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Adir Joseph  
#1 Posted : Monday, October 19, 2015 6:48:06 PM(UTC)
Adir Joseph

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Hello to everyone!

I made the trek back then, and it's important for me to share the insights people.

The Trek is amazing and worth every moment, but at the end of the season requires coordination and number as opposed to a trip in July to mid-September. The Trek is certainly possible and with that idea and some flexibility should go in the f.

There are several ways I found to lower costs, including supersaver tickets on public transport in Switzerland, easybus on reaching the Chamonix Mont-Blanc (also relevant to travellers the TMB) and the bikatot of rooms. I tried to list as much as possible within the story, hope you enjoy!

General preparation

The Trek is not recommended as first Alpine Trek, certainly not at the end of the season. Required experience trip on foot, good, basic navigation capabilities, flexibility and spare time end-of-season, wet weather than normal and experience in walking or climbing. If you came to this difficult Trek and surprise with breathtaking landscapes and scenery of the Alps.
Whoever goes during the season can book just a flight and if he fit taller he just works out. Completely different thing at the end of the season (mid September) which must determine the conditions and detailed options, when the problem is the closed cabins and increased risk for dangerous winter weather.

Most of the information is on the website hike.co.il and through stories here on this website. Of course there are several English sites detailing various elements in it, add important information about the Trek, besides GPS routes for whom this is important.

Welcome to the jungle, there are cheap flights easyJet's (I ordered two weeks prior to the holiday period at $ 300). Recommend book long before, so definitely get a good price ($ 200 and even less). The flight takes about four hours, convenient and I also pick shouldn't buy a reserved seat (especially if you are flying alone) that adds money. The flight went up 45-liter bag and walking sticks, the bag was quite full, there were no problems.

Getting there:
Getting to Chamonix Mont-Blanc is very easy, there are several bus companies that are available from the airport including chamexpress, Alpybus and Easybus, the latter (isibus) is the cheapest and can cost from $ 5 per book 2 months in advance to 25 euros per book instead. It is recommended to take the bus about an hour and a bit after landing can not be under pressure and be able to buy a local SIM card in the mail in the field on the way back we recommend to reserve a ticket for half price from sopersiber application of SBB (Swiss public transport LINC at the end) to Zermatt train to c, if you know the exact day and time you want to return. Both cards cannot be undone so take that into account.

Switzerland happens, end-of-season ride can the Shaker and can also lower it, depending on the nature of the traveler. In terms of markup, the trip requires additional transportation needs, hotels in towns where huts on the way. Markdown is concerned, those who sleep in the huts in the winter room leaves how will save money but will need to bring food for a day or two. Besides, it is possible to sleep in the tent (as part of me that is published here, link at the end) and it won't be different from a trip of the season apart from the option to sleep without charge in the cabin. Note the weather break.

It's a rare Trek where you can live in almost any existing standards, luxury 5-star hotels to camping or tent bar. Standard accommodation is in small hotels arranged and, at. At the end of the season, it should be noted that most places will sleep alone in a room.

In answer to live on and to do the half board. Sometimes stopping for lunch instead of along the way to eat etc.
Off season is still possible in some places, but to find a place for lunch already. Need to know which towns have supermarkets and can obtain or simply rely on chocolate energy bars you brought with you. I recommend to bring dried fruit and energy bars, are quite expensive in Chamonix Mont-Blanc and writers in General, as opposed to chocolates. Dinner prices tend to go up 20 francs (3-course) dinner reservations separately from the hotel/restaurant or independent significant reforms preparation expenses.

The weather is cold but not impossible this time. I traveled for 10 days in a row, when it rained two days easy walk four nights and rainy/snowy mountains (don't bother me). It is strongly recommended not to go on a rainy day where supposed to rain over 1-2 millimetres in an hour, the application of meteoswiss provides a very good forecast is updated every hour, so the evening before is already a really good forecast level and worth checking out in the morning that there are no surprises.
The temperature can drop to 0 at night and passim, but less significant and is fun to walk in cold weather, as long as it's not an exaggeration (and I think it's really not) except for rain so long stops at passim, not wearing my coat and I with two layers of a good shirt and vest (and also a thin brass/soptchl good enough most of the time).
Weather topic responsibility is very important, no way out in stormy weather, got to know places to stop in an emergency for storm and be ready with clothing suitable to the situation.

Navigation markup:
The trail is well marked throughout with red and white check, is a general check of regular hiking trails in Switzerland. There are many signs and reviews the interim targets every day go (the names and passim). I traveled with two great apps that their link appears at the end, and of course with mobile phone charger (romoss company). I think it is possible, but some people prefer to take emergency paper maps. Two maps (1:50, 000) and cost 20 euros each and the number is 5027T; 5028T. For people who do not navigate at high levels you should buy them. The free app locus is excellent, and also download maps of charge apart from the openstreetmap of Switzerland.

Rates & accommodation:
Appear in the attached Excel file.
I think people expect the net trip without flights by $ 5000 to -2015. An average day price is approximately 70 Frank (B & B, and food from the supermarket) and 12 to 13 day route can be completed without a problem. In case it is advisable to hold more cash or to pay some credit card and hold a certain amount of medical or other emergency.

Drinking without treatment over the streams and filled with water. There were no problems in any day.
Liter and half enough (I used the liter bottle filled at every opportunity).

Chamonix to Tre La Champ

The first day I slept in their simple Chamoniard Valant, lovable, but quite dense. The price is 20 euros and he and six euros for breakfast.
I met people there are very nice and full of friendly travelers Durham.
I started walking away towards Le Praz, so close to the road, to the cable car (closed at the end of September) towards Le Flegere. There is a long walk from there rise-900 m towards the gondola, with stunning views and see the Mont Blanc and the snowy mountains along the way. Immigration took about three and a half hours (the sign says 2.45) Greece to join professional photographer decides not trained but is very nice.
Selecting the track to this day has 4 options:
The first is direct walking along the Valley takes about two hours and is suitable for those who did the Tmb or want to go everywhere on the same day (forclaz). All other options include an increase to le, who better and Flegere this his first day in the area and want to start moderately.
The second option is to go to white Lake (lac blanc) it the hard way and is suitable for those who want to have a bad day.
The third is a middle way with a number of ladders and other lifts (which is done in the specified way of EliTheHiker story).
The fourth is "low" of cruising at an altitude of about 1800-1900 meters where I chose the late light of Chamonix Mont-Blanc (10.00) and delay. This is a nice way and does not request that requires too much effort on the first day, and who has time, I recommend coming early to choose the second or third options.
The trail continues up to Tre La Cabana and real Champ of Auberge la Bo?rne, I chose a more direct way to get to the small town of Argienteire to the supermarket and buy food, information is already closed anyway and all cable cars in the area (i.e. There is no option to skip up to col de balme). From there it's pretty easy to find (close to the road) towards the hut mentioned.
The cabin itself is cheap (EUR 30 to 40 to B & B and HB) and very cozy. I got 6 course room only bed:), there very friendly staff, English and everything. Also relatively pretty cabin also full at the end of September, the day before it was full and I had six annual Chinese and Irish pair.
To this day the central dilemma was how hard it is to do that first walk today, so I highly recommend not to target the hotel du la forclaz, Ridge, Mont Blanc, and Bella pleasure (la flegere) continue. Usually the first day going out a little late because I do enjoy shopping or completeness of, or even in a morning flight and straight to go
Today is great to get used to the full, walk to understand the signs and times you adjusted them.
Lee was very convenient to buy some food and to make myself a sandwich and the next day, should note that the huts and places to stop for lunch in a way, although it is possible to live on power bars and stuff.

It was a perfect opening day.

Tre la la forclaz to Hotel du Champ

Today I had a relatively easy and fun.
The day begins with a steep increase in some Woods about 600 m and a height of approximately 1800 moved to scrub bushes and open. After reaching an altitude of 2,000 m altitude Cruise begins with moderate and high pass Cap (the signs aim to argienteire/col Aiguillte des postes) for which see the France border to Switzerland. All immigration took me about two hours and 15 minutes, 30 minutes less than those on the remote. Away from the first significant decrease on the extension to the North, the barren site. Amazing way and see spectacular views including the Mont Blanc and the snowy parents and pointed to a huge Lake and dam, above the town vallcir in Switzerland, and many peaks. This is definitely exciting and fun.
From there continue on the trail to col de balme the border to Switzerland, to which another rise of about 200 meters. This part takes about an hour and a half, and apas already and see new views to Switzerland dear.
There is a relatively long decline from there annoying zigzag path is relative. The way fetuses in Swiss bunker abandoned stone built, note that path a little bit confusing, and passes to the left of the bunker.
Continue down turning milder for a moment before she becomes very steep inside the forest really isn't over until zigzag a little stream crossing and from there pass for between Swiss cows grazing until the town La poiti (peauty). All downhill took me about an hour and a half.
From town you can continue along the trail on the northern front and begin a rise of approximately 200 m hotel forclaz. I chose to go to Tri-Town Hunt (Trient) need, but apparently, the author is unclear whether permanently or just for the day anyway, it all of a sudden you realize that Super/future grocery store open for two to three hours in the morning to 12 and closed. There are no cafes or restaurants that do not belong to hotels I've ever seen. All hotels were more expensive than the hotel on the pass, so I went up to him, a good decision for the light company that found it. The increase of tree hunt took about 40 minutes.
The hotel du la forclaz is just awesome. Prices are reasonable (25/38/61 hf\bb\b), especially if you manage to obtain. In Durham there four people in the room (was full; remember to bring professional and headphones for music).
At met three Israelis voice and English, the TMB. at the end of the season (doable) and surf to interesting talks of drinking water courtesy of the guy. They really did have fun the other night, I really hope to see them again. Thanks Dana, Daniel, Sarah and I don't remember the English name!
The hotel even SOAP and towel are, in my opinion worth every penny, especially supper of cheese on the bread (it's better than it sounds, and will fill you up for a day and a quarter).
Opposite the hotel there is a small shop of souvenirs and such, but it really can buy, except chocolates 20 easy to pack.
Was interesting, easy and comfortable.

Hotel du Forclaz to Champex

That day I decided to do the oariant called the arpette Fenerte. This is described in the oariant part of the stories through much harder than I did.
On this day, join me in an English guy named Ben who is a tour guide but went with a huge portfolio of more than 20 pounds, even though he is the kmpang my opinion, there is no reason to take such measures, it is possible to take food for two days, always be supermarket open somewhere, and should bring more equipment that is destroying your equilibrium back.
The pass is long and quite significant until the last thing is really going to Boulder stones. The sign says 3.50 hours pass, 3.30 stopping took us 15 minutes to elevenses and sat 30 minutes pass until the fog and make some photos.
In the first part of the descent is really sucks, zigzag between the bolderim have really slows you down. After this short segment has to walk on ice, hunters and we tried to go through the bolderim, I think it was in retrospect a mistake and I recommend careful and slow walk with sticks on the trail, it will be faster.
From there continue rising in tight enough. At some point begin to see cabins that are located above the map (Relais Arpette) and the tone becomes very easy to walk and adjacent to the beautiful river and transparent water.
The rest is between individual homes and decorated, really does want to live there. If you look back, all of a sudden realize the effort that was made that day and the ...
Below the map pretty comfortable walking and her total of 7 hours in port, lasted about two hours and half of whom were 40 min in the first part was really slow.
When the map was very difficult to find a good and cheap place to sleep. I slept in a place called Le Cabanon on right (immediately after the author left side) with stunning views! The staff was really nice. I paid 70 francs, but it was disposable. Rumor has it they're cheap Camping Bungalow, I found this a bit late, but worth checking out and this is the first place at the entrance to the village, so it's on the way.
In the evening we sat I, and Ruslan (Russian dude) the bartender Estelle's restaurant and moved west and fun with beer (Blanc 1664), worth a try.

I had a dilemma throughout the day whether to continue directly to le chable or verbier. The deal is also possible by foot and bus. When my day Greece from verbier is supposed to be a long, hard day I decided not to do two days from predators both Union of two days each, but to make relatively easy day and go the next day just today. Of course it was fun to sit down with the guys I knew.
It's the first day where I felt my legs and muscles a bit in the evening, but it was fun.

To Verbier Champex

Day of rest and fun begins with Brunch at Lake map and walk slowly.
To this day, I think you can also connect the day before and the day after that for those with higher fitness, short people and less time like walking along a valley without serious types. Of course you can like I mentioned to skip it altogether, who have to shorten the minimum rather than going back to do it in parts, but completely possible sabotage. I enjoyed this very day, is of very significant that I chose to walk over the Valley for amazing along the Swiss just put benches in the most incredible points exist across the landscape.

The walk to sembrancher was fun, slow and beautiful views of the Green Valley, with donkeys, sheep and cows (with bells), with lovely mountain views as shbaupk houses individual Swiss-style mountain Heidi. After the descent to sembrancher (doesn't matter so much what trail you choose, please note that only the path you have chosen with the decline trend line and ends her vantage point should return) crossing train tracks in forbidden spot (for the tunnel, but who has power when set) and pass through town, right in the first intersection should turn right if you are looking to buy something there.
The town itself has designed new homes-these old barns, wooden houses and they all have the most charged gardens! I wish we It took me 2 hours and 10 minutes (because of the benches stops) to get to town.

After departing from (note the cross jaywalk the highway, they travel there very quickly) going for between relatively small wood factories and fields to them, then start rising very little woodland and to Le Chable. Go on the road and for about between small town Lake that the vehicles there, in danger.
Once you see the town continue toward the Church and from there to the bridge that crosses the River, immediately followed by a right pretty cheap Durham have called drayzi's bar (don't try to say it, it sounds quite unlike in French), the price there is Frank 39 night without breakfast. The hotel is near the gondola (cable car) wasn't looking for that when I got to the train station, adjacent to the railway station to verbier realized cable not working that day (I was told that way), my plan Greece included a stopover at Montfort for reasons described in the next chapter, I had to use a gondola in the beginning of the next day, and only worked from verbier les ruinettes station (La roaint), preferred to sleep in town not far from verbier Although she didn't know it most anywhere.
Anyway I had some errands to run, I had to go shopping food for two days and I wanted to get to the tourist information before he quits to clarify a few things. As Greece I had bad experience with the season and the shops and sites that are closed, I decided to get on the bus before they close all the shops and things I planned to visit. Great bus 6.20 and is also option for travelers who want to save season 3.80 francs (difference from those who did not indicate in feet).
The Ascension towards verbier is not something incredible as Greece which is close to the road below. I had a little rope I did this hop, but it was necessary.
In verbier you can find everything, pharmacies, Medical Center, plenty of authors, small shops, an information centre for visitors (the first one), stores supplies supplementary trips etc.
I slept in city hotel that it named Hotel Les Touristes, good sex and the older person who runs it is lovely! There is also a coffee maker and tea. In general the reception was lovely with espresso and affordable in terms of Switzerland (55 Frank includes breakfast). The only drawback is that it is about 20-20 min walk from the cable car, and 10 minutes to 15 minutes walk (closed) pubs in the town centre, to whom it matters. Very helpful, and the prices where higher booking, we recommend that you call or just come. I was alone and got a private room for the same price:).

Verbier to Cab. Prafleuri

Two cabins, praploiri, Montfort and closed from mid-September. This creates a problem when there are no substitutes except Greece skipping one of the most challenging and beautiful sections of track.
After inquiries and phone calls with cabins (not responding via email, and speak good English, at least those that answered the phone) they have winter open rooms, and nobody in the cabin itself. In the winter you can cook and sleep and he's actually a pretty good idea to save 70 Frank although it requires a network of buying food etc.
There is a problem-even if the weather forecast is good, it can vary fairly extreme ranges of two to three days in the Alps, so I chose to shorten the track to reduce risks in the second cabin, and decided to take the cable car (just one line works like this, you can't do better than this adillog) and oariant of Le chaux can save some time in the day long and dangerous (especially a minority and major hazards).
Another tricky point that there really is nothing to do with the cable car starts to work from 9 in the morning. This causes a dilemma whether to start very early and it cost much, but after a second thought unwise, because the day itself, including three passim and is connecting two days, adding 700 m's rise early in the day can help and can be dangerous because the addition causes extend today to 13-14 hours.

Early today, the register to the cable car opened at 9, in the first carriage, only. Exit immediately from her station roaint (les ruinettes) has ruled that a person that time to praflori hut is 5.10 hours. We recommend that you ignore the time he definitely needs a walking pace and extreme.
I came to Montfort very quickly (about 40 minutes) at a walking pace is faster, then I decided to go with the unorthodox crossing the Col de chaux, he moved to experienced Alpine with this course found out in the middle. The increase was very challenging, right on rocks when shashbil is unclear and snowy, as in to starting to snow (about knew major application). I very lightly on the waves of the stones.
It should be noted that there is a really good take, each 20 m there is a sign in blue and white (Alpine path).
After arrival to La Paz sat to eat breakfast and watch the stunning views that are difficult to describe. I highly recommend it to people who are experienced with full equipment, crampons and try walking in these challenges, the rest not to try, especially when the entire passage is snowy.
After moving down the path that marked as through immigration, when in early fall we strongly recommend that you stick to the left and down slowly after the first steep part of the decline to significant enough embryos to the Lake. All of passage took me about an hour and a half including a break of 15 minutes on the pass itself.
On the road to the Col de Louvie pass, pass Lake, with whom turquoise that connected to the main trail and start rising much more comfortable than the last one, although there are some invisible Cap sucks. Anyway a little tiring pilgrimage but relatively long for someone who deserves a chaux apas, who comes from this rise from Termin station col de long.
The pass itself has the view rocks and several beautiful lakes and white but started ghost kinda happened to me pretty fast download.
The next section to col de Prafleuri is the hardest thing for me, because after a decline starting slow and getting to white Lake, a little less clear when Greece through many times of long, easy rockeries lose walking Greece until you find a sign for the road. The trail runs on small plates and rockeries ascending and descending a few dozen yards every time, but a few as Greece is hard to see beyond the next extension is a bit difficult to navigate.
At the beginning of the pass itself for returns to be much clearer, but it's a steep zigzag. I also was a little snow on the rise so it made everything slower.
After the transition has another short walk 40 minutes to an hour downhill explained toward the cabin on line. All the way up to the cabin with extension bars as 6.45 hrs, a relatively short time. I think anyone who makes less than my usual 7.30 hours goes fast in that day.

At 16.00 reached the empty cabin-some insights about the following:
1. always leave the room. You can check it with the Swiss Alpine Club, to be sure.
2. they have beds, blankets and mattresses, so enough of the usual-liner thing you take.
3. kitchen accessories level varies, but basically there are basic tools, pots סכו"ם etc. No water, or at least have not worked on this point. It is recommended to refill an empty bottle in the River below.
4. at praflori, electricity works with 20 cents coins frank and frank, it is super important because it turns on you the heating in the room. Not quite understand if it works on time or using electricity, however my 2 cents coins were franc and the CFA ends sometime in the middle of the night after at least 2 hours. Electricity is also used for cooking-for electric stove to allow Napoleon to make them tea or something. Recommend to a minimum some delicious tea bags and sugar.
5. they seek to keep Frank or EUR 20 20 I think that's an exaggeration but I left.
The day after I moved in another hut named la bormaz about an hour down the road from the praflori hut. For curiosity, I entered and it's ten times more beautiful chalet, (that is) and. Ask frank and I think 15 who can extend a bit the first day, which is not easy, but possible, that reaches this cabin instead of praflori's cabin.

During the night it was snowing in earnest, who got me the day after as the most beautiful, but also dangerous, no doubt.

Cabane du Prafleuri to Arolla to La Sage

Here I plugged (2 pieces) 2 days of sightseeing.
Start with the first section to areola.
The day began with a spectacular play when it is snowy. Already at first ascent to col de Roux a little hard to find, and many have excellent navigation app I've ever had.
The Ascension itself was not long but somewhat steep and discovered a spectacle for all the peaks surrounding the Lake DIS (dix) snow-capped mountains and clouds hovering between the peaks. Also saw several yaeli, wandered freely in and add to the atmosphere. From there begins a long decline than expected, but easy to navigate even in the snow. Jeeps come from the road surrounding the Lake and follow the line height to the South, is very beautiful and comfortable. Then begins a steep on line 200-300 meters, after which undergo open where snow surface. After approaching to the hillside walking through clear long enough until the approaching section of ladders. Actually, there is a very steep I had super agent and required effort, time and concentration. Hope you are first to go after the snow because it sucks and you will find yourself coming back to retrace the path (barely marked).
At the end you'll increase fragmentation has two options, the first is to climb the Col de Riedmatten way, relatively normal type requires some hands. I never thought to go through there also because of snow and a lack of desire to miss the rising scales. The ladders rebuilt about a year ago, long scale plus one built 4 ladder ladders with a very comfortable transitions between surfaces. I think whoever suffers from severe Vertigo can do it easily. Please note that the road to splitting ladders is dangerous but installed throughout the chain. It is recommended to put the walking sticks to bag when reaching chains.
After the rise of the relatively easy starts descending scales and quite significant increase towards the areola. I decided to continue (so far it took me hours 5.30) towards les Haud?res Blue Lake Road, but you can simply drop the areola that there is something special.
The second part from Arolla to La Sage (La massage):
In this section I kept just walk on the Ridge trail. The trail is very uncomfortable, narrow, exposed in the first part, including many ups and downs and practically not staying in line.
After two hours I was pretty slow to Blue Lake, which is actually pretty popular local tourist attraction by the amount of people that was around (at least 15). Amazing Lake and is transparent in indescribable level, hardly noticed there was water, and the length and width the bottom and rock, twig, or fallen into, and industry. I spent a few minutes from the Lake, and continued direct way down the small village La gouille, I think there's no reason to go for inconvenient on the Ridge, which runs a significant immediately after.
The drop down was relatively easy and hard, and around 20 mins. I debated whether to take a bus to La zoder turns off and I need runs on Sundays and I have to wait an hour. When distance according to the sign is 50 minutes.
I decided to go and in retrospect I was happy about the decision. The trail runs between the road and the River, is mostly shaded and absolute was that go yellow orange. When I got to La zoder, the writer was already closed and bought a few things at the local bakery at the mail (the Centre after the second bridge, turn second right).
The last bus to La massage out at 18.00 (arrived at 17.30) expansion. The trip takes 5 minutes, and in my opinion better than walking the road is very dangerous, there's really two routes and passenger vehicles very quickly.
I arrived at the caf?-restaurant-hotel (Aquila or something like that) in Switzerland! There seems only one spending, and should lose her massage and Dana station (la sage village) and go back down to 50 m.
Prices are 25 to 38, with serious and 60 for half board. I think that halfboard doesn't pay that great and restaurant dishes. I had frites nuggets that dish boiled vegetables with chicken, chicken tenders and fries basket bread basket. It cost 14 frank and made me very happy. Besides common fun area with couches and stuff. The owner speaks a little English, but her husband did not cook/speak a Word, although get along with him until she came. In short.

La Sage to Barrage Moiry to Grimentz

Short day and long hours. The day started with a walk on the road of 15 to turn from yellow and clear early sign.
The Ascension itself was in the open, on a clear day it's best to start early because the Sun is very strong throughout and should even apply sunscreen.
The beginning of the Ascension is a sort of narrow street on concrete road until the end, and then increased through relatively comfortable jeeps toward individual structures. Long rise times of the sign represent her pretty well (הפנײה 3.15 hours). The increase is not very steep but very long and is approximately 1200 m constant total, almost without Planar sections. The path is very clear and all appeal almost a sign or symbol path, so it is very difficult. In the first part of the ascent direction is to cross close to the end of the line (at least that's what it looks like until you get there). Him and you can see the pass on a little Ridge on the right (East). The last 150 meters is pretty steep and even the last placed several planks of stairs (not mandatory).
The pass itself was frozen spirit but with the most beautiful views so far! Lots of peaks, all Greece and rarely, small lake under the Paz and weary from the farther a mesmerizing Turquoise.
From there began a steep decline a little in the beginning and after about 100 meters high moderate, where two sections of several dozen meters each with walk in the snow and mud which have very careful and make sure that the legs are placed in more places.
After some way pond integrates with new dirt road to the Lake, but are often parallel and regardless of which Greece, as both a long structure with a prominent "iscurit" and immediately followed the path that is separate from the dirt road (it's pretty obvious sign). From there begins a long descent along Lake high, weary with spectacular views of the Lake and glacier in the background mountains and snowy white.
Away went toward the huge dam and the other, clearing all the way to took me about five hours, including a break of 15 minutes on the pass.
As Greece that was closed (I knew that) plan to take a bus to 5,157 mere, but it turns out he was 17.20 and 13. I sat in the restaurant (worth stopping you pass through) drinking beer, and tried to hitch a ride. The Swiss don't hitchhike enthusiasts probably took me about an hour and 5 cars don't stop until I just went to a man in the parking lot came up to his car and asked to join, he agreed and was very nice and took me a mere.
I came to the town centre. The best (and only) is opposite the post office and bus station, just down the road. Pension la m?l?ze name and is very warm, the owner speaks English and goes up 55 francs with breakfast in a private room with shared bathroom.
The next day I was going to get on the bus back to the dam, departs only at 10.40, and rain should start in 13-14. I debated whether to continue anyway, would recommend highly to follow continuously after the weather, there are plenty of nuances and changes that need to be understood in planning every day (like height-snow or freezing rain, a few rain drops, and at what hours power etc).

Moiry to Grimentz to Zinal

The morning starts later, the first bus to moiri (Dam) in 10.37. So I figured a little, woke up late and ate breakfast in mere.
The bus stop right outside, I got there 15 minutes early and waited. Suddenly comes the bus (in a minute and a half) and I stand on the side of the driver, what do Just continues! Despair.
I started immediately to get the dam on the road, hoping to hitchhike though non-successful attempts at 4. I go and costs about 500 pounds on the road about half an hour, a fourth car suddenly stops! A sign from God. A charming Swiss adult take me to the dam and she tours Guide and know how to say good morning, I'm trying my luck and told her about the trip, and she says I have nothing to go to Groban (gruben) small hotel closed for renovation for the season and I already know that ashoorathorn is closed from the day before yesterday. No public transport there. Nevertheless it shows me in the map where I should go and play for Oberems. I got lucky to have missed the bus!
It offers the way that I practice the next day.

Dam I check again the weather expected, the rain should renew 16 instead of 14-15 it's time for me to get to zinal. I start the rise rapidly and in an hour and a bit about the pass, very tiring and I'm already starting to feel the fatigue accrues lucky today.
The decline of apas very irritating. Is very long, and I'm a little run to stop the rain. The descent is long bare space right in the ski resort between cable, take the dirt road and the path that is slightly less steep and more comfortable.
After two hours of fatigue I've been close to zinal, 2 and starts dripping. The mem speed but still can't walk fast, relatively weak and I'm in a hurry and in half an hour at hotel de la poste, the super market near the Church. They only have regular rooms but no longer care to pay 60 per night in the rain starts, and I'm not sure that there are many inexpensive options in this town.
Very nice staff, helpful and did my laundry and drying her quite quickly.
I tried to consult with them on the road of tomorrow but don't have a clue and it seems they never got out of town, I'm going with the idea of a guide, take a bus to shndolea (chandolin) and isoua (vissoie). You can eat dinner at the hotel or at a hotel across Europe, both very expensive.
It is important to know if taking a hotel in zinal are given an admission ticket for the next day to all amenities in the town include a pool, buses and cable cars. If anyone wants to take a day of rest I think it's a good place.

Chandolin Zinal to to Oberems

Usually the track contains two alternatives to zinal Groban, one directly through the Forcletta and שנײה includes a stop for the night at Bella Tola hut (Bella While) or at iyshorn, and from there continue to Groban.
The main problem as Greece's place at the abandoned village after Groban summer and two hotels which are closed, I chose to sleep in town, obrams very favourite. That way you can start from St. Luke and Bella Tola hut (IE change the day or take a free bus because the Hotel Saint Luke and start from there) or start a shndolea and for oariant and less familiar North of the runway. As Greece as instructed me on the second way went on it.
This morning started out great with school bus ride which marbles, fought and captured a small reflective cool really. Every driver stopped moving throughout the bus to make sure the kids strapped in, awesome! Anyway I arrived in oisoaha, changed to shndolea bus that is so small you barely saw. I started right away, please note that already at the beginning by a garage above the town of tractors for forks and should choose the left, I missed but it doesn't really matter, because then for cars with normal path, note that you choose in a way that goes toward the Illhorn (ilhorn), just as Greece was in the fog and rain had spray irritating press. I reached the first vendor and I haven't seen anything from him of course, sat to 2010 (boarding took about an hour and a half) and then continued down toward the Lake. It is possible to climb to the top of the ilhorn should be pretty views, but because of the fog and the rain relented.
After the decrease reached Lake Van, and then I saw the big and beautiful Lake between the fog was. Lake Dam have him pass and then climb up pretty straight line rising from עײפת of approximately 300 m. Relatively fast transmission, increase the mist fades while the Sun finally came out. From there I took some photos of the peaks (don't know how the rest of the scenery was pretty overcast) and continued down several houses in unclear. As long as I'm in Denver area, has been greatly enhanced.
From there begins a long decline in the style of a long decline for zinal, even just moving through a forest where trees have been cut down a lot, I think there was some disease but I'm no expert.
Anyway the descent was long and the path was confusing in one point, near meretchiap, unter the name decided to go with the obvious and appear on the map and not get into too big probably extended my way but I don't exactly trust highlighting rare and uncertain and I didn't want to get stuck, just went down to the trail that connects with the access road to obrams and went on the road. The road was very tiring and I stopped many times to rest. Total all constipated walk of the day took five hours and you can finish it with a little less or a little more.
A new hotel and sleep obrams great named berginsel, which is the highest part of the town (.little signs after the hose right). The charming woman that I met there immediately brought me ice water and two excellent pieces of Apple Pie, fruit, showed me the coffee machine and basically everything here. Who really economical can also skip breakfast and just drinking coffee.
The pleasure rising 60 francs including breakfast, basically a common room costs only 40 francs but after all the reception and the fact that she arrived at the open and I alone made me not wish for even the common room. It is advisable to make arrangements beforehand and things will be easier.
Beyond that, I asked her how I came to Groban tomorrow, she said that there are some bus should call him and for him, and he always goes, she said the worst case I take a cab (costs around 35 francs, search the turtmantal website). She said if there is a bus to take me there! Just the place, with a great Director, and worth every minute. On weekends I guess there will be more people.
Everyone who comes here, in winter or in summer, hike or bike, should I sleep in this wonderful place.

Oberems to Gruben to St. Niklaus

So a great breakfast at the hotel, even fruit salad slice with yoghurt and fresh all right. I haven't eaten much and the two women running the place wanted to prepare me sandwiches.

One of them took me to Groban, warned me about the weather and the nature of the track (I was aware but respect her). Would really like to hug her after we broke up, and I have one non-emotional Maybe just the German was finally relieved:).
Started the day with a relatively steep increase until the last part. The ascent takes about three and a half hours, exhausting (maybe?) but towards the end I increased the pace in the fog and horrible, I find that the entire snowy apas. Happy! Afraid a little dip and begins to rise. The last part (mine was a snowy) was really confusing and some boulders on lost, I with navigation and social application back to, recommend the snowy pass right to go slow on the last part to find the break left after the small lake below the pass a little way as Greece and missed. Comes to pass and see the stunning Valley of zermatt, the clouds beneath the high peaks, and I decided to stop long stop and fun in the snow, make vendor and sit appreciating the stunning at the end.
After half an hour I get the cold, hard, long, painful knees, and boulders in a very long part. I got a splitting iongden (Jungden) and decided to do the cable end, the rest of the descent is a little abuse and I was tired. The trip from iongden cool and end up paying 12 Swiss descent (call name position phone down).
Waiting for a sudden decline gathered there for twelve, and checked the issue of Vogue oiruph (Europawegg), apparently not repaired and trail just no fun directed two young travelers. I decided to forgo the hike and cut in Zermatt, dreamed about eating Apfel Strudel and a hamburger for lunch.
I went on the train to Zermatt (25 francs) and Matterhorn hostel.
Not recommended, horror showers spoiled but total cool and there were a lot of people.
Some tips to Zermatt:
Really worth to dedicate a day and a half or two per city.
-You should go to gorgnaat, who really wants to save could lose (or gain) and roundtrip ticket option after 3:30 this afternoon (consider the weather!) that costs far less, something like 50 francs instead of 86.
There are lots of shops in town, very costly. Almost double the prices on the Internet and a lot cheaper. On the other hand there are rare.
The bars are filled primarily with weekend-Friday and Saturday nights.
-Three bars are attached at the bahnhof terrace between the Church to train station, close to the train station is the best of them, there are sandwiches for self assembly and relatively inexpensive. The entire bar has live music every day, too.


  • Weight reduction-a fun trip! 45 liter bag dated and it was great, I made minimum equipment, laundry once and again at the end. Didn't the 8.5 kg including water and food for the day.
  • Buy at once some things for lunch, almost no open places to eat along the way. You may also want to get some dried fruits, chocolate energy bars. BTW can I make the trip based on vegetarian/kosher food shops, if buyers are adding some weight but it doesn't matter who.
  • Switzerland is very expensive, some groceries shopping for simple meals cost 10-15 at the supermarket, bungalows/hotels/restaurants are very expensive and very simple breakfast. Who wants really to save can ask only for the morning coffee/tea and dinner and make himself. /Tour trio will of course cheaper.
  • Download the apps I added links to them, and keep track of the weather! It's changing very fast.
  • Buy super saver ticket on the train back to c/for half-price on application. Saves a lot of money.
  • Buy SIM swisscom's 20 francs, at the post Office of Geneva Airport (just turn right after customs and continue straight until you see it right) it is possible to load the אח"כדרך link that they send messages.
  • Don't be afraid to make the trip until mid-October!
  • There's no way to leave without him: water, walking sticks (even if only snow passages), warm clothes and rain (good and water jacket, gloves, hat, rain pants), flashlight, cash, sandals, crocs, Leiner. There's more important things like mobile charger, maps, food and clothes, but they have been subject to judgment and in large scale production levels. Importance


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Thanks for reporting this. All due respect.

Note on filling streams water without purifying as when you went to Rob.

In May the big ceremony all the cows and sheep and alpine meadow sometime in September, dropping them (repeatedly do.)
In this period (in which the majority) not recommended to drink directly from streams without using any filters and purification.

If you have that then stuck in really high around passim which often do not come from cows and only in places where the water is strong.

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I had fun reading all of your reporting. I'm so glad you were able to walk the track in a standard. It's hard to describe the investment you made in the planning of WHR I wanted to do this year but had to cancel flights. Maybe next year.
#4 Posted : Sunday, November 8, 2015 9:52:29 PM(UTC)

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I understand not to take. A sleeping bag? Was it necessary?

Adir Joseph  
#5 Posted : Friday, November 13, 2015 6:56:37 PM(UTC)
Adir Joseph

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Thanks rbha neutrino.

Brand Ofer, had needed a bag, I used maybe three times-liner thing in that you don't change linens. Inhalation minimum equipment and sleeping in huts, small hotels and cheap as possible. I described the way and all the hotels I was them far too open at the end of the season and certainly in October.

It is important to note that you should contact the hotels before the trip and make sure they are open, even if you pointed me to open those places since bothered to answer. Phone number (with French) to make additional points.

Point to less considered and is a very important persons need or people with them in this way is not a good season. I walked about two and a half days with friends I met, beyond that I saw only occasional day travel in the opposite direction.
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By the way, you can write what to take with you (some clothing)?
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Indeed, reported.
Question about: col de la chaux
Didn't have a map marker (Alpine route) that warns you
What differed it from "normal"?
How deal with the difficulty?
Adir Joseph  
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In terms of clothing: I took two tank tops 200 gr icebreaker shirt thermal, long and two t-shirts, sweats funkier head band-Israel (enough?) underwear and socks, 4 and above two parts (internal soptchl) of northface, Tuque, neck and two types of gloves (and thicker), I used shbdkoth.
It seems to me.

About: my maps app, so it wasn't only highlighted differently. In the field it was definitely marked differently in blue white white white white as opposed to the standard red, blue and yellow signs were.
About the difficulty he was really climbing a very steep part and that Bill seems almost though were marking on rocks (lots and very clear). He was also totally snowy I don't know what it's like to climb there in normal time, but definitely smooths, requires the use of hands and with sticks and requires a lot of thought and walking back to find more routes. Total was difficult but not particularly long, just snow and fog had jumped and conditions were not sympathetic. I guess it's not easy to climb and descend from this apas in mid-August. Have some experience in this type of gait and recommended to do this alone and the conditions.
In terms of handling, just not too ashamed to go back when I saw a dangerous and unstable rocks and mainly did it more slowly with many using hands and sticks. Very important to keep on the road even if it looks no offense and find the path inside and around, made some mistakes and always come back to her and felt a little safer. Crampons were definitely help walking sticks and canes were no duty is very difficult to get to the top without fractures.
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