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#1 Posted : Friday, May 13, 2016 1:54:28 PM(UTC)

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Hello friends,

I'd appreciate it if someone would do me some good:

1. hard shell vs soft shell-what is the difference between them and what is their mission? I got this impression is especially fashionable coats and not functional. Are they supposed to substitute for synthetic down jacket/?

2. What is the difference between a trophy to a raincoat? Or rather, why have both? Not enough just a raincoat? I looked through lists of all sorts of equipment foundations online tours and saw they take both.

3. how to choose a coat? Unlike the no heat rating coats kg (at least I haven't seen). Besides weight and price not found krterions to select a coat. When traveling in cold places as temperatures reaches zero sometimes I taking a long thin shirt and fleece under. I'm trying to lose weight and am looking to buy a light jacket (synthetic and feather priority) and how they heat.

Thank you..

#2 Posted : Friday, May 13, 2016 2:09:41 PM(UTC)

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I wonder if I can also write the response to the shower and after work.
Soptchl and startairing are also the SHELL jackets which means outer layer that's supposed to protect us weather – rain, snow, wind. But unlike the ardshl aims to be completely waterproof with all kinds of textile technologies. recently sealed membranes for water but steam-soptchl offenses is a coat that gives some protection from precipitation but not opaque, allowing better breathing which allows the use of much more intensive activity. Much more pleasant wearing soptchl empowering activity that is more comfortable and sterch.
These coats are just functional and considered dedicated clothing and fashion statement, though it became. They're not supposed to substitute for synthetic jacket or flip to isolated layer which should preserve our heat and protect against precipitation.

The consideration of what is many times due to your experience, your knowledge of what you're going to run and character.
If you decide to choose you need is startairing completely opaque and very effectively in all weather, soptchl (real, not what the land of soptchl) are coats that require an understanding of the situation that you're going to be there, the rate of activity and your abilities.
Trophy impervious to wind and rain to rain and wind also made from nylon fibers 100. Why have both? Who said that?
Depending on where you go and what you intend to do. Trophy breathing much more than a raincoat and when making appointment and no rain, it is preferable to wear a coat, its light weight 100 g-donor – that many people take both.
-Tip I use easy ardshl check weighing approximately 190 grams as well as trophy, if I'm wearing the same spirit opens up the zipper and sometimes took the action in order not to sweat too much.
Weight and price are not good for krterions above. What you need to think it used is intended against the type of coat.
Recommend that you read the online method, about the various ' refills and it will give you a better basis to make a decision.<br ככלל מעיל סינטטי ומעיל פוך יחממו הרבה יותר מפליז . ואם תלמד כיצד לעבוד עם שכבות מרובות אתה תוכל לבנות מערכת ורסטילית מאוד שתדע לתת מענה להרבה מצבים בכל מיני טמפרוטורות. ככלל="" מעיל="" סינטטי="" ומעיל="" פוך="" יחממו="" הרבה="" יותר="" מפליז="" .="" ואם="" תלמד="" כיצד="" לעבוד="" עם="" שכבות="" מרובות="" אתה="" תוכל="" לבנות="" מערכת="" ורסטילית="" מאוד="" שתדע="" לתת="" מענה="" להרבה="" מצבים="" בכל="" מיני=""></br ככלל מעיל סינטטי ומעיל פוך יחממו הרבה יותר מפליז . ואם תלמד כיצד לעבוד עם שכבות מרובות אתה תוכל לבנות מערכת ורסטילית מאוד שתדע לתת מענה להרבה מצבים בכל מיני טמפרוטורות.>

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#3 Posted : Friday, May 13, 2016 4:15:00 PM(UTC)

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#4 Posted : Monday, May 16, 2016 12:26:50 PM(UTC)

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Types of coats you mentioned different vocation and functioning:
Hard shell jackets are water and wind proof but not more isolated and less and less heavy breathing and a variety of materials,
And they come in pretty wide price range. They are designed for hard rain and cold and wet climates and for activities like hiking and mountain climbing.
Insulated jackets like Felice and flip when they name: insulated but not resistant to wind and rain. More than that: when they get wet) fabric (like all the insulation.
Soptchl are a hybrid: they are insulated) are made of material similar to Felice) but with something that gives them partial resistance to water and wind.
Manufacturers intend them to sporvibit activity in cold climates, skiing.
Many travelers opt to take easy ardshl jacket to give water and wind resistant and insulated jacket for protection from the cold. Together they provide solutions for better weather conditions than soptchl.
And the rest-found and studied.
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