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#1 Posted : Thursday, November 26, 2015 6:19:16 PM(UTC)

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Then today came probably the ה"אחרונה package" two and a half years of collecting equipment. Why two years? Here's a brief explanation: March 2013 value encountered for the first time on this site and the post of a guy named the GR11 Registrar servicing. At the time I was walking past the Israeli average about a year and a half since I came מ"הטיול" in South America.  My equipment consisted of average equipment sold in the country, the average equipment of national tzilianit doite. I had zero awareness of quality equipment and light equipment. To me what is what you sell on and functional. So I went to GR11-pod 2.8 kilograms in weight and functional, I purchased in a sleeping bag and tent TNF Perino acquired cheaply (compared to the rate in the country) and other equipment from previous trips. For the avoidance of doubt, it should be noted of the GR11 didn't mean green were behind for a week of hiking in Patagonia and put in the legs, in the army and in South America. And though I began my first day with about 16-18 pounds on my back (who thought of measure so weight) and Molly the 900 miles of the trail is not a sucker. The result is 33 East 1 day 11-pound weight, meaning it was difficult physically but I stood in this view. Just as you begin to walk a route of this magnitude is started and the token under addiction. Returns to the country and regularly the discussions here on the Forum and equipment begins to connect the pieces and after two and a half years and a bank account with a lot of red lines-charges reaches final list looks decent to me.

Please note-the objectives-equipment equipment for long in Europe this summer while carrying full equipment + IE without any reliance upon cabins (due). The equipment is such that iachisk for long because I have to replace it (reverse jacket for example) and therefore priority is not the easiest thing I mean not some rubber bag but something durable so as not to replace all two years.

All the gear I ordered different sites known to everyone while tracking commit and kashbkim, some of the equipment bought in Europe.

Here's the list: equipment list

Must take into account that part of the weight is allowed that others might not have been taken but I do like a lot of liquid soap and shampoos, spices etc.

Some of the equipment I long trip last summer and write a few words of reviews, this is my personal opinion and not have recommended after reading the list, of course.

Last summer I went half what GR5 Geneva Lake until Modan (MODANE) then the GR54 oalooais until dloisans toure doazon bolt. Who will be oonin additional information about pathways can address here if that story through the exhibitors here truly loaded information.

Their guest reviews on some of the items in the list:

Tent: I went with the double-tarptant in my opinion. The tent is relatively heavy, I really didn't think I would be comfortable for two people, the walls kept crashing. I traded him in fly Creek (weighing almost half) I haven't tried but good first impression, hope Baptism would be good.

Coilette: here I have to give travel warning-this kolit not cold temperature i.e. below (though perhaps extreme comfort is 12th) and now five degrees would have had to sleep with clothes on I bought it because it is the ideal combination between shcsh to Earth for winter and Europe in summer (you can open the covers in the country). If you have to sleep at some sight seeing, have purchased a Western but have untiniring cause and lots of it.

Removed: not yet past fire table First impressions-no cover seems most suitable, MSR Titan or good TOAKS of him I bought because the patent just pasta looks like a flop, but not too bad.

Backpack: provided the goods could invest a little more steeped in the stomach and shoulders but certainly did the trick

The Walker: excellent-good opinion category

Filter: f

Atomic compression bag: great slave quilt

Bottom: I didn't like at all-looking for alternatives.

Rain pants: baptism by fire elapsed

Rain coat: excellent-working Canadian.

Reverse jacket: good-easy compromise between their model, did the job

Walking shorts:-a little heavier and a little warm but definitely recommended. I purchased both the model use of BRION wanted to.

Walk t-shirt:. Although there are the model creates evaporates, all isbriicr's products in my opinion are the highest level there is

Long shirt: not fall provides heats including Patagonia product I come across are Montessori (have their brass and Marino I return).

Knife: best-deliver

Pegs: TOAKS's V-explain: I managed to twist each receive

Best NAIL shape.

Small storage bottles: geniuses-nelgin also bought a complete set of bottles in different sizes-the best for storing liquids and powders, too.

Now the mountains are calling, and you know the rest.


אמנון לנגי  
#2 Posted : Thursday, November 26, 2015 9:09:12 PM(UTC)

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You don't list basic items like shoes and a black head.
You are gym shoes people?

After many years of walking with a single tent, I realized that the most fit to go with the tent. Extra space worth the extra weight and neglected.

Don't get your hopes up too high to fly Creek. I also have the individual and the couple. The tent was suffering from terrible thickening and is difficult to stretch. Tent pretty weak overall.

There are much better tents on the market in the weights of pounds or 200 pounds. In a tent should not bend in the face of all the weight

And if you're super easy weight so it's hard to compete with skiiskip X עיצוב6ירחים '

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#3 Posted : Thursday, November 26, 2015 9:56:41 PM(UTC)

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I'm a long way from sneakers: I currently have two pairs of shoes, one that Merrill's pain I was going with the country so as not to erode just the rngide Ambrose. As I wrote here before I went with the rngide three weeks and they were very poor quality. In warranty let me-I tried so I can't tell if that's Slipper or is it an isolated incident. Anyway I prefer old Oslo.
Flashlight: SPOT (listed)-slightly heavier but considering that found her in I got in the reserves in one of the pockets (it pays to carry wiping apparently) so I'm not complaining.
Tent: there is probably no perfect tent: i.e.. Terra Nova's new costs £ 800 or more great old 400. Since I'm at the point in my life I could not speak and Rainbow received a gift from a member forum where I can't be choosy. While the areinbo should be kairot, but with two of the walls, I don't see that happening. Saw 6 months-seems very physical strong their tent. Anyway the play brought Platinum-$ 270 price after all discounts, so that price ozagi you'd never get (retail price $ 500 to double)

BTW a big part of what I was able to get $ 200 rates-to above, 250 for a raincoat, rain pants 45
#4 Posted : Friday, November 27, 2015 1:04:33 AM(UTC)

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I see you got the double Rainbow from the Beatitudes? Dear man!
Me and the girlfriend Double Rainbow in pretty good shape, and it was also quite spacious although there is with the equipment inside. We just (1.70 each)?
#5 Posted : Saturday, May 28, 2016 1:08:09 PM(UTC)

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Hi, I would like to receive information on the GR54. I sent a private message
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