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Eli TheHiker  
#1 Posted : Monday, August 3, 2015 6:10:49 PM(UTC)

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Hello everyone,

My name is Eli and I am using the Forum's constant and as usual in recent years decided to add a small donation to the vast information and accumulates.


July 10-21.07.2015 made together with eight friends at Mountain Altai trip in Siberia Russia branch and spent one day in Moscow, too. The idea of traveling in the area submitted by one of the hikers called spring more last year, but it didn't work out, and earlier this year raised again and worked fine when many members joined travelers. We contacted several Russian travel companies and chose one of the largest and most experienced in working with foreigners named lenalptours to arrange all logistics matters before, during and after the trip itself.

We went 12 days total that moved about 164 km with about 6.8 km increases/decreases are incurred when the heights range from 900 feet the lowest point to the highest point between 3200.

A plane in the Israel National Trail (INT) Moscow (about 4 hours), go to branaol (approximately 4 hours) and there are approximately 700 km minibus (13 hours) up to a small town called tiongor (TIUNGUR) and a short walk after crossing the river old bridge base isotanic (Vysotnik) and return the same way.
* It may be possible to fly closer to Gorno-Altaysk town located approximately 450 km from tiongor, but haven't found a suitable flights.

Information sources:
1) company website through which the English tour
2) company website through the trip in Russian
3) company website through the time with great detail on the track.
4) in Hebrew on Altai expedition website
5) summary on the website of Efrat Nakash outdoor last year in Hebrew
6) topographic maps with Russian lettering with tapes (I wrote some names): you can download all the maps I made on track with, including calibration files here: zip file
7) Orient global topographic map of 1:200,000 purchased the site and isotanic the beginning of the track:

Weather and terrain conditions:
Recommended season: mid-June to mid-September.
If the winter was not cold and snowy or who came in a Blizzard during the walk, so most of the runway would be free of snow (a logical and perhaps occasional peaks), but you should note that the temperature be really unstable.
One morning of the trip, after the temperature at night fell below freezing and raining in the morning on one of the high peaks aren't especially (around 2150) was fresh snow won't last long after the Sun came out.
The temperature ranges around 20 degrees day and night around 5 degrees, although there were a few variations to the edges, especially after strong winds changed the big picture quickly with getting or dispersing clouds.
We won the SA weather (relative to statistical average of 9 July rain days solid) expressed in hours of rain torrent, 2 half-days of rain and fog, 2 nights of light-medium rain one morning just snow and other cloudy days until bright and sunny.
1) weather around the mountain area branch in different heights
2) weather site with stats from the world of temperature, precipitation and other.
3) daylight in July: about 13 hours of light.
* Please note that all 100 metre mountains rising off the half-degree temperature.
* Please note that mountain air welcome in General is very unstable, especially in the area got to guest on our flesh rain storm that developed within 5-10 minutes (and before that was used) and became a veritable flood for about two hours.
* Note that if strong wind starts and then thunderstorms increased significantly.

At the time, the official rate was $ 1 = 15 rubles. Total total cost of the trip includes personal expenses, I got around $ 5500.
* Flight with AEROFLOT of Russia – about $ 450 to $ 550 depending on time of purchase-between Tel Aviv and Moscow, Moscow and branaol back with a break of day in Moscow (less than 24 hours).
* General package tour for 9 people: EUR 5788 (643 euros for one) which included:

1) an branaol to oisotank and back (as Greece 700 km).
2) an English-speaking guide
3) 6 and 6 to move equipment every 12 days.
4) for the rest of the night.
5) local insurance
6) in the first and last day in rooms instead.
7) in branaol at the end of the trip.
8) certificates for a walk near the border.
9) double aualis and kitchenware.
10) base to AKKEM sauna 9 people.

* To AKKEM river rafting day one: 120 euros for 10 people.
* Big sauna up to 10 people: € 35 AKKEM base.
* Average meal at restaurants on the road from branaol to oisotanic: about 300 rubles.
* Beer: about 200 rubles in the restaurant and 100 rubles.
* Paper topographic map 1:200000: approximately 150 rubles.
* Gas cylinder screw 450 grams oisotanic large: approximately 450 rubles.
* Basic food packet in Base: approx. 400 AKKEM rubles (albeit paid 200 rubles).
* Large room with wood fireplace, 3 beds and AKKEM Base: approximately 3500 rubles per night (albeit paid 3000 rubles to 2 nights).
* Nick (VENIK)-white Terry broom wood for sauna AKKEM Base: about 200 rubles.
* Bus trip in Moscow: 50 rubles (if buying for 3 people 100 rubles).
* One-time ride by Metro: 50 rubles.
* Average meal at restaurants in Moscow: about 700 rubles.
* Accommodation in HOSTEL in Moscow: dormitori-$ 15 per person. Double room-$ 25 per person.
* Taxi from downtown Barnaul Airport: approximately 350 rubles for taxi.

Accommodation, electricity, toilets and showers:
The first night (to oisotanic) and the finale's last traded at tents with accommodation in rooms at the base and was very hot. The rooms are large, clean and tidy and have toilets and showers with hot water and drying clothes corridor. Was able to upload without a problem.
6-8 nights when we arrived to the base some fixed tents ishnano AKKEM within larger tents and protected from rain and some wooden Pavilion with a fireplace for heating. The shower was cold River/Lake or BANIA (sauna) when we took it one day with hot water. Could pay about 100 rubles for one claim and there was no regular electricity. Makeshift toilets were closed with wooden bulls style weight.
The rest of the night in tents from ishnano aachbert, rivers, lakes, shower or shower the field that brought warm water mixed with Sergei doll and of course could not recharge. In some places there was a makeshift cabin accommodation with Bullseye style fabric.

Food, drinking water, and language:
* In most tourist areas speak English, but the locals in Altai and domestic tourism do not speak English at all and therefore you'd better learn basic phrases in Russian. In some places in Altai locals things are tongosit language.
* Most places on the runway (except the first and last day) wasn't regular cellular reception a few corners in folds of the mountain guide knows well.
* Most days, it was possible to drink directly from anhalim several times a day so you won't need to carry more than a quart/liter. In the area of stream water iralo slightly less steep because the soil type and the Kochi Lake found only stream with clear water 600 feet from camp (location in the story).
* Most of the food provided by the company was composed of various cereals in the morning with jam/honey/sugar/milk concentrated sweet and of course tea, canned fish/meat/vegetables/fruit spreads cheese and bread soup, stews, porridge with canned meat (or without) and vegetable salads in the evening includes tea and biscuits and chocolate bars during the day.
An example of a food company in Google Translation by site
In 3 days we ate dinner/breakfast at the base was a neat AKKEM which included morning porridge, breads and baked goods somewhere (if no cheese) deep and porridge, cheese and baked goods.

Difficulty level:
Along the route the audio out as 164 km with about 6.8 km increases/decreases are cumulative and average height is changing though there were days with over 1000 meters increases/decreases. In General, because of the Veterans Day defines the degree of difficulty medium (compared to European routes).
The route runs mostly on the ground not that doesn't require technical skill, although there were several crossings of loose and moving bridges and for balance. The majority was for me a forest-like trails 4 of 4, some boulders climbing to a glacier.
The track does not control at all and not marked on maps or too. A topographical map is the only thing we found was a 1:200,000 scale not suitable for navigation and therefore reliance on manual was pretty big because the parts it is necessary to know where bridges over streams and open (the rest is too steep or too thick) and the higher parts have to know which Valley, which side (seen from losing their teams because of a little mistake in split).
Degree of difficulty was definitely depends on the weather and damage our case won a better-than-average weather so we could move forward with the plan and even add a little without the backup.

Wildlife on the runway:
The books and information on the Web, there are many types of wildlife in Altai and common ..... like red deer, red (Merle local name), rabbits, marmots, foxes, squirrels and dangerous ones such as bears, wolves, Tigers and snakes.
In practice we only saw marmots, squirrels, rabbits, and deer and bear's trail. According to 6, one day he saw a bear in the middle of the day, a few hours before we went instead.

Special notes:
* It is very important to make appropriate travel insurance to ensure that where detection and rescue clause and is not restricted to a certain height/area.
* Vaccines- vaccines in General.
* Vaccinations/anti-ticks can be read about at the Sheba hospital , but basically the region of Altai is considered to place with the highest concentration among the world in adherence with encephalitis spread through ticks.
According to the company, there is a need for vaccinations against tick only guaranteed until the end of June and after early September rather than July/August, but several other sources believed otherwise and so did the vaccine generally required (2 out of 3 injections because of time pressure and lack of immunizations).
I practice one tick, though low drive from branaol places to oisotanic there were warning signs in the area itself saw twice-like spider mites.  Personally I preferred treatment and therefore used a substance called ' Sawyer Permethrin for clothes and some simple equipment and rubber pants or leggings (GATERS) above.
* Satellite device-taking a sample satellite inritz 1.5 for the group in the company of a small world to remove concerns of the families and the machine worked great for Iridium network without problems. Note that some network devices not GLOBALSTAR cover this area carefully.
* Most places in Russia (in Moscow) accept only rubles and especially in small villages, and therefore is also a suitable amount of roubles.
* If likely to be snow or snow long breaks (we didn't have any), so the snow brings sunshine also below from all angles and therefore full coverage out there, nothing would have put sunscreen against the Sun when going over 5 minutes on the snow.
* Certificates for a walk near a border crossing in the region mount extension to explore mount extension is necessary to obtain a special permit for this you will need to submit various information about 60-70 days in advance. If you come to an area where there are soldiers without permission, not only let you pass glacier lakes, you will get a penalty. We did the certificates through the company and still because
Take any permission was not likely approve us to go get a penalty because absorption difficulties and the inability to contact the organizing company. Luckily it all worked out for the best when the guide was able to convince the soldiers to contact via satellite phone with the company and receive a certificate. Recommend very glib and require approval in writing before departure.
* Russia clearance at the airport, and Girasole credentials. Example for a stay at branaol and oisocank
The certificate of entry into Russia has been taken back to the airport after the departure from Russia. It is very important not to lose the certificates (to film) and especially the entry into Russia because he tested and also for the soldiers at bloacha.
* We strongly recommend that you buy quality rain gear for the body and bag and k. quality supports EXTREME 20 (by the company).
* Stores and stock up on some supplies on the trail and get reliable equipment and too old, modifications and enough toilet paper.

Photos of participants

Description the distribution by days:
We got on the plane from Tel Aviv to Moscow on 15 and landed at the airport from Moscow for 19. Everything went smoothly and good value system had elaborate multimedia each with VOD functions. We had two hours to spend before further flight to branaol. Saved to drinking
Beer and closing edges and then everyone split up to. When we arrived at the boarding gate, we discovered that we were among the last two members of the team are missing. We had no choice and speeding up by stewards, we went to the bus and saw how fold the inspection stations. Running in my head maybe script
They were arrested, disappeared, lost somewhere in the field and how they can get us on the next flight. In practice, the airline simply strives to the BOARDING times and apparently less fortunately we had another couple who was late and then sent them together in little Jet taxi and let them rise. The branaol flight was approximately 4 hours but was also moving 3 hours
Therefore only landed at 5:00 and went almost white night without sleep. We went from the airport around 5:30 and met the instructor, Assistant Instructor a student (who wasn't in the design), and a representative of the company that collected part of the payment as agreed. All the equipment loaded on the minibus and began the long drive into the mountains. On the way we stopped in several towns customer services nomnamot
Gas filling equipment in food and drink and lunch. After about 500 km of asphalt road, approximately 200 km start of ash that caused roads to all the old and making to find new angles of the head can move during the trip. After 13 hours of driving the driver suddenly stopped and asked everyone to step out of the car. Apparently we got tiongor and the bridge that crosses next to
The other is over weight 1.8 tons, so we had to cross in the dark and after approx. 200 m we reached oisotanic around 21:00 p.m. The team was surprised that came so early that the experience
Most visitors arrive around 12:00 because of the many stops the formation of groups. We got room (surprising in the level, quality and cleanliness), organized quickly and went to a late dinner and briefing with instructor Ivan tomorrow.
Pictures and flight arrival oisotanic in Picasa

Day 1:10.07.2015
Track: from Vysotnik to the Oroktoy river
Distance: 23 km
Incremental changes height: 750 m and 600 m decreases.
Highest point: 1550/low and 900 meters.
Time: approximately 8 hours.
Accommodation: in tents near a river. There was little sign on the tree and fixed to fire stones marking the location of the camp.
Water, trees and drinking good water stream, there are plenty of wood for the fire.

After completing sleep and rapid network went down to breakfast. Then met with instructors and we split up into two groups when some of us walked with the Pasha to take trainee and rafting with Ivan head. It was quite amusing to hear the briefing before departure, including the rules of the trip and the rafting and stamping each one and especially when there appeared sections like "what to do if you meet the army". At the same time we knew that our groom Andre and saw how packing up our food for 12 days. The crew picked up lunch and we started at about 11 a.m. when after about 2 km walk on a gravel road we arrived in a small village called קוצ'רלה. According to 6, from 3 villages that remained with the original not the Altai blended with the Russians. We passed through the village about 2 km, until we found a bridge that crossed the river gurgling קוצ'רלה. We continued on through 4 4 muddy in the forest as 200 meters until we changed for old down the road from 4 feet on four devastated between green fields, forests and stunning views for about 4.5 miles. Later on we started to climb slowly over about 4 km from 900 to 1550 m bar for me and then forest went about 2 km the other side where we stopped near a small stream and dive for lunch. On the way we saw 2 old trucks mkapizzot local tourists to a mountain base and after thatweird insects began to surround us, we continued on our way. After approximately 3 km downhill reached ekam River that were supposed to cross the bridge. The bridge was swept away in the winter and a new bridge built about 30 km up the River, not just the Pasha knew exactly where he was and we had to look for him for half an hour in both directions. After we crossed the bridge suddenly felt a strong breeze and after about 10 minutes it started to rain light. At the same time as the main guide seems to feel that something was wrong came to meet us and lead our camp was within 2 km of the stream. The rest of the company for the tents and warmed the water 6 tea. Until we arrived, the rain has stopped for a while and gave us a chance to eat and take a shower. The rafting company said they benefited greatly from Walter and the frozen river while the Sun has warmed the air.

Pictures of the day:

Day 1 photos in Picasa
The day 1 in gipiasis
The day 1 in oikillok

Day 2:11.07.2015
Track: the Oroktoy stream to the stream Tukhman
Distance: 11 km
Incremental changes height: 1200 m and 150 m decreases.
Highest point: 1000/2200 and lower yards.
Time: approximately 6 hours.
Accommodation: in tents near a river near a small sign indicating camp.
Water/drinking water: best trees from little Creek about 100 yards from the camp, there are plenty of wood for the fire.

All night it rained mild to moderate, but towards morning he stopped. Everyone got up and after breakfast and equipment arrangement (very long to say) about the iotsano horses. The rain and fog, accompanied us for most of the day, but fortunately we reached a height where everything blooms and bright especially after the rain and although you can't see the local flora, and the obstacles for the excellent and provided enough of interest to everyone and especially photographers among us. In the first 2.5 km we walked along the River in oroctoi, approximately 200 meters of mild then began her serious about 800 meters for about 4 km, during a walk Ivan stops us and traces of a bear. Towards the bar we stopped for lunch under the trees when rain again decided to visit us and disappeared quickly.
Continue walking another rising was a 200 meters short and comfortable walking the same height for about 4 km until you reach tothe planned location. This time, instead of three were Russian mature promenades with tent that carried all the equipment only and never arrived. The groom struggled to light the fire that all the trees were damp and rain continued to drip and therefore helpful in expediting the blowtorch. Later on, they all came to warm up around the campfire and eat daily stew Ivan made. The evening was chilly and rainy and relatively well despite the good atmosphere, scattered pretty early.

Pictures of the day:

Picasa 2 day pictures
The day gipiasis 2.
The day oikillok 2.

Day 3:12.07.2015
Track: Tukhman River up to Lake Kulduairy
Distance: 17 km
Incremental changes height: 500 m and 550 m decreases.
Highest point: 2150/2500 and lower m.
Time: approximately 9 hours.
Accommodation: in tents near the Lake.
Water/drinking water: best trees from the entrance/exit of the Lake, there are plenty of wood for the fire.

In the evening I noticed that the groom releases the free horse and asked him if they don't run at night. According to his explanation, they are educated and know the limits and not run away, but in the morning we discovered that this is exactly what happened when we saw Andre ran to find the groom horses with long rubber boots. After about an hour.
Of searching they found and he returned with the convoy bound and all explained that they just decided to go home the way they know. Meanwhile, the fog and the clouds started to dissipate, andsnowy mountains were on the horizon . We started walking and after about 2 km you noticed that there is fresh snow on the peaks near when Ivan said it was the first time he saw snow in this area. It was quite logical that the temperatures at night fell and morning was pretty cool so that at some point of the hike began to see snowflakes falling on the floor. In the following we 3.5 km approx. 300 m to the kind of streak that rested in peace a herd of horses. The amazing flowering continued throughout the hike, and at some point after Ivan notices that "took" too long, cut the trail near a pile of large stones to make short and want to get to the parking lot that night. After 4 km we arrived at a stunning view and when the Sun came out, it was a sign that it was time for lunch. After approximately 6 km and 200 m we sit down bar, special stone shapes and while waiting for everybody, and I went to climb the rocks and take pictures. He later began a decline of approximately 300 m 2 km with Lake koldueri which also planned to sleep. On the way we saw at forest was burnt and Ivan, lightning struck a forest and burned Rabbi ignite, burning of the forest. When we got to the Lake, I discovered that these are their most beautiful places in the area with clear water and very cold, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity and went fora swim in the gorgeous Lake. The weather improved significantly and gave us a chance to sit late at the fire with tea plants different infusions Ivan and spring collected along the way.
Pictures of the day:

Today in photos in Picasa
3 day recording in gipiasis
3 day recording in oikillok

Start the day with a nutritious breakfast and river crossing too far, the sky cleared and after about 2.5 km and 300 m her arrived toan interesting stone band which also made coffee break. Was expected to be brief and therefore took the time, we had a mediocre pace from the excellent welcome and green mountains around thestunning rash throughout the descent of 600 meters that lasted approximately 4 km in one places over the groom said later that he saw a bear might live and meet him. That day arrived this afternoon, we set up the tents and Ivan led to a short tour of the enchanted forest on a sponge-like vegetation along the River to the waterfall. The question by Ivan, that the active high (60 feet) in the Altai. On the road were different mushrooms and special transitions including "tree of wishes". We returned the same way back to the tents and after a shower, dinner, tea, alcohol and scattered night sleep. After about half an hour, suddenly shouted a group huge Serge of rabbits around the tent. Although we are confident that the alcohol talking Woody laughed, but in the end we went with the flashlights to see what was going on and found out that a group of about 30 small rabbits appeared out of nowhere rather near the tent of Sergei and one larger sized feet led them. It was quite entertaining to pursue for filming in the middle of the night until we get everybody.

Pictures of the day:

The four-day photos in Picasa
The four-day recording in gipiasis
The four-day recording in oikillok

Day 5:14.07.2015

Track: Tekeliu up river valley Yarlu
Distance: 10 km
Incremental changes height: 800 m and 1500 m ups downs.
Highest point/low: 2450 and 1850 meters.
Time: approximately 8 hours.
Accommodation: in tents near the river.
Water/drinking water affordable trees in small stream about 200 meters from the camp, there are very few trees.

Sunny morning all city and after breakfast we go fast network. The first 2.5 km included a sharp increase of approximately 500 feet when on the road, we saw a high waterfall yesterday and another nor less impressive to him. The bar looked like peaks and the border with Kazakhstan and there made the long rest that also included lunch to enjoy the views and the perfect weather. On the road saw several marmots smartly hiding under rocks when picked us. Proceed approximately 3.5 km walk was along endless green fields with different flowering when most kept hope and crossed several small Creek channels. In the fifties, overlooking the Lake and the Ridge bloacha ekam starting from 300 feet of steep for about one mile to the Creek, iralo Ivan said he's had guest crash and erosion of rocks one of the storms inthis stream and only luck they came alive with one independent in the winter and therefore is less liked and recommended not to go to bed in good weather conditions. After approximately 1.5 km upstream of the river arrived at the location where the anryy camp 6 has already prepared the tea as usual. Tea was a little aftertaste, and only then noticed that the large number of iralo and flowing streams which also takes different colored minerals off the Ridge , but according to the guides there is no problem when you boil the water. For regular drinking returned approximately 200 m to the small stream we saw on the way featuring DACE were as usual. In other travelers we met iralo probably came on a day trip from ekam so was another great day out sitting by the fire with stories and experiences.

Pictures of the day:

5th day photos Picasa
The 5th day gipiasis
The 5th day oikillok

Day 6:15.07.2015
Yarlu valley: route to the base of Ak-kem
Distance: 8 km
Incremental changes height: 400 m and 600 m ups downs.
Highest point/low: 2550 and 1950 m.
Time: about 5 hours.
Accommodation: accomodation in large complex of permanent tents or wooden rooms (single unit).
Water/drinking water: best trees on the stream near the camp, there are plenty of trees for firewood and dried trees can be bought with a wooden shack where a fireplace.

After breakfast and sleepy org started the day rising about 200 meters along about 1 km tobeautiful knife range separating the two valleys. Reverse right!, saw stone town by Ivan's explanation is the gateway to mystical city and the MDH Russian travelers, especially to draw energy and build on the way other idols. At some point of the road and everyone fell back on the same route and planned to go to the rocks at the bottom, I decided to go on about the knife and straight out the other side through the shoulder. In fact, after about 200 meters of climbing and walking a mile reacheda natural barrier that was dangerous to cross without gear. I came back a little on my tail and I went directly from down town branch, stones and seeing all the time. We sat on the stone that believers derive energy whilelocal squirrels in our actions. Later we went back about 2 km back to the rendezvous point where other left and ate lunch. Then we started walking down the stream of moderate iralo but about 3.5 km long stretch of the stream crossing and ekam. Towards the rivers strong gust of wind came out of nowhere and approximately 5-10 minutes, bright sunny day became maonn and Misty and the deluge began to decline. Fortunately we had only one bridge crossing and after a short walk of miles we reached the base of ekam, which belongs to the same tourist company with her. According to the summary, we should have permanent tents, 5, but only four were apparently clear and fortunately one wooden house with a table, fireplace, 3 beds was vacant and soon he became a meeting point, Hawaii. After two hours of rain, then ruling could organize normal, dry clothes indoor tree house, have dinner in the dining room instead and get ready for bed.

Pictures of the day:

Day 6 photos in Picasa
The 6th day in gipiasis
The 6th day in oikillok

יו Jerusalem 7:16.07.2015

Track: from the basis of Ak-kem kem until Ak-glacier and back to base.
Distance: 16 km
Incremental changes height: 300 meters 50 meters and descents.
Highest point/low: 2250 and 1950 m.
Time: approx. 7 hours.
Accommodation: accomodation in large complex of permanent tents or wooden rooms (single unit).
Water/drinking water: best trees on the stream near the camp, there are plenty of trees for firewood and dried trees can be bought with a wooden shack where a fireplace.

There is a certain comfort in a fixed place with dining room and saved to start walking earlier and come back early to Banja (sauna) ordered before dinner. While we tried organizing the depends on which training and instructors in balance and it turned out to be difficult. In the first 1.5 miles went up mild ekam along the River until we got to the beginning of ekam Lake andlocal mtarologit station. We continued along the Lake about 700 more meters until we reached the position. Apparently we were supposed to keep any document that suggests we explore and document area we can't be there and should be able to cite us. Fortunately, we sent all the necessary information from Israel about 70 a day in advance and after the insistence, Ivan managed to persuade the soldiers to connect with through their satellite phone (because there is no cellular absorption standard) and is listed. After about a half-hour of inquiries, received permission to continue when Ivan signed on behalf not to climb the glacier (requires special permits and gear). Happy and happy, moved quickly towards the small church of the Archangel Michael is placed about 3 km after the soldiers when on the road crossed a fewsurprising bridges and Ivan showed us the face of the legendary Genghis Khan in supposedly saved it for quite many years, he said. Some of us stayed to rest near thelittle church and the rest walked quickly toward the glacier boulders crossings that lasts approximately 2.5 km with about 200 feet above it. On the way we saw many groups of hikers and when we got toOpen the glaciertoday became the Sun and beautiful and it demanded the cold water and rest. It was more or less the same way when we stopped for lunch at the Church with everyone else. We arrived to the base, ekam exchanged clothes and went to the Banja consisted of a dressing room, a bathroom, hot steam room where Nick was (sweep white wood) and a small pond outside with cold water. It was an experience in itself to see authentic local sauna and instead managed to booked though us. After dinner we ordered dinner and card games at the table in the common room.

Pictures of the day:

7th day photos in Picasa
The seventh day in gipiasis
The seventh day in oikillok

Day 8:17.07.2015
Track: from Ak-kem base up to seven lakes and return to base.
Distance: 14 km
Incremental changes height: 700 meters and Mile decreases.
Highest point: 2650/low and 1950 m.
Time: approximately 8 hours.
Accommodation: accomodation in large complex of permanent tents or wooden rooms (single unit).
Water/drinking water: best trees on the stream near the camp, there are plenty of trees for firewood and dried trees can be bought with a wooden shack where a fireplace.

We already have a nice day and sunny morning when the target was to reach the seven lakes. We walked about 3 miles the same way yesterday to the soldiers and they have recognized us and let go without problems. A short time later we began the steep climb through the Woods about 500 meters along approximately 3 miles when many other groups go in all directions. Halfway we found an amazing waterfall where we also shared. He later began to unfold lakes in different colors one after the other when powerful streams separate. We rotate about 2.5 kilometers around the Great Lakes that also included lunch and one bathroom inthe clear water. Later in the day we went the same way back to the base when ekam way I noticed that more and more groups arrive and raise tent towns by the Lake ekam. In the evening we continued up the cards with the rest of the trip and the expectations for the next day.

Pictures of the day:

8th day photos in Picasa
The 8th day at gipiasis
The 8th day at oikillok

Day 9:18.07.2015
Track: from Ak-kem base until cedar forest near an unnamed River
Distance: 11 km
Incremental changes height: 1200 m and 950 m decreases.
Highest point/low: 3200 and 1950 m.
Time: approximately 8 hours.
Accommodation: in tents about 50 feet above the river.
Water/drinking water for trees at the Creek near the camp, there is little wood for the fire.

The planning included the high bandwidth and therefore very early mornings and during loading, the local squirrels have provided juggling show among the trees.
The beginning of a 1.5 km walk to the end of the world was like in the old days and then starting a steep and long 1000 meters along 4 km to band. Fortunately was cool, sunny and so the increase was easier than expected and ended pretty fast. Spring arrived and I know and we decided to go on tour until other peaks coming. The first time, our horses have passed us and we continued on the Special Branch about 1 km and about 150 meters to theviews which see as 360 degrees in all directions. So an hour quickly without notice until we got back to the rest of the team and ate lunch together. Then we began the steep descent of the 850 meters along 3.5 km across the bar when through cross flower fields and choose the best places for coffee break. Towards evening we arrived at the spot and after a quick rearrangement and washed in the local Creek, sat down to eat at the campfire, exchange experiences today and watch the sunset instead. During the meeting emerged two young travellers who lost their group and then they came down to another Valley in one of the spin-offs. Ivan went to cellular signal point designed to try to contact the base and isotanic and tried to establish contact with the tourist company of the girls. After it was clear no one gets their team hosted them at night and early in the morning they sit on them to try to get the point group. The night was an amazing Observatory because clean sky.

Pictures of the day:

9th day photos in Picasa
The 9th day in gipiasis
The 9th day in oikillok

Day 10:19.07.2015
Track: cedar forest near unnamed Creek to the Kucherla Lake.
Distance: 9 km
Incremental changes height: 250 m and 750 m decreases.
Highest point: 1700/2250 and lower yards.
Time: approx. 7 hours.
Accommodation: in tents on the shore of the Lake.
Water/drinking water: best trees for about 600 yards from the little river campsite, there are very few trees for firewood because multiple people.

Early breakfast, organizing and starting to go incrossing the river between green forests to the ridge above the Kochi. After a long day yesterday, some fatigue is felt at all and created a pretty big gap between members of the Group despite therelatively plain walking the hills along the 4 km. In the early days, Sergei tried to find out whether you can buy freshly laundered in the mountains and in the PS all shepherds with flocks already descended from the mountains to the valleys and therefore it wasn't possible. Ivan trace the call and the high point of the Ridge during the recess, the time and the cellular signal to call base and isotanic, updated on our situation and to clarify for us what will be the cost of a fresh wash parts directly in the day come back oisotanic. After clarification, shared saved the offer without a second thought. The 2.5 km below were relatively sharp drop of 500 metres into the forest whenfungi are different and interesting are accompanied us every step of the way. After about 1.5 km and more moderate, we're here toקוצ'רלה lake views. After lunch andthe group against the stunning scenery, start the short descent to the Lake the camp award on the Lake between a handful of the many groups. First of all, most of us did after setting up tents, that water baptism and frozen dried in the Sun. Then we went to a wood bridge and drinking water in little river six miles along the Lake when the way the colors are changing all the time. So ends another day playing cards, drinking fruit Compote dried overcooked Ivan varbitsa on grass until nightfall.

Pictures of the day:

Day 10 photos in Picasa
The 10 day in gipiasis
The 10 day in oikillok

Day 11:20.07.2015
Track: Kucherla Lake until Kucherla River's Bank
Distance: 15 km
Cumulative height changes: 200 m 650 ft, UPS and downs
Highest point: 1250/low and 1800 meters.
Time: approx. 7 hours.
Accommodation: in tents on the shore of the Lake.
Water/drinking water: best trees for about 600 yards from the little river campsite, there are very few trees for firewood because multiple people.

Long day ahead of us, and so get up early, setting up, eat and leave. The first back in the same way yesterday on forest fragmentation and then begin to drop again sharply towards the Cochabamba when on the road, one of the last open mushrooms in an interesting way. Continue to goalong the riverwhen the path up and down along the 14 km up to the point of the following accommodations when on the road, crossing several side stream channels on makeshift bridges. At midday the clothed in clouds and it started to rain even easier during lunch, but didn't last long and soon the skies cleared again. Most of the day was accompanied inbeautiful flowering andvarious mushrooms on trees about 1 km before the night camp was a large private area that formed a kind of dormitori impromptu sauna , and also sold baked breads. Through the space and location on the river already deployed equipment Andre as usual for accommodation and prepared tea on the fire. After bathing and washing clothes in a stream, saved the rays the drying clothes when nightfall descended the river fog and scattered pretty early to bed.

Pictures of the day:

Day 11 photos in Picasa
The 11 day in gipiasis
The 11 day in oikillok

Day 12:21.07.2015
Track: Kucherla River's Bank to the Vysotnik base
Distance: 20 km
Cumulative height changes: 200 m 650 ft, UPS and downs
Highest point/1250 and 900 meters: low.
Time: approx. 7 hours.
Accommodation: in wooden rooms (tents).
Water/drinking water: best trees on the base. You cannot do a bonfire near the residence.

Everyone knew it was the last day in the field and Andre the groom wanted to visit as soon as possible at home in קוצ'רלה village, on the road, so organized quickly and we were off. In the first 3.5 km walk was usually near the River in significant until we reached a large rock and where several petroglyphspetroglyphs-unique, but not particularly impressive. We continued to go about 7.5 km where the rash, fungus andbutterflies were at their peak. Then we got to split ways from which trail 4 4 tiongor and isotanic, and get a local truck bouncing in case of bad weather (in charge of about 300 rubles per person). Luckily the weather was perfect and sunny and therefore saved the break for swimming in the river and lunch and then continued to move forward when we are coming more and more backpackers with huge local accounts. In General, I was surprised the sizes of the files I've ever seen at the track for local travelers (men and women) when moving average around 100 liters and 170 litre was. After quick, easy walk through a meadow of around 5 km while we eat domdemit, קוצ'רלה village bridge with shared bathrooms in the frozen river made. We went through the village and out of curiosity, we went to one of the local shops that sell honey and milk. The honey was quite expensive (1500 rubles per kilo and fi 3 stores), but the milk was cheap and tasty and very fresh. On the way, spring took the time to help a local child to arrange the bicycle chain and continued for about 4 km until the base and isotanic. We arrived relatively early, and right here in the restaurant of isotanic to celebrate the journey with a cold beer. After a shower and rest, we went out to eat dinner together with instructors and 6 when in addition to the usual meal, we also have the long-awaited wash we shared we ordered a few days ago. At the end of the meal, the dinner was closed by team gathered gave us certificates and track all changed thanks to the excellent guides, 6, to the specified organization and of course being photographed together to remember and end your day.

Pictures of the day:

12th day photos Picasa
The gipiasis 12th day
The oikillok 12th day

Drive to branaol oisotanic: 22.07.2015
We got up early, settled the cases for loading onto the truck before and we had breakfast recently at the site. While waiting for the truck, ate a little raspberry the bushes and saw how a local helicopter (marine night) takes off through the trees and electricity cables skillfully toward its destination. Like the first day we crossed the long, scary bridge and began the long journey of the 700 miles back to branaol. Along the way, among the many stops, even in the local market to stock up on souvenirs. We arrived around 9:30 and branaol by surprise fromthe hotel level received and was supposed to be "cheap" (3 *), but it looks better than that. Surprisingly, almost all of them decided to take a drive around town and finally to instead go straight to sleep after such a long journey and exhausting.

Pictures of the day:

Photos on Picasa

Visiting Moscow: 23.07.2015
The branaol was very early and so we got breakfast packed away and went straight to the airport. Separated from Ivan who accompanied us to the end and we got in quick and easy flight to Moscow. Luckily the flight to Israel was after 22 hours and therefore could leave the bags to the connecting flight without drawing them and bring them in town. It has enabled us to get on a bus and then toMetro to get to the city centre. At this point we split up into 3 groups according to interests and my group went to the hostel we ordered that at first glance looked pretty bad on the outside and more like a construction site, but the inside was very clean and surprisingly good for far more than expected from the hostel. We exchanged some euro rubles and went out to explore the city when I first went tored square and the deluxe room a little when we discovered that the Kremlin is closed on Thursdays. From there we went to a beautifulurban park named 2011 Gorky and after a short rest, we went to the Park named the new Tretyakov Gallery, modern art gallery, which is large and beautiful. We closed the circle walking arbatov Street with cafes and shops and went back to the hostel to meet with everyone. Towards evening, the famous streets receiving point, many tourists were traveling onthe bright red square and we went together to eat, drink beer and the wonderful trip we do together until the wee hours.

Pictures of the day:

Picasa photos of a visit to Moscow.

In summary words and insights:
I would like to thank Aviv travel idea instead so special and drew my eyes to all the participants that have created interesting and tight-knit bunch who helped each other and created a fun atmosphere that allowed everyone to enjoy a very successful trip out, excellent guides, 6 and Lenalptours company that organized our trip so interesting and unique.
After you get to know the track can handle there, but it requires a basic knowledge of Russian (because many things in English), orientation (because no good maps and check), carrying food for 6 days minimum (then you can obtain the base ekam) and all the equipment on his back.
In total when taking into account the volatile weather and geographic remoteness, despite my love for independent trips, and in this case I recommend to use the company's services (or otherwise) to organize all the logistics or smooth. The trip had period I think is ideal and allowed to see an incredible rash along with weather.
I would also recommend taking more than 12 days and visit interesting places in the area (like other DARASHKOL and omlitim Lake), because I went in feeling not exhausted, but on the other hand, it left more to the distant future.

Summary links
1) all images of nature in Picasa
2) various signs and funny about Picasso.
3) maps with recordings by days
4) recording each track in gipiasis
5) recording each track in oikillok
6) video-group summary
7) video summary-nature
8) summary document as part of the spring.

Happy to help plan a trip in the area who would like, you can contact me by email: elithehiker@gmail.com

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Eli TheHiker  
#2 Posted : Thursday, August 20, 2015 11:49:36 PM(UTC)

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Although it took a little longer than usual, but finished the day.

Hope that helps others to explore interesting and unfamiliar to most.

יענקל'ה סער  
#3 Posted : Friday, August 21, 2015 1:31:55 AM(UTC)

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Mama, Russia and very well known. Great idea and really cheap. I put on the list.

#4 Posted : Friday, August 21, 2015 8:33:59 PM(UTC)

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It's amazing to me as usual!, a fascinating and very remote that attracts the eye.

I couldn't help but tear up laughing that night that Sergei "attacked" by rabbits.

#5 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2015 10:13:01 PM(UTC)

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Great Lord!

The conclusion, as usual, at the highest level there. It seems you've done?

Not yet reviewed all the pictures (about ugly signature? ), But looks great!

Do you see yourself going back once more independent trip (or organ)?

Thank you!

Eli TheHiker  
#6 Posted : Sunday, August 23, 2015 3:19:16 PM(UTC)

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[Quote = HarmonicWave; 588960]

Do you see yourself going back once more independent trip (or organ)?

Theoretically, if I finish to travel wherever I wanted, so clearly I was back there again because so far I haven't had a chance to at least see more "wild" nature of it without intervention or another of humanity.

In practice, there are so many interesting places in the world and in Russia (Kamchatka, Baikal, etc.) who probably won't be back to Altai soon.

To others, definitely recommend Altai tours especially for more down one can/want to go independently that turns far more amenable there than I thought and I thought so I've heard, the area were not justified.

About the track, if I had the G.P.S. sequencer recordings and information I have right now, so I only program Builder walk a little longer and intense with a local guide or using the horses/6 only.

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