environment because most available hotels were outside so I had a bit more to go, maybe here I was asking in advance, find our informiion b & b in some nice friendly German hosted us in his attic.

Top cabin

The first boarding pass

Favorite animals

Enter the gompn Valley to see the pass on the left (wing)

Arrival to La Paz. Come view

The apas views

The zig zag down apas

The famous Castle

Day 8: Fussen to Pfronten-approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes, 15.5 km total walk-a relatively short day

Tuesday starts largely wooded Ridge walks on the Zirmgrat and E4 and South between two valleys on the way to the pronten, today begins walking toward the stunning Lake named Alatse biophio, the walk begins in the ups and downs of the beginning of the Ridge until it reaches the Lake, the Lake is a beautiful lakes all across Germany wild views of the Bavarian Alps, there are benches around the Lake and you can get some rest and eat a sandwich, snack and continue after the relatively short walk , The Lake begins her course towards the forest towards Salober Alp alpine trail which is on the Ridge partly secure with chains and cables that part on the international border between Austria to Germany but today remain in Germany. Continue to follow the via Alpina and E4 towards pronten.

From here the trail continues to rise and be exposed to the stunning scenery of the pronten footpath towards Falkenstein which is one of the oldest Castles destroyed in Germany and higher. Is there an option to continue towards the ruined castle from where there is a trail that descends toward pronten, Greece was very hot and I already saw castles, we decided on asphalt Trail towards pronten (trails eventually connect whatever you choose), then the path descends into the valley below the ridge and reaches the VILS River, from there walk half an hour sleep on a dirt road towards pronten, to search for signs that the informiion-walk is towards pronten (reid) that the Center Where informiion and friendly motel with great views.

Signs today.

Altesse Lake

Simon Woods

The Valley of pronten

Day 9: Tannhehim-Pfronten to walk about 6 hours – 18.6 km walk: beyond Austria sign!

After a nice night in pronten (great food City) moving to Austria today begins bouncing from the hostel owner to Breitenberg cableway which climbs to our first destination is the formidable mountain climb Aggenstein him today, please note that for those who want to be pampered but I don't recommend walking from pronten to long cable is the cable itself outside the town there's a rises from the mountain and can be time-consuming (lifts open at 9 a.m. than noticing).

After the first cable car ride was revealed to the mountain from mountain Aggenstein is located on the border between Germany and Austria to is in the tannheimer tal, the station begins to walk towards the controlling ravenous Aggenstein 1924 m high, it starts boldert towards the mountain itself and because of Bad Kissinger hut Hut. The type itself requires some skills and he shared accompanied by metal cables, the climb itself lasts about an hour to reach the lsopo pass of formidable mountain, views of him is hard to describe. To one side and valleys Austria and because both can see the ZIGMRET Ridge walking about two days ago and you are on it, there are those using a cross on the top, we decided to shoot and relax and pamper ourselves and energy bars.

After half an hour of rest began to descend toward the bad cabin kissinger which is located under the mountain. From here the descent is long because he kind of ENGE Peron of 2 houses and the parking Center going up towards the aggestein pass road, with the amazing badkissinger is one of the most impressive we have seen in terms of landscape and infrastructures, a reduction of two hours and a half and Green Valley ENGE. walk towards the village of Tannheim lumberg little and then there's Bill called for rotating near tannheim, little church by the side of the road you can see from ENGE From here the trail leading to tnhaim, rising and falling quite long and a bit tedious until it reaches the town of Austrian, as Greece was a weekend and feared to place order in advance at one of the hotels (loot options).

The Aggestein

Some cables.

Getting to La Paz, Austria view


The ZIGRMET range, from pronten to fussen

Bad Kissinger Hut hut

The Austrian tannheimer tal Valley

Day 10: from Tannheim to Prinz-Luitpold-Haus of 20.8 km and 9 hours longest day due to its alpine nature.

This day is not allowed to do in stormy weather, unstable! -Give it up or find an alternative.

The day is divided into two us, one which caught the best day we've had in terms of landscapes and weather throughout most of the way, and the second part we knew how quickly weather can change to mountain pastures and jeopardize lives.

This day, it's best to start as soon as possible (to get the roof up to 7 a.m.), although long day in terms of how its route km is extremely variable and is Alpine route from Greece we went late (for 8-we didn't check out the day before and only eight reception opened, prevented us to leave early)-start walking from the silent and depart towards the amokamt aplele lodge high above the town. The walk begins near the village and continues East toward the village of Wisele until Kinzen and connected to the VIA ALPINA's signage and begins a gradual increase in the forest and protected from the Sun (Brown was threatening in the morning). After about an hour and a half walk reached the cabin was empty of people, who come to the Valley apelesattl apele opened wide and her formidable people have towards the mountain he Gaishorn controlling the mountain area.

After the hut there are iltim and we headed towards the Gaishron and the path "Jubil?umsweg" this vest off him known all over the ridges below, the gradual starts green and boldert extension under the mountain, the mountain Gaishorn highlighted in Orange points (continue toward the mountain once over the initial guidance and then reappears check increases), the increase here that requires full and proper tzzomat on a narrow lane dimensions and cost more the slope gets sharper After about an hour and a half of climb reach half interesting character to continue the logical route, luckily the shlogit right over where people tried to cross it, but demanded that us maximum and acrobatics with sticks. After about half an hour from Marlo snow arrive PAS 2199 m high Gaishron-views is without words. After countless images of apas started down the path to Jubil?umsweg entering the field boulders and passes under the Rauhhorn and Kugelhorn ranges, imtanim the path up and down through the bolderim field and begins to open up to views of Austria and Germany's predators, after two hours of walking a tzukit took (in some places there are chains to support) arrive at the Schrecksee Alpine Lake, the Lake is a lake with a small island inside and around jagged mountains and tall. At this time when we felt that Greece long day ahead of us and the shlokrim towards the end we decided to go down towards the lake water (cool water total).

After a short rest Lake and energy bars in honey to the vendor is Lahnerkopfscharte between Austria to Germany (as most passim), it must pass is relatively short and ranked comfortably there through two huge mmorchses peaks with huge crosses here at this stage, the sky began to hatann and continued walking South on the mirror are about 3 hours walk to the hut (in La Paz), at this point we begin to hear faint sounds of Thunder in the background Ndrchno, and upped the pace possible, the path continues through a very narrow goat trail that part sometimes insecure chains and requires serious hand-made and very high concentration (below the cliffs of Wadi) after careful walk began to drip and knew what that means we have to go on rain gear (at this point watch black clouds horizon and talented to come towards us) and narrow concentration on foot for about half an hour later we arrived to sign the teacher there is about an hour and a half (!) to the hut and began to drip off Serious rain (this step is already onto rain gear) now starts storm and the Valley begins to disappear in the rain and winds begin to get assault rifles and even hail and lightning, for getting some and dangerous and should use every bit of that l'm not sure there's another 20, assault and rain spirits and hail and lightning we get toward her in the direction of our next vendor should be built.


Fearful Thunder and lightning see eye angle flew just us towards one of the crosses were on the mountain and shocking us slightly, after a few seconds the guys who went 50 m ago scream scream "wow" and tells me to look in the direction of the cross on Mount LachWard you walk in, the guys suddenly ducked for cover of something and the corner of my eye I see a host of enormous stones fly towards us and towards the path. Apparently, lightning struck a mountainside and move some boulders from the edge of the mountain towards us. In this very dangerous stage called a friend back in my direction when Greece was slightly more area protected, after a few seconds the stones passed about 150 meters away from us towards the slope and passed us-agreed from all lightning/Thunder like us wait half a minute until it looks like we can continue.

The decisions *

After the rock slide passed us and we us 24 hours prior to the end of the day, the weather hasn't changed and rain and winds around us-in the corner of your eye I got about 300 m beneath a hunters cabin is on the edge of the mountain, the boys and I discussed the situation and told him that two States, from immigrants to pass in a lightning storm and rain, one of us will probably be killed or will be in danger. The most important thing we have to do now is to take cover from air and welcome to see if we have a signal on the phone if we need to call for rescue, again we don't know what the situation (all part and Boulder), and after the old vendor drop towards the cabin (after the long walk and wet-unstable hazard recipe) and we don't know the lay of the land there. After a few seconds of delay fall honey in "report" toward the cabin, and the number of divisions on wet ashvia and strayed from our boldert to the cabin (which was empty), we got to the cabin got a shelter from the rain.

* 2 decisions

At this point we understand that we have to move forward, although rain weakened slightly but the storm continues (it was already 7 area) and the darkness begins to come in, after we got to the cabin we tried to see if we can get the guy who built the cabin salt it well with and so is abnormalities cannot be looked to break inside and luxurious Wool blankets and a stove and thought. Let these stages. the friend who was with me call simels hotline (international tax detail about below) and asked to update them on the situation and inform the insurance company we are in kind of a problem. After several stobboity around the cabin, I noticed that there is a kind of wooden hut next to the cabin and I asked the guys to check it-apparently it services! We decided that the most protected from the storm and went inside. We quickly heat supply (wet sponges).

And here we have continued to update the insurance (Harel) about our condition and of course the family (total we're fine) and after talking we realized that if we want extracting (with four energy bars and a third full locker) otherwise the German neighbors were unable to come to us. We decided to spend the night in the bathroom and try to recover from the day we went to see what our situation will be in the morning, the night and the rain stopped and the incoming source provide an unpleasant experience and we dream this morning comes.

After breaking dawn this morning and the phone shlomino security cleared to the weather and the sky clean and quiet (well. obviously.), Greece I slept a little better, I was more sensitive to cold than me and was so exhausted from the night and sleeps almost the previous day, we decided with the insurance Guide (link it to insurance) locally called Tal to talk with German team to come and rescue us from the cabin when we left Greece (entered the day 11) 4 energy bars and a little water and we didn't pass more and more long day 12 miles until our final destination is the path name ends obersdorf decided that extracting the best decision you can make.

After some calls (this services booth had the best absorption) with the German Alpine rescue explained exactly where we are and they knew the cabin we were in, after several hours of waiting (where the weather is clouding up again and trickled down easy) the sound of a helicopter through the Valley and a police helicopter emerges over us. The pilot was able to land (amazingly) barely above the cabin area from Boulder, as movies 2 extract chioveniino and run to harness us and tells us that we are the best tahalta we got a shelter, after a few minutes to 10 minutes flying helicopter and lands in the village bad hindelang mdasha petition.

Investigation with police and rescuers on the ground and the guys were very friendly and gave us some snacks and drinks to the body, continued to tie to our final destination is called oversdorf and our family and everything ends and everything's fine.

Apelle cabin

The leaping Gaishorn.

To the mountain (Spitz left)

The shlogit

The view from apas (from the Rauhhorn)

It's hard to stop filming


A little more than that.

Boundary stone (for.)

Continue walking towards the Alpine Lake on the Ridge (note for profile)

The Lake

The sign "3" for hours.

Black front beyond the mountains (drip phase)

The services we had tonight. (The photo was taken the morning after the storm)

Internal view

The mbtzbtstz pass (the flat surface below) and the mbolder we get down from it to the cabin (the after image)

We had a nice view from the hut (finish the image pleasing). '

After getting to the bus stop from oversdorf with it landed there, night train to Munich there were two very nice including visiting two five-storey shop where participation and information and to request a number of acquisitions.

Combine notes:

Equipment and maps:

On a trip like this undoubtedly made a mistake and took bags too large in the area, as well as 60 + sleeping bags and tent not that Greece is a ncetrko means in and luckily we sent them halfway and then wonders.

Certainly the case that less than 40 + and can do it (that's how most people who saw) for such a trip, carrying around with large files, the next will be studied.

Of course a raincoat is very serious (had TNF)

-Brass/brass medium level is sufficient, and we used it.

-Basic thermal and shirt (changes source sufferers)

On a balaclava and gloves not mandatory (unplanned stop save us) but it is recommended.

-Lantern (rarely used except for night)

- Amazing Some repeatedly walking sticks is one of the most important things in such a trip had to get back on track like that no!

Maps -to best via alpina are maps of the Kompass German that characterizes their maps by provinces and towns every informiion Center in tours and geek souvenir stores you can find the maps, maps them against water and very good quality and very detailed.

Cabins and hotels and cable cars:

Most of the book at least three days prior to arrival, no need for cabins sleeping bags and wool blankets are all thick, at great huts in the area 25-30 euros per night, before bed, first thing in the morning are paying for dinner and drinking ncetrko. Not to forget of course earplugs.

The cabins (foul) and try it in the traditional Bavarian food, plenty of beer and a great experience, than we realized if you are a member of the Alpine Club have the option of placing.

In most towns the rhino head hotels apart from Lenggeris, every section reached informiion Center and asked to help us find accommodation for one night, very polite and helping at all, certainly not to forget sopshi week Eve fuller from the mid week and maybe should be reserved in advance (especially if it's a holiday or vacation).

Cable cars -if you want to relieve yourself of the walks and is bothering ratoit (who want) until reaching the main shiltim, note that 2 we were both at 9 a.m. and to value it accordingly in terms of time.

The check for:

The trail itself is marked by a very high level and it is very difficult to lose a few route sections that trail disappears toward ashlons and Col. gaishorn, also check for marked the official purple and white bird (kind of) the pages in different ways and nodes is marked or orange/red points and also accompanied mostly by red white check of E4.

Language : Mostly German, older guys don't know good English compared to young people who understand and know how to communicate, you should know a few basic words in German.

Level of difficulty:

For level is medium, except for Bill Jubil?umsweg he stayed a very high level and most vulnerable sections that we are at intermediate level, but require the kind of experience the higher trails-passim, etc.

Hiking season and weather:

Hiking season is from mid-late June to mid-September. However, of course every season allow mountains to experience stormy weather (like you), should be prepared for anything.

Weather was awesome to see a few seconds everything changes in the ran across his indistinct, I checked a few days before and the day before and the morning walking the weather and weather bode (like you see at the top), subject to the completion of the section and would look great too.

Others were walking relatively warm days and sometimes it felt like walking in Tel Aviv with Backpack

To be dismissed or walking in the mountains in any way and should be ready for any possible scenario (it happened to us).

Communication and insurance:

A friend etay took SIM Travel International (simels) for those of you who don't know this SIM cost 99 dollars you're charging the same amount to choose from and you get free incoming calls (calling you), we argue that $ 25.

The company has an option of adjusting if necessary (payment of 50 shekels per service) and we put it, the computer company's open 24 hours and luckily we had and we were able to update these blatant and there they continue and update the family and kept in constant contact with us until holtzno.

Insurance: it is highly recommended to do company insurance she had experience in insurance, don't try the credit insurance companies not worth anything (in terms of covers), Wilson helped us and reassure us and those around us.

In summary the Bill and how comfortable you could split it into so many parts of Greece which is a long way to select and diversify, hope new Alpine area showed that hasn't been recognized here and visit him as much as we enjoyed.

Wishing you safe paths and quiet!

With me.

Who wants to see more pictures feel free to enter my Facebook page here.

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אמנון לנגי  
#2 Posted : Sunday, July 26, 2015 8:55:10 PM(UTC)

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Great reporting. The story of the storm and the night in the bathroom until the rescue was almost Hollywood :)
Many thanks for reporting.
#3 Posted : Sunday, July 26, 2015 9:34:14 PM(UTC)

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The places look familiar (in reverse) glad you enjoyed, great pictures.

Although after we ate a snowstorm on the last day of the course (although in October), I think unfortunate Meyer for Forum members.

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#4 Posted : Sunday, July 26, 2015 11:09:51 PM(UTC)

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Of course also thank you tune your cluster soot us interesting route

#5 Posted : Monday, July 27, 2015 7:52:10 AM(UTC)

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A fascinating story, especially the part about the storm.

Which leads me back to the subject of carrying emergency equipment * inmali

I don't see a reference to topic (not threads rather than fixed equipment list and with occasional jobs) and I wonder if the arranged and beautifully arranged not covering about dangers that might suddenly pop up and obscure the additional necessary precautions from the wild.
(And if one was recorded was sliding and breaking my leg and if there was a cabin-according to this completely realistic the options)

* Emergency equipment I mean inmali for lightweight items that can be the difference between disaster and reasonable level. "

Escape comforter (light, small and useful).

A whistle

Measures for lighting a fire. (Maybe add Finjan or cup can be placed on a fire to heat with little water)

Small flashlight (a few shekels weighing a few grams)

I exaggerate?

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#6 Posted : Monday, July 27, 2015 6:02:45 PM(UTC)

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With dramatic story through touch.

I really liked that you discover judgment and releasing at the end of boarding pass
Especially you guys that fabric are more likely to take risks.

Very uncomfortable to be stuck in a Blizzard so shlerov to hide her (been lucky with the hunters lodge and services)
Most treks are conducted in an open area above the tree line.

We got caught at the end of the first day of the Alta via and I must admit that, besides the enormous discomfort of this hail that hit you in the face and strong winds and water-resistant clothes
After half an hour of a flood are no longer immune to anything that scared me more than anything is the lightning. The moment I realised that we were in and out in the field reveal objects really scared some lightning hits.

Incidentally, one of the TMB reports I've read really indicate what Walker Memorial who died there at the end.
I don't remember seeing this monument but certainly not only in Nepal but also thousands SHIT HAPPENS
#7 Posted : Monday, July 27, 2015 10:06:23 PM(UTC)

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Hi s. k. (sorry forgot her name), I agree with you that lercht first aid has great importance and sometimes forgets to pack her bag, acetarano, actually we didn't escape blanket (you tell yourself what now carry it don't use it) you have to remember that the weight of these things minimal.

In Munich seen view of Mountain emergency made vivi do penance As certainly would contribute to us and very little light, tzarati didn't get it.


יענקל'ה סער  
#8 Posted : Monday, July 27, 2015 10:13:46 PM(UTC)

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Fascinating and interesting report. Don't understand why Chen claims my unlucky Forum. Can always be bad weather.

What we need is to obtain properly whistle and perhaps escape blanket trails less than toierim, and act responsibly.

There are many beautiful walking trails on them.

#9 Posted : Tuesday, July 28, 2015 9:49:50 AM(UTC)

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I hope that discussions on the topic of emergency preparedness will raise awareness among travellers.
(Till math calculations and keep us in the House)

I take a regular escape blanket in my backpack. I think she weighs less than 40 g
I have used it twice. Once when cold tiolila Ramot Menashe now sat on the edge of just putting water reservoir.
And once again I tried to retire Lazar, mountain her eye shadow sheet petals didn't stand in the wind and ripped (disadvantage of manifold).

The link you gave nice and interesting, such a levy can be pretty good emergency measure as it was. (By the way beyond and perhaps enhanced heat back, I don't see another significant advantage across bivi escape blanket costs less than a tenth and weighs less than half)
The link also see emergency tent lightweight who was very (very) glad you if you found a cabin

However should also know when to stop. These things can drift and add more elements.
I think is to focus on simple measures, number and if possible the multifunctional can together with composure and creativity to help including extreme situations.
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