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#1 Posted : Sunday, October 4, 2015 4:30:33 PM(UTC)

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The Albanian Alps Trek as part of PEAKS OF THE BALKANS TRAIL .


Alternative route and surprising.

Amir Carmi :-)


This year, in August 2015, as part of family bonding, drove two-Rotem and Balkan countries, particularly Albania and Montenegro, where experienced less and toiirot estate, although they almost "in our backyard, flight hours from discover a magical world, as part of the old world, where a mix of alpine landscapes, villages, traditions and history, these Nations with bloody people quiet and welcoming, food, only began to develop infrastructures and to visit these places. Before the innocence gone away.

Here is a small country on the Adriatic Sea that have been eroded over the years due to poverty, wars, alternating regimes, vendetta etc. Currently living in approximately 3.5 million people and total area is slightly smaller than 28,750 square kilometers – the territory of Belgium. It shares borders with Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo. The country is mountainous nature and two thirds of the surface area greater than 1000 metres above sea level. West Valley has fertile coastal Albania. In Albania a few, the most notable of which are golbkrov, and preserving the mountains of Epirus.  Albania's water lines are Lake Ohrid, Lake Prespa andLake kodera. In Albania there are 2,000 nature sites of national importance. Tiran? Albania capital since 1920.  Albania, seaside tnmnmat. It is not yet a preferred tourist destination, but has absolutely nothing to offer, nothing less than its neighbors. Albania suffered for many years of sandy beaches, but lately she seems to be recovering from everything. The Interior hosts inhabitants, it has a wealth of attractions to offer visitors and Albanian cuisine similar to rich Turkish kitchen and find it quite a bit, even Albanian Turkish coffee, strong and ...


Major cities:

Tirana (Albania's capital).

Shkoder (in the North of the country, near the border with Montenegro).

Sarande (South to the Adriatic Sea)


LEK, conversion ~ 140LEK = 1Euro. Sometimes you can pay in euro, but locals must pay attention to the exchange rate. They tend to round the gate.


The Albanian language, unlike any real different, derived words exist and are similar to the Turkish language (another Ottoman rule), in the big cities you can find many English speakers, especially among young people, in some more rare to find, but are able to manage, should be the local contact speaks English and Albanian who coordinate issues such as accommodation, transportation, etc, but doesn't have.

Getting there:

You can fly to Tirana the Capitol (flights of Turkish or Aegean from Athens you can reach Rome by Alitalia, Air flights from Belgrade Serbia) and drive/b. 1969 bus.

Once the airline was Albanian, currently still no airline to Albania (. ..)

If you want to do only the PEAKS OF THE BALKANS, can fly also to Kosovo's capital Pristina (by Turkish or Austrian Airlines) or Montenegrin capital Podgorica (by Alitalia or Austrian Airlines)

We flew into Thessaloniki in facing the company at 180$ (back), and added the section to Tirana at $ 86, whether scholars and are looking for you can find good prices.

Units within Albania

Albania travel at very acceptable with transits (or what they call mini-vans), from, for example, to b. 1969. Furthermore there are buses but are rare.

In the villages in the North (near the trail) is a heavy-duty mobility 4 x 4 etc, when roads are basically Greece dirt or pebbles surface route.  (Don't need to panic from 4, each holding ג'יפון and NGO to assist small or otherwise a fee)

In the Lakes you can and should take a ferry (Lake Koman).


The costs are very low-around one third or even less "costs in the Western world"!! Of course there is a difference in price between the various locations, geographic location and difficulty of access (some hard to reach = more expensive)

Examples (prices per person):

Accommodation in guesthouse 20-25 euros (including breakfast, dinner and picnic lunch system).

Dinner in a good restaurant 6-8 euros.

A pint (0.5 litre) 0.4 0.8 euro.

Ferry boat (2 hours): 3 euros


Trekking PEAKS OF THE BALKANS is a circular TRAIL that combines mountain and visit three countries-Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

The trail is routed in the remote mountain areas and wild of the Western Balkans by using me and Shepherd trail, leads through Alpine high mountains (up to 2300 metres above sea level) with producers of 2700 m and wild mountain scenery, with breathtaking views, ranging from green valleys, turquoise lakes nestled in mountains and springs, waterfalls, rivers and picturesque villages and, where it seems that time stood still. "Hidden treasure" for nature lovers and hikers.

Twenty years ago, the area was saturated with battles and wars were almost inaccessible to visitors, making this an authentic cultural experience and adventure to travel across the mountains of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Map of the route:

Trek website:


The existing route 2 main centers to the beginning/end:

  • THETH in Albania (talk about later on.)
  • PLAV in Montenegro

It is also possible to start in Kosovo if the priority for flights.

The route takes approximately 12 days to two weeks (depending on the breaks/comfort and weather)

B-based on private guesthouses and a few key places, we had arranged.

The Trek is longer than that of the TMB, Greece that lower height and snow thaw earlier. Recommended season-June to October (to see what condition snow in early June).

Our trip

For various reasons we did some track and focusing only on Albania. Continuing our trip continued for five more days in Montenegro and kinhano in a few days in northern Greece.

Tell here the story section in Albania.

In terms of the equipment and more tpnkano and equipment due to the nature of the combined trip, trekking trips and tours cities in northern Greece. We had 2 shell casings (each) with a casing and casing the day treks. There was no need at this time of the year in warm clothing and rain gear, just something else for the evening or early in the morning and the high places of ghosts.

We started at the end of August, "dry season", not experienced snow (excluding residuals) and atropine, the view would be dry and arid, but to my surprise there was a lot to see and the views were diverse human landscape was also a range of unparalleled ...

Thursday 27.8.15

After an early morning flight from Athens to Tirana in plane propellers (turbo-prop) Doo engines (regular flight of Aegean-Olympic) we were surprised and pleased to discover that the pods come:-).

Advance compatible car took us to Shkoder, where we stopped for lunch at the Center (the recommended restaurant-details below). The atmosphere is modern city b. 1969, Muslims are Muslims light, women with normal and Western clothes, shopping centres, restaurants, bars, etc.

The latest Shkoder and great mosque

Continued with another vehicle (a jeep-of our guesthouse in THETH) picked us up towards the mountains, towards the village of THETH, the atmosphere changes as you lift, quiet and relaxation are taking over the landscape, streams, sheep herders and scattered houses.

The giants stopped a few miles from the village of THETH and all travel. We decided to throw a warm-up track for the next day.

The Giants went with backpacks to this village, and we marched with our bags to the village, which lies in a Valley bearing the same name is 4-5 kilometers, mostly moderate downhill. Crossing way, groves verdant meadow, Plains Ranch and here. We arrived in the village in the Valley of Theth is wide. The village was quite a task. A group of hikers in the camping, tents, etc. A group of travellers on an impressive motorcycles also looking for a place to stay, smells the smoke ovens of the Alaska Air, cool married and West began to dominate the Valley. The village lay along the Valley and is "as we know the houses adjacent to each other.

Reached our guesthouse (3 nights stay)

FATMIR BERISHTA's guesthouse is not in the Center but on the North Slope about 150 m. Anyway, you can always ask the locals. The children will escort you to the door. The original structure included duplex featuring 2 rooms with shared shower and toilet and three rooms of 4-5 people with en suite shower. In addition there is a new "wing" which includes 2-3 2-3 rooms with private bathrooms. The structure of the dining room and the kitchen is, grape vines too courtyard that just have matured, red and yellow plum trees.

Hot water (but note the temperature boiler) due to power problems, not always are hot. And alertness to topic (as in rafiog.)

The oachachh food. The food ... It's hard to explain the quality of the food. First, there is one item on the table which is not produced locally. Milk-cows, the sheep cheese and aazim firepits, cooking the oven Preheat at trees that had hatched a few minutes ago with a hatchet. The food including mini Balkan dishes, prepared by a mother and daughter, FATMIR's wife. Usually based on vegetables, beef or chicken, I don't remember these flavors of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc. Looks like I'm on this matter. But not just. By the way, not one item on the table-no store-bought yogurt box and nothing else, everything is ready here now and at most a few hours ago.


FATMIR BERISHTA's guesthouse

Friday 28.8.15

This morning I woke up early today, excited about the actual first trip we arrived at lmtertho because ARAPI Mountain. At 6 a.m. was outside temperature of about 12 degrees, quiet around when I was probably also arose the mother who offered me a cup of tea. Obviously refused and went free in the local plants.

After a while, everyone woke up and very quickly we found ourselves very interesting and surprising.

Pack the food that made us lunch (cheeses, baked bread in the morning, sausages, various fruits, vegetables) and organized with the sea shells. We went to Greece, as we wanted to take advantage of the cool morning hours and not suffer from the heat that saw. We crossed a few farms, and in no time we started to climb the mountain path, the slope was steep and somewhat surprised, without twists-simple straight and steep. A little hard to open. The trail climbed up over the valley until we got to a small plane. There we rested a bit to catch my breath and SIP a little water, the scenery was gorgeous-village on the other side of the Valley, and herds may graze there, several minutes have passed and for the marked (in Albania marked trails all in red path).

We went and got the "BAR" film is a kiosk selling cold drinks in the cool stream mzzonant and some other crap. We at the Lemon Soda, a drink fun Italian, where we met a hiker and bruised young niozilandi scratch-19 who spent the night in the mountains of Greece, who lost the way, dropped the darkness and luckily found refuge in a small hole found the trees, his portfolio included water camera tripod and more switshirt. With Member State and Chile have shown him a sandwich and drink. The little tcshkshno, we encouraged him and gave him directions on his way to a village there, we continued toward the mountains Pejes Qafe e 1700 m altitude is the way we saw several concrete bunkers, they position. Apparently, during the reign of the dictator built 700,000 vlog (!!!) bunkers between the years 1967-1986 when dictator's fear of invasion from neighbouring countries to Albania-bunkers are today a historic relic, was gone.

One of the bunkers. On the way ...

The scenery of the Valley spread below, although the day was hot, the air was cool in the shade that mountain continued up until the mountain pass. Finally, a sort of shmalino up to the impressive ARAPI mountain at an altitude of 2270 meters. Suddenly we saw a pair of German travelers name out probably at dawn from the village and already (THETH) were on their way back, they talked about the hidden mountain lakes (Pesakeqi Lake), the sheep and shepherds and recommended to get there. Bought the idea in one second. We decided to keep lunch to the Lakes.

Organized and we were off. After about 15 minutes we heard the sound of the bells herd and barking dogs. As we approached we saw shepherds but 2 dogs have decided that we are hostile and around in circles. Was a little nervous. The crowded into a defensive circle-shaped. We are looking for dogs that we are aggressive towards them, they slowly settled down in nbiachotiham, get some even lack away up the Hill, and continued toward the two lakes was just magical and wild, both lakes are Lake Peshkeqes Lake turquoise one, hidden between the mountains, for Montenegro in the stark Peaks of The Balkans passing over the mountains height and shadow mountain in logical remained protected areas. Lunch was great, also joined us shepherds lyrics some stories. It turned out that they come from Tirana, the herds are grazing, about four months before they return home, so for years.

Leave the Lakes area. And we started to descend toward THETH, there was no steep slope so the sun shines on the mountains across the Valley and the view was so nice, when we got to the height where the fruit trees had appeared from the ripe red plums. Relatively soon reached inhabited area and the village. Was great, I felt good, I was afraid of Greece feel my knee looks like abrchiia I help with workload increases and decreases.

Evening surprised us at dinner which included a soup broth and flour combined. Kinhano the Black elite that we cooked in the kitchen.

After lunch I wrote several books, and lists mentioned that gmano about 15 km mountain path.

Saturday, 29.8.15

Today is designed to track the combined water. Waterfalls and enchanting pool named Blue Eye.

Woke up in the morning, the weather was cool and, after breakfast and lunch food packaging started down the center of the village. We discovered there, guesthouses seemed "a little more Western, Greece they. Soon the road passed through farmland, next to the village church and the Tower of the village. For those not familiar with the history of Albania isolation Tower is a tower that existed up to 100-150 years ago every country, especially the northern regions of Albania. As Greece that the redemption was widespread in Albania at the time. And Chase, established quarantine stations for fugitive killer for several days until his fate is decided by the village Council and the Polish was murdered. Yes Yes ... Were these days. THETH village preserved Tower just like there was in the old days, and both of the tower still there and maintains the tower as a Museum, including stories, etc. It was very interesting.

The solitary Tower in THETH village

The village church

The way for most of the day, moving over the slopes and stream Lumi I Thethit over Grunas sleepy village, where we enjoyed the akrirot and splash the water of a waterfall with a height of about 30 m. Was fun and refreshing.

In the afternoon we got to blue eye, turquoise water pool with waterfall, tiny but hazkek. It's hard for me to describe the source of the water about 5 degrees Celsius, crazy cold. The boys dared and entered. They came out of the water as nshuky guessed seconds, next to the pool and waterfall, a small family restaurant, where a little bit of hot coffee, and some goodies.

The "Blue Eye"

Sunday 30.8.15

In the morning we woke up full of beans today is intended to be a challenging walk – the village situated in the Valley of Valbona.

We ordered a horse to take the large pods (we went with veterans), the boy with the horse and waited for them to finish breakfast, loaded his large pods (50 euros for his walk to the neighboring village and return the same day to THETH). And sent him concerned looks. Agreed to keep the pods had arranged guesthouse, he said that would be fine. Some were worried. But there's nothing to do, have to rely on others.

Initially climbed up we have it the first day. It was nice to see the views, the path splits. And continued toward the Valbona Valley view opened up before us and it was just lovely, sunny location until the horizon.

The landscape changed in to a little jaundiced meadow between the mountains. After a few bends returned to climb and continued towards Valbona pass, at the height of the slope and the rise on surprise, Bar in the middle of the trail and the surrounding mountains, wooden chairs with tabun Golfi wonderful scents of baked goods. Of course we stopped to SIP a cool drink and taste-Fli baked with dough and pumpkin layer, it was great.

Valbona Pass Bar.

Lemon Soda and Fli

We continued to climb toward the mountains. We got it and put some more today, including the first two Israelis who saw it days were surprised to see two young Austrian, German and unicyclists anyone doing the course.

Winked at us Summit-summit near Valbona, we couldn't not to climb up to her, was steep with sharp rocks. But it was worth the view was gorgeous-on the one hand see Theth Valley and came out the other side, Valbona Valley-receiving. After a short documentation, we descend towards the Valley.

Valbona valley

We went towards the Valley. The decline was easy, and sometimes we surprise pace after the downhill and entering the Valley, met a shepherd with a flock of sheep, who invited us to a House there, would love to have you. Asked to search the House with flag of Albania. We mention this to continue.

After brief on parking station Cafe, Simoni became more organized, and abandoned buildings have appeared here and there, fenced off Albania settings typical of agricultural land, many trees bearing a red and yellow plums bombs were on the side of the road. Doesn't look like anyone picking the fruit, plums and sweet and had added colour to the landscape.

Typical country house, Albany

Plums in the Valley.

Later in the afternoon, the Sun was already down, more pleasant, we saw the Shepherd's House, but he was a little too far, and so on, all of a sudden we heard tapping horse hooves on the ground. And saw the boy returns with the horse (who took our rucksacks) confirmed that they and guesthouse. Continued on through the picturesque valley among orchards of Rrogam village, abandoned houses, guest shepherds when blocking the way large woman body-who where? After a brief investigation. It turned out she was a sheep herder's family met. Her tone of voice changed. And she invited us to the yard. Opened-table poured Raki (local alcoholic drink from grapes or prunes) and cut a few sheep cheese slots after the conversation and small talk, we asked to see the House, she agreed, and we were really surprised by the basic value, and how to live there. Before we left, we left her a little gift for your hospitality and the hospitality.

To request helped harvest with Scythe the herbarium which grew behind the House, and continued down the Valley suddenly opens up views over the Valley and the River a little arm had made it difficult to walk.

Houses in the village of Valbona seemed on a path along the river path, dry river, on the other side we saw a number of houses-and our guesthouse just lucky that mark its location. When we got there. We found the backpacks are waiting for us next to the dining room.

The name kinda funny-Hani Gjoni Kol consists of spacious rooms, private bathrooms and a balcony. The dining room and the kitchen is in a separate building in the garden. There were a few individuals and families at a guesthouse, soon organized a multinational volleyball game (Israel-Ireland-Albania and Kosovo), it was a great finish to a busy day views and experiences.

Hani Gjoni-Kol Valbona

Monday 31/8/2015

Join us on the day that Jerry Ireland, we met last.

The shchmano walking day place full of new landscapes. Today began walking alongside the impressive mountain that reminded me of the Matterhorn, the road to the North and the general direction was Maja e of 2406 m Thete and maja Rosit e Montenegro border.

Little Matterhorn

The steep views that had opened to Valbona Valley and the mountains towards Montenegro, on the way we stopped at the Shepherd's hut in the mountains, where tpnkano with coffee and something sweet. ... There was no Shepherd, met him while mountain boarding, and grandson to check us and another group who came right after us.

We continued to climb toward the mountains at this point clouds gathered in the sky and the breeze began to blow, we knew we should finish the track before Greece late, rain may start, but the weather was with us.

In the green zone this is Albania. and the mountains across the territory of Montenegro.

Tuesday, 1/9/2015

On this day we were scheduled to return to Shkoder.

From the most efficient way is to go on a cruise over Lake Koman, by implementing a and b. 1969 shuttle.

The original plan was to leave at 9:00 a.m. ferry from Fierze to Koman, the previous evening it became clear that as we jumped to Greece next month (September), cancelled and ferry the ferry is at 6 am (!!!). Choice the car of the lift from Fierze to Valbona to five o'clock in the morning, we head to breakfast (whatever ...) and we got to the pier at ten to six. In anticipation of the large ferry is no longer active. And it turns out our shuttle. Bus cut it and assemble it by implementing a boat. Very surreal. But we hooked up.

Koman Lake Ferry

The price for a cruise (quite long – for about two hours and a half) is 500 Lek (3.5 euros). Irlandi Gerry also joined us on the way to b. 1969, and at 6:30 a.m. invited us for a beer. "Jerry ... It's not early for a beer? "she asked. And Jackson replied: "in early Ireland no beer ...:-)

Lake Koman

The scenery is amazing. The cruise is a narrow lake between the mountains mpathl, Norwegian Fjord-style. Once the boat stops to pick up or download in the villages along the route. When the Sun and laughed as the day heats up. Reached where Koman waiting cars collected to, b. 1969 Lake is artificial, and hydropower-station name very impressive when climbing on a trip to the hills around the mirror is beautiful. The Lake and dam close.

Finally ...

This short round in northern Albania b. 1969 again at the restaurant where we began. Excellent restaurant is recommended (lunch for 4 people including fish, steaks and desserts-$ 150).

From there we took a cab toward the capital of Montenegro-Podgorica, where we picked up the rental car for a trip of 5 days in Montenegro and in the next post.

What paraphrase Albania and Northern mountainous area. Just world disappeared. Another atmosphere, far from the tourist routes and recommended (before I discovered it), wonderful views, relatively long treks and very hospitable people.

A partial list of places we met on the way:

FATMIR BARISHTA-guesthouse-THETHI, PHN. 00355682857576

VALBONA guesthouse-Kol-Hani Gjoni, PHN. 00355673022876, email: bledarjubani@yahoo.com

Restaurant recommended in Cocja Shkodar: b. 1969, Villa Bekteshi, PHN. 00355666663558

-A guide to help us along the route coordination (fluent English speaker):

Zavalani Menduh (Mandy), email: mendi_zavalani@yahoo.com, Tel. 00355693860382

School recommended as anthropological and historical background to the mountainous Northern Albania: "broken April by Ismail kadare," Crown ".

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#2 Posted : Sunday, October 4, 2015 5:27:18 PM(UTC)

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A very interesting trail. Definitely a notable option Alpine route.
Pending the completion of the message
#3 Posted : Sunday, October 4, 2015 10:41:30 PM(UTC)

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Great Boas.

Journey log benefactor to describe in words and pictures the rural simplicity, delicious food (you got me) and beautiful landscapes.

Interesting track – thanks!

(Look forward to reporting of Montenegro)

#4 Posted : Sunday, October 4, 2015 10:48:20 PM(UTC)

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Interesting and appealing. Posted in tour program

#5 Posted : Monday, October 19, 2015 9:13:05 PM(UTC)

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Hey Boaz

Admiring track and virgin land.

I wanted to know if it can be reached from Croatia/Dubrovnik- When I'm there, in Greece this weekend and wanted to make another sortie days to Northern Albania

Is there any way?

Thanks, Rachel

#6 Posted : Monday, October 19, 2015 9:57:04 PM(UTC)

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Rachel ... Itgart me a little.

It is not easy to get, but possible.

Anyway, need to check the weather in the area-a small glimpse I saw still likely, cold nights.

1. by road:

I found the complete route here: http://www.rome2rio.com/s/Dubrovnik/Shkod%C3%ABr

There is a bus from Dubrovnik to Montenegro Ulcinj town close to the border of Albania

To this section (long)-mirror and fares here: search/http://www.buscroatia.com/routes-dSn =% 28HR% 29 + Accommodation + Bus + terminal & aSn = Ulcinj 28ME% 29 +% + Bus + terminal & d = 10% 2F25% 2F2015 & dS = 331 & aS = 2154

Pick the date and check

Ulcinj town built for skhoder in Albania by minibus (3 times a day).

Anyway, all this way will take you a whole day. Take this into account.

2. up in the air (flight)– a long time, and a lot of money.

Have fun


#7 Posted : Thursday, May 12, 2016 9:39:37 PM(UTC)

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Happy holiday independence all the Hikers

A great track we did last year.

An option is equal to the spring and summer.

Nice weekend for planning

#8 Posted : Monday, June 6, 2016 11:11:01 PM(UTC)

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I read on the website of the track you need to obtain permits to border crossings (no big deal just bureaucratic thing). I'm wondering if you did those certificates? Is there really a border crossings, is there a test?

In addition, how the markup of the orbit I realized that some check areas really exists and the path is more conceptual.confused

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