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Eli TheHiker  
#1 Posted : Thursday, April 21, 2016 8:47:58 PM(UTC)

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Hello everyone,

My name is Ellie and as usual in recent years, I'm trying to do my part in trips abroad totals accumulating general knowledge and helping people. This time we walked a short trip in Wadi and hanzira in Jordan.

Introduction and description of the routes in General:
April 14-16.04.2016 did I, to me, father, Jan, Dima and Elkana daily dialog track of Wadi hanzira and Wadi ע'וואר daily. To enter Jordan tourist visa is required, authorization holds Jordanian border crossing and a Jordanian tourist police when the conditions and costs are changing all the time and need to test it before the trip. Two weeks before its scheduled time, Dima contacted Jordanian travel agent who is familiar with the previous tour named Abdullah (and incidentally write Hebrew.) to prepare all the necessary paperwork in advance after coordination and cost summary.
Wadi hanzira (Khanzira) -this is a long and interesting Canyon along a 32 km with exit points and the undergrowth is known for its high level in the middle of the track and therefore the recommended season for is March-April after flooding that faces the vegetation (when there is no danger of flooding). It comes in a medium-hard difficulty which many boulders, various obstacles, water after floods and suitable for hikers, especially at the top. To not be under pressure of time you should leave at least two days to complete the track. There is also option to get to the interesting rock Castle at the beginning of the track. After the summer can also be a problem of water available compared to the spring which springs (especially at the lower of the river).
Wadi aiwar (Ghuweir) -this is a very interesting and rum on medium length of approximately 14 km (plus about 4 km walk from the pickup truck when management is 4 on 4). Most of the track is narrow and very deep and therefore no points and has a problem to travel when there is a danger of flooding. After the floods, the river changes and new waterfalls are created while others are destroyed by erosion and wear a rope (approximately 10-15 m) to help lower equipment and people who have difficulty. After the rains stream and while most wipers has several relatively deep single backs that force. It is a stream in hard difficulty which many boulders, various obstacles, water after floods and fit hikers only get along with and know how to swim. The track is suitable as a day trip.

Information sources:
1) the Jordanian Tourism Ministry in English
2) General summary about a nature hike in Jordan in English
3) locate Ziziphus in Hebrew
4) number "to Moab and Edom malls"
5) General information and procedures related to Jordan atthe Israeli Foreign Ministry
6) General information and procedures related to Jordan inthe Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Maps & tapes:
Record of hanzira River on topographic map OSM
Record of ע'וואר River on map tpograpt OSM
A recording of the walk athanzira Creek on WIKILOC
A recording of the walk atע'וואר Creek on GPSIES
A recording of the walk athanzira Creek on WIKILOC
Record the walk inNahal ע'וואר GPSIES
* Tracks recorded on cell phone and GPS because of the depth of the canyons there are many variations, especially in the statistics.

Upstairs at the AL TAFILE: (around 1000 meters)
Down at FAYFA: (around 335 meters)

1) travel to Eilat – fuel costs.
* Should you jump to specific gas station before the border and no fill in.
2) border crossing on the Israeli side towards Jordan-$ 100. + $ 5 fee, you can pay together and pay only a one-time fee rather than each separately.
3) border crossing on the Jordanian side towards Israel 10 dinars.
4) total package cost and Jordanian Guide, transportation from the border to the beginning of the first track, gathering at the end of the runway and bouncing to the trailhead and collecting at the end and bouncing back to $ 200--border crossing-$ 1200 total assuming 6 people.
5) tips and more-it is common to leave about 5 dinars per service provider (driver, policeman, directory) and worrying about buying food for the officer/directory.
* Total cost of each trip, left about $ 1100 per person.

Photos and videos:
Photos from Picasa stream: hanzira
Photos from Picasa stream: ע'וואר
Summary of photos/videos nature video: youtube
Summary of photos/videos people video: youtube

On Wednesday night we headed westwards crossing (Rabin) and another in the evening after the rainfall that fell during the week, several rivers continued to circulate among them still ashosh River at a height of about 10 cm on Highway 90. After seeing the river flow and alerts about the demolition of 40 after intense rainfall, I concluded that Jordan most likely going to be a celebration because rain clouds headed exactly to the planned trip (and in this way also). After about 3 hours drive from the parking lot, big cars and opposite the ishnano border crossing there for several hours. We got up early on Thursday morning and a.m. crossed the Israeli border after paying the toll, replacing the shekels for dinars and security checks. Then we moved primary security checkpoints on the Jordanian side and met with Jordanian King Abdullah in front of the tourist police. He came with ready-made forms, took our passports and passed through all the stations except last had access to the counter and to sympathise with the Passport. Then we went to the taxi waiting for us and after a quick network went through. After 100 yards from Abdullah got a call back and it turns out that the bmshtert decided once we also attach to a policeman named Ibrahim. After about another 15 minutes went out again and after about 4 hours that included a stop at a gas station and halting production in one of the towns reached the beginning of thesteep decline in the asphalt that was very narrow, but very curvy andscary and as some of us might say, get off it. We arrived at Fort rock and after unloading the equipment, separated from the driver and we went on our way.

Pictures featuring:
Standing (left to right): me, me, Jan.
Sitting (left to right): officer, Ibrahim abdalla, Dima, Elkana.

The summary of hanzira Creek on 14-15.04.2016

Sunday's statistics:
Distance and travel time from the border to the trailhead: approximately 210 miles and four hours including equipment and rest stop.
The start location: 35.580476 E, 30.782293 N at a height of 789 m.
Time-start time, end time 12:00-7:25 pm
For walk-approx. 7 hours.
The 11.5 km.
Changing height adds about 300 ft increase, approximately 900 meters. (Recorded on his cell and upward deviation)
Highlights-maximum height of approximately 887 m, minimum height approx. 218.
Bed position: 35.520949 E, 30.793667 N at an altitude of 182 metres.

Pics of the first day:

Sunday summary:
The guide said he still will come down because the rock Wadi hanzira and he was only at the bottom of the opposite direction and so after looking for a schematic image map, we decided to go upstairs to the Citadel in the stands and see if there's a way to get out of the other side that the only space led only to. The increase was amazing and worth every moment when walls watching from the sidelines and found new forms of stone castle. Hung out a bit at the top and and tried to find a path down the sharp cliffs, but left room for doubt that the trail is not coming from there. We checked again on maps and realized that although there was no obvious route, to just south of Fort Creek is within the stream. Whenwe started off, we met three Bedouin shepherds who have confirmed that there is a path that drops away. After about 200 meters map seemed trail goes over the River, but clearly with 2 other shepherds sat up we realized that it's better to lose the stream directly and bypass the waterfall and so we did. Thediffraction of the waterfall was a bit tricky, but we passed successfully by downloading and mutual aid. The surprise inmany colors and the breakthrough, special shapes androck paintings were found everywhere. The stream becamedeep and narrow in places and with several green walls group when Marsh crabs and lots of water. After another walk we noticed that we are approaching the darkness and found a great place fora night's sleep in a stream while some expanded. We have collected a number of wood for the fire (always lots after floods) and the evening of stories, cooking and inquiries about tomorrow.

In statistics:
Time-start time 7:00 pm, end time.
For walking: 20 hours.
The 20.5 km.
Changing height adds about 200 meters increase, approximately 800 meters. (Recorded on his cell and upward deviation)
Highlights-maximum height approx. 250 m, minimum height approx. 290.
End position: 35.433050 E, 30.882195 N 290 meters tall.
Distance and travel time from completion of the hike in Wadi hanzira to the trailhead and Eddie ע'וואר: approximately 90 miles in two hours and a half (including to stop).

Pics of the day:

In summary:
We got up early and after breakfast we already from the beginning was very colorful in all directions. Began to form about small and large water and slowly reached the problematic area of the river which was supposed to be very thick. Practice good value when we saw water and boulders after the last flood who trust wellthe path. The sharpen more and various stone figures began to appear anywhere. Although flood that gave the vegetation, but also created another problem of ordinary mud pools and some highly-mudded village practically hibernates . After a while, the stream is closed again and the vegetation disappeared and then started hanging gardens everywhere and the track became a small green paradise with clear pools. After the pool was a short walk to the pumping station when there was a 4-by-4 pickup. After the reorganization, the bagag files ' and sat down in a small vehicle (relative to 9 people) inevery place possible.
During the trip up into the mountains, we saw the stunning scenery of cliffs of Wadi maukim and hanzira area and the area of the dead sea. We stopped in one small town to stock up on fresh pita bread, hummus, vegetables and mineral water and after two and a half hours we reached a decline of Wadi ע'וואר. Apparently our latest flood swept part of the road in some places and even though you're part of the obstacles make the climax (approximately 50 feet in height and about half a kilometer from the destination point at Nahal) decided to go on foot rather than take a chance. We got out of the car in the dark , we took all the equipment and went down to the River to find a place for a bonfire, dinner and accommodation.

The summary of ע'וואר on 16.04.2016 River

The start location: 35.567371 E, 30.596661 N at an altitude of 643 metres.
Time-start time 7:00 pm, end time.
For walk-9:10 hours.
The 15.5-km (+ approx. 2.5 lift until the extraction).
Changing height adds about 400 m increase, approximately 1000 m (recorded on his cell and upward deviation)
Highlights-maximum height approximately 645 m, minimum height approx. 189.
End position: 35.454132 E, 30.615232 N at an altitude of 193 metres.
Distance and travel time from completion of the hike in Wadi ע'וואר to the border: about 160 km for about two and a half hours (including stops for rest).


Today's summary:
After an early breakfast we start bar and notice that the flow stream and special boulders and ל"הפתעות forecast" in the growing, especially after the descent to the deep gorge. Thefeast started right after you close the high and gradually narrow the stream became deep backs with obstacles that very heavy paced. The stream was opened again and we had to work around the waterfall one problematic in no way with mutual aid. When the stream is closed again, we override the required rope and drop directly into deep water with swimming. Then the river opened up again and began to appear increasingly hanging gardens anywhere with fresh water springs and places for recess and lunch. After a well-deserved rest and even preparing potatoes in small fire continued on our way through the stream until the configuration has changed, the ravine is very opened and began to see goat herders and Bedouin tents. At some stage we stream and see the remains of the city Phonon was famous in the copper mines. After approximately 1.5 km walk for 4 on 4 apparently destroyed in the last flood and allowed the car to reach (because the original design is supposed to meet us at antiques Phonon) caught a ride with a truck up to the pickup point (about 2.5 km) to not be under pressure of time and switch the line before it was closed.

Special Notes:
* At the beginning of legal entry into Jordan 2016 tightened now to explore rivers/necessary to wadis take a guide and not matter what amount. In addition, if there are less than 5 and remain in Jordan less then 3 nights each visa will cost 45 dinars, complete information in sections 5, 6 data sources.
* As of early 2016, the visa request information necessary to submit at least 48 hours prior to your visit.
* After the flooding of streams and created new waterfalls with pools that weren't there and therefore it is strongly recommended to bring a rope of approximately 10-15 m to finance the equipment difficult. In addition you should have appropriate shoes for walking in water and sealing equipment.
* It is recommended to keep water filter, purification tablets to drink many water flow and carry great weight, especially in the first few months after the winter when there is a constant flow. During the summer months and after there, without constant streaming religiously and it varies from year to year.
* It is not possible during the tracks themselves for food and can only do so before entering the stream or after left him in towns near or during the trip.
* Convert shekels, dollars for dinars-can be done on the Israeli side in CHANGE but relatively high gate and the conversion fee and therefore if there is a possibility, you should switch before.
* Reference to border crossing is about 3 km before Eilat and near the border a large free parking where you can leave cars and sleep if you come in the evening before the trip. It is a sand/gravel parking lot so you can sleep in tents or vehicles.
* The border opens at 6:30 am and 8:00 Sunday-Friday-Saturday and closes at 8 p.m. also on holidays.
* Mosquitoes during hot because many water sources and network spokesman John Jericho fly in and therefore it is advisable to get a word or a tent.
* Need to very careful to choose a suitable accommodation under walls or floors for free because the rocks instead of crumbling boulders many are hanging by a thread throughout the Wadi and enough wind to move them down (it shows the number of stones placed below).
* There are several irregular obstacles encountered during the walk that require special attention, especially after the winter period:
In hanzira:
A detour of a waterfall on the sand and stone stands out – it is recommended to download the files.
Thorny thicket in mud pools recommended to go in shoes or sandals with socks.
Mud and sand loaders -it is recommended to note where step, take shoe that fall brides and group (that alone is not easy to be released).
Huge boulders obstacle -it is important to note that Roger or clear paths to not get stuck in aisles not moving and no way to go back.
In ע'וואר:
App gems/waterfalls – it is important to note that after the flood stream varies and there are new obstacles and therefore better get 10-15 meter rope for transferring files and to find it difficult to get out.
Soft sand bypass without good handles -it is recommended to use a rope to help difficult.
Deep pools that require swimming recommended for sealing gear, ropes and know how to swim.

Summary, conclusions and future wells:
Interesting trip out, surprising and challenging even to experienced travellers and had him joy or something similar in the future. I think the optimal time to Wadi hanzira is after winter when the tangle will still have many water and stream and to Wadi ע'וואר is also suitable for summer and autumn because there is much more water and better accessibility.
It is important to be aware of the complexity, the predictable and distances to the visiting times and not rely on local guides said at 100% so that there will be some unpleasant surprises as possible that the conditions in marginal change over time and not all the instructors were everywhere. It's also a good idea to summarize the type and terms of transportation so there are no surprises later on.

Good day and I will see you at the next tour.

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אמנון לנגי  
#2 Posted : Friday, April 22, 2016 1:01:10 AM(UTC)

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In certain passages that mention stream.
Eli TheHiker  
#3 Posted : Saturday, April 23, 2016 8:54:55 PM(UTC)

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[Quote = Amnon Paulose; 591771] certain sections that mention stream.

It's kind of hard to do that comparison because a different rock type and rock paintings were just everywhere. If I tried to find something similar, only little Creek area just a lot deeper, narrower and water.

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