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#1 Posted : Friday, July 31, 2015 10:18:30 AM(UTC)

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Hi there,

Summary of the itinerary we went in July 2015 swanti rope.

Sunday: evening flight to Georgia

Monday: nighttime ride (2:00 a.m. until approximately 11:30 noon) Manama to stay. Walk to Zabeshi stay (up to two pronim ago).

Tuesday: a day trip to Tviberi glacier:

Go to the northern edge of the village of Zabeshi, according to the signs to Mestia (point come in on foot from Mestia). The main river crossing the North Bridge. Near the sign towards Mestia turn (sign to missing July 2015), bypass the right farm and look for signs. Throughout remains on the West Bank of the river which flows North secondary and go along the length (called the river Mulkhra on Google Maps as the main river). Red bricks have patchy (could be longer in General and then a short section in abundance).

The trail is mostly blurry (if it exists), and hidden under vegetation, often very high and sometimes prickly.


  1. Crossing a river coming from the West and empties into the river. When crossing 20 meters above the river level.
  2. Shelters beneath the giant bolderim and large memory.
  3. Two glaciers in the River, the river flowing through them.
  4. First Mall.
  5. Wide alpine meadow (first isn't going in slope side)
  6. Two small lower cabins.
  7. Another Mall.

It took us about five hours to the wooden bridge. Because it was already late and we had to go back, and we've baintan the pathway takes us another 1 to 2 hours to get to the iceberg (probably closer to two hours), we decided to come back to us. Two and a half hours back down the bridge. Vertical difference of about 500-600 meters.

Wednesday: Zabeshi-Adishi

Thursday: Adishi-Iprari

Friday: Iprari-day trip to Ushguli and Lamaliale range:

Because we don't have a lot of fun to go through the day from ifreri (AKA iperli) to ushguli (easy walking distance of 3-4 hours along the main road, and most shmrtoskot take us), we decided to go this route and instead go for a day trip ushguli. After consulting with other Norwegians who accompanied guide walked the route described below instead of the Skhara glacier. The route is not marked, but it's easy for orientation and I recommend it strongly!

Quit Ushguli East Road (not towards Skhara glacier).

Where the Ridge (West end) meets the road, leaving the road and start to go East for great little toward a small farm and antennas.

Override the farm on the right (South) and the southern corner of the antennas. Continue to top East for blurry and steep (follow the cow feces). At the beginning of the climb, the trail pretty attached to the right side (South) of the extension. Another tip: nothing not entered into the clearing trees North of the range (if you see trees, South).

When you get enough (after approximately 500-600 meters of vertical type) see big רוג'ום Ridge, it marks the beginning of dome c. 2980. The trail was gone, over, hence just looking for the easiest path toward Roger. 200 yard undulates and not too comfortable – upload appearances carefully.

A kill moderate rise and walk. Is a little Eastern akipa Roger views in 360 degrees, including iceberg Shkhara and Caucasus peaks higher than East (Tetnuldi, Dzhangi-Tau and well probably Shkhara Summit itself). We can do a little more to the East on the ridge to the Summit or saddle without spirit.

We took about two hours and 15 minutes to the top (our guesthouse in the village), and back down again. Vertical difference of about 1000 meters.

7th day: Ushgoli-Iprari pass through Latphari:

We wanted to cross the Pass and reached Latphari village Mami, but realized that it was a very long day. We reach the village of Chuelpi in place, but realized it was going to get us out of the land back to Tbilisi. And then we decided, if the band walking anyway is why Shabbat 21B Jeep Road South and North? Therefore we have decided to return to Lalkhori (the village of Iprali Iprari or below).

Leave the ushguli West (even remote) to Chazbashi village and go through the village (near the middle) until you leave the West. Continue West, two information Hill towers are on the left (South). Come to River coming from the South and begin to climb, alongside the right side (East). When the stream is split into two, the mshrachi Jubilee and at the Western Jubilee. The trail doesn't cost to growers. Continue for unclear (hidden by plants), but as in some vegetation height deflate and begin good marks.

Separate from the main stream, the trail turns left, then right (West) on value in dry channels (at least in July 2015). The trail goes slightly further West, outside or two recessed basin and climbs to the ridge. A different thing in the field than indicated in the outlined map at the visitor center of mestia. See רוג'ום and then stand up large signs. The path to the page, and continues to run on the Ridge (West), usually on the left side (South).

Come to the first Lake, some South-facing him and begin to encircle the Summit East to pass Latphari (surround her South). Come to the second Lake, some followed (after a small increase and decrease) has strong right u-turn (North) of the path at רוג'ום and have a sign. We were able to miss both the rogue and the laitotheno mark and continued to progress, for sure, but not marked that continues South and begins to go down. If it happened to you, or coming to mighty cliffs beneath the mountain, blocking the way out West – Roger tberbrtam, and markup.

A great reference for Horseshoe bar adjacent to Jenin. 2978. map of Geoland and map of the visitors center for a marked wrong (like he falls much below then climbs him South). In fact, the bar for holding the South and southern sides of the mountain, and descends moderately to Latphari pass. The pass itself has a Lake Tuesday, ICRC, and with images of Jesus, Mary and the boys.

Great jeep from Iprari way bar (from Davberi) and Chvelpi. We chose to drop North towards Iprari and was very comfortable. To build on this in the direction that the vehicle barely foul way (perhaps for ATV or motorcycle space – a lot of landslides and collapsing — as of July 2005).

It's a long day, with inevitable and Swan food and coffee stops took us slightly less than seven hours before the bar. From there, it took us three hours down (Lalkholi). About 1000-1200 meters increase in aggregate, and similar (probably 100-200 m descent). It was a beautiful day, with spectacular views and a long walk on the ridge above the bush line. It is strongly recommended to have the capability and orientation and finding a path.

Eighth day: drive back to Tbilisi.

Highly recommended!


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#2 Posted : Saturday, August 1, 2015 11:37:47 AM(UTC)

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How did you directly from the airport to stay?
#3 Posted : Saturday, August 1, 2015 6:26:59 PM(UTC)

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[Quote = coolmeen; 588452] how did you directly from the airport to stay?

Closed with Israeli told Georgia season passes and gives travel services abroad, sending a car with a driver to take us directly to stay.

Good: saved the day, brought us George SIM and balloon gas burner (for a fee, of course).

Not good: night drive blindfolded (the very tired at some point), considerably more expensive than public transport (but we preferred to spend money on waste).

Next time (if have): night train to Zugdidi and stay there (really didn't fit in terms of the late hour) and perhaps a flight to stay (even the cells in terms of hours).

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