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#1 Posted : Sunday, April 26, 2009 5:28:11 PM(UTC)

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The Golan Heights – part 1.

Well, start by making this my first experience in more than one night's hike and walk distances with weight. I'm still young and there's another thing to learn.
The trail was a great opportunity to test tools (equipment list!):

Auspryy אית'ר bag 70 litres, had very comfortable, plenty!
Shoes – Margoa is a totally renovated Explorer with Gore-Tex, shoes and light, also had good and comfortable.
The km-600, according to AZTEC Helium Forum recommendations I bought it on sale (160 instead of 300!), isn't great but have extra warm fleece interior of fasten is was great. Note: the first night I froze cold although I wore everything I had and although internal usage. Just the other night when shatargano the day I noticed a thread so you can pull a bag which causes the top to close, so I left a small hole to breathe and see through – it turned out to be very effective at keeping the heat inside (did I mention that I am a part).
Socks – good socks on this weight 200 no picnic but I decided that being a do not be troubled with his feet set, so I bought a pair of hiking socks "Alexandra" Bridgetown "($ 105 – Ricochet) and bought Leiner of orfen ($ 89 – camping Caravan). The first day I went with the sock-liner thing, was comfortable but today I discovered tiny vesicle in the making, the same day when-liner thing too and hope no more pain! BTW, I also had a couple of "ט'ורלו" are indeed good quality but I felt that was dry with foot bridge and lorfen.
Petzl Tikka Plus headlamp – – crazy light thing going where you're looking. And some light! However he helped me break the formidable Wolf Hirbat hoshnier (well, maybe it was a big dog. Details below).
Drinking bag of root-model as simple and minimalist – had problems and was comfortable.
Alpine a hotplate Cookware-amgazit's (author), colored plastic plates that cost $ 2 courier, plastic cups, forks of the army made casts anything, sharp kitchen knife, half demitasse without handle, remove medium and market Member also brought Louise – MSR.
This is about ... The rest is bullshit and trinkets.

Our Division:
Sunday – registers until Ruby (there is an entrance to the football community, must tap water in the end zone).
Monday – Ruby until ein zivan (there is a 10 min walk before the settlement where so did several bonfires — an area that is not part of the nature reserve therefore technically possible to stay there).
Tuesday-ein zivan until hoshnier there in Hirbat – the dream. Kind of sad to show the dirt there was a mosque. I'd hate to see a synagogue building in such a situation.
Wednesday – Ranunculus hoshnia called us nationality to conter (after a lot of sweating out the valve behind the container firmly refused to take us. But you can take comfort in the beautiful restoration done and cool spring), then continued on the path to the document at the bottom of the Canyon Creek and from there instead of with the Golan, onto a path marked green reached 4WD road, away we went with him to the meat restaurant called cowboy Valley "or something like that, we had a good dinner and then we went down to the sea through the Nahal plantations. Where we finished.

Good for?
The reluctant and refers only to part (the part that did).
Don't we all for mainly due to lack of time (all men). Actually started at Mount Hermon and ended up in the ring hoshnier, we made another small section of river conter UM.

Generally on the path, if you go the right season, which Kerry these days really is an amazing experience! The intensity of flowering and green marble around just amazing, if everything will later be yellow/brown and will be very hot! – All its northern part almost no shadow.
In addition, most dirt roads through or near highways. Yes it sucks, but it's what it is, there are plenty of fire zones, military bases and the minefields that the planners for making of, but if with the complementary fact that path isn't perfect, it can certainly benefit from it.

Now pictures and stories:

Registers of Mount Hermon and the trailhead.
Here we mean evil appeared in the form of צנ"ף (paratrooper snooty) with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel – the evil we saw on uniforms (soldiers broke to save on travel) is furious that we clear we're going to be traveling and had arranged with the Division?! – Alas! Anyway is a type of control we must leave and find our way back down. Rather than saved for threats of what might happen if troops report us went down despite it being banned.
After a phone call with the Division went down indeed – via the path.
Apparently part of the trail passes in area, it is better to coordinate the day before, the phone numbers are the topographic map by implementing.

Many mentioned regarding the descent from Mount Hermon. My opinion is that the rooms are not allowed to give her! To have a rash of all sorts of flowers that I don't really know their names but I'd like to make, besides having an excellent viewpoint on from there our way for the next few days.

Bear (or parade route more familiar name) accompanied us throughout the trip, the bags, mattresses and ... Anywhere, anytime, is with us. Fortunately though we managed to rise several times, not the tail nzerbano.

View of Lake RAM.
When we got to the restaurant (the Yishuv) set in our Moon and PITA, within a few minutes we found ourselves in restaurant overlooking the pool and on the table in front of us had salads, warm pita bread and of course with Zaatar! – Pleasure.
One of the workers rather than offered in a community, buy wait and try the get lucky at fishing at the Lake, he also said that readers of the USSR made them used to come every year in spring, visit the pool for washing and fishing.
The farmers we met in town and people we met in the cafeteria, everyone was very nice!

It is the biggest flower we saw. Anyone know his name?

G.O.R. P – accompanied us with dignity throughout the trip (which carried us 3 k this blend), you can't give up on him just fun to snack on constipation. What are the initials?
BTW, another thing we discovered – we called it "sachilan" – basically it tahini mixed with rub – the result is markamo similar to spread peanut butter – delicious and very nutritious!

The people we met in Ruby (2 total) were not so nice.
More sucks was discovering the back gate was locked, so we had to surround the village on the Western side, along the fence. The hike itself is probably not exceeded 25 minutes, but it felt like forever! – For those interested, hermetically sealed, even broke her cat can move. A real castle.
At the entrance to the village on the left side of lawn football pitch, we didn't see anyone around and decided to spend the night at the end of the field there is a faucet with water.

Did mark along the main road in the bokata corrupt, not so much. Overall everyone who goes there, high probability buy something there. Too bad.
Just before a reference to main street (gas station) should Swarmer and buffet. To build with Zaatar! When destroyed before seven labana and decided to stock up while Havana for lunch, was very nice and packed us Havana and fresh pita bread to take. Just before we were leaving he offered us a cup of coffee at his expense, I didn't dare refuse. The coffee was great and so we also leave with a black coffee prep. ..

Out of bokata so much junk had I kept a big check – split to go straight and take the right path.
Some of us sought bargains and if it weren't for the heavy Backpack was probably taking them home ...:-)

Shortly after "the fair".

A few meters before hrmonit ה"עליה" stopped us a shepherd named bokata had a beautiful ass fares, 5 big dogs and a herd of sheep and afraid.
Some fear, some do not understand because of the language barrier, we decided finally to cooperate, fares along with the ntzatls wanted a donkey and afraid. After all some pictures to see how exited and happy as hell for pretty pictures ".

The dogs, he says, a few days before coming hungry Wolf wanted to satisfy hunger in her phone, scared him. I guess that they're there, because we tried to enter the herd into a minefield they haven't helped much to fares to restore order.

The tank is a book of humor, someone stole his engine to make some money.

The timing was perfect for a date! – Simple blooms everywhere!

Overlooking the Valley of tears from the Observatory in case 77 stronghold Memorial there were IDF Enterprise Group heard from the polished guide who tried to fight the strong wind, and listened to almost joined. Yedidya mentioned there.
Incidentally, there's a kind of loudspeaker from which emerges about the battle, visitors listened to him.


It is the Amy buffer L?wenthal. After a short discussion we already visited on the Hill several times, decided not to climb it, so rather than continue with the route of the trail East (left) continued West (left) toward Kibbutz Merom Golan. The gate was open, and he always seemed like this. There is "it" ovda mini-Mall synonym for minimarkt. It was Thursday and decided to stock up on food Friday-Saturday. (Labana of Strauss and a lunch of Friday!)
In retrospect it was lucky! Because when one Alonei Habashan afternoon grocery store and pizzeria were already closed for the Sabbath. The resident told us about this place offered us one of the 2 options: or hitchhike to Katzrin, or stay at home and take care of us. Nice community!
Milan ב"ישיבה water" and continued to go to breshit. Ein zivan way passes through a pipe length, on his face, according to the map, it seems redundant but we were surprised to discover how beautiful the scenery and some beautiful way so beautiful when painted green, colorful flowers and engagement.

The original plan was to spend the night inside the Ein zivan, but on the way there, a 10-minute walk before the settlement, next to the hair, we found a nice spot that supposedly used for campfires by fires marks. We decided to spend the night in spite of concerns about the bears and venomous Spiders that I've seen those. Just in case, as soldiers are disciplined, we sort of rotation along the night saves to ensure not coming beast to devour us. What would we do if one was coming for a visit? – I have no idea.
Was the first one to save. Adhesive fatigue me thus out broken save just before the end, I'm glad the other guard stood up.
Anyway, the night passed without incident.

In the morning, we went to town and a water pipe in a Milan gas station at the entrance to the settlement, where we met a nice group of about 20 adults and men apply, offered us to join them for breakfast, for the first time were embarrassed and refused, for the people, and the second and third time will tell soon.
BTW, the picture is of the turbines on human beings, apparently it just seems small.

In our stop for breakfast, gave us the Group and walked past us not before replying with a short stop said appetite and offered us a second time to eat them.

Just before the Summit of the mountain, the group stopped to eat, from afar saw them "one ו"ביצה of the group mentioned cost us to advance and made us some enthusiasm, hoped they iciao us again, and they offered more ruled that eat them. What to say? They were equipped with! The hotel wasn't embarrassed at dinner they have deployed. We had fun and enjoyed, and thanks again!

Some of what we understand about the Group:
Those guys at the age of 50-60, all Israel trail, meeting once or twice a month for this weekend from Thursday evening after work to Saturday night Saturday, and made a section a section of trail, they would spend nights in hotels or in schools. They completed the path after 4 years, are of course highly recommend! :-)
More apparently, once a year they fly abroad and walking trails there as well.
Amazing people who gleefully shows humor and joy! Just pleasure!

Quick views Hermon members bolts on the snowy side right side that the Syrian side. Amazing!

So, these turbines are freaky! And as I explain "the guide of the Group:
The farm has 10 turbines, currently operate 7.
Profitable farm providing electricity to villages and because of bureaucratic difficulties (IEC) not set up additional stations. Too bad.
Throughout the entire blade is 18 meters! Weight 1200 kg and height and stand 100 feet and weighing 70 tons! The farm was built in 1993.

The wind turbines we kept walking until we reached our home for the night – the bachirvat hoshnier mosque.
During the six day war, were fighting in Chechnya, a Syrian tank fired on troops from the mosque, I finally decided to shoot a shell blast, made to one corner of the mosque is part of the ceiling collapsed, and, since then, for over 40 years, hanging and swinging in the wind.
You can go to the mosque's Minaret and its roof has away favorite nighttime observation villages around.
Doesn't seem like that is going to collapse soon and there are no signs that warn against it, but his graffiti decorated the inside of different units in the military (combat rations packaging), symbols of Satanism and "666" and written in Arabic, urging people in bed. The floor not very clean but plantation tongue highlights still in good condition.
The night was devoid of spirits (the walls helped) but descends bad cunning animal attack outside mosque waiting for us what looks like at least 2 wolves (as I found out at 3 o'clock in the morning when I wanted to relieve the bladder), terrified of the capacities of four ran back with the PETZL is on and the noise and the light I spring the rest. Probably it was just in my mind, that in the morning we found the bag it was our breakfast – gone!
In the morning, bouncing us brother-in-law of one of the boys to conter UM, upon hearing about the night, confirmed that much area. He showed us an area fenced and protected against Wolves can be hunted, not cows. He also said that a few years ago there was a sharp increase in the number of wolves and given compensation for every Wolf killing of about $ 5,000, he personally know someone who shifez it up.
Incidentally, tap conter UM refused to take any water, however there are chemical toilets, and debris. Fifth, it turns out, knows a lot about the area, said harchiaolog that is responsible for restoring infected chip on the rubble, using a computer program able to edit images that show how it looked, and so, they re-create the view place, I think the part is restored synagogue, according with the pillars and stones decorated with paintings of lamps.

Nothing to down stream conter, document surprised us cyclists down quickly. Apparently held there quest to trace "ASHI" (Novak) targeted wing resident who was killed in the second Lebanon war. The voyage included about 500 riders who passed us and Lake.

At the beginning of the end for agreed yet, eat at the restaurant, and was a cowboy restaurant in the Valley, it was a pleasure!
Seventy racing down stream and from there to the bchinert Kursi beach.
Some we see filth and Qoyunlu smell of flaming barbecues, but nonetheless, this sea of Galilee.

To be continued ...


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#2 Posted : Sunday, April 26, 2009 7:56:09 PM(UTC)

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Awesome description does. Professional.
#3 Posted : Monday, April 27, 2009 12:15:41 AM(UTC)

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Audio tour starts, learn, unprofessional and "itoas" yourself just compliment you gorgeous descriptions and pictures of the amazing puppet show.

Hope you enjoyed (besides I was hurt about the gentlemen)


Put 39929.8862384259

#4 Posted : Monday, April 27, 2009 1:01:23 AM(UTC)

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I'm sorry for that days I hurt you, stuck with me when I was a young soldier and saw Hercules "fart" people with parachutes.
This from "צנ"פים. "I didn't dare to ask what it means. Later learned.
#5 Posted : Tuesday, April 28, 2009 5:25:39 AM(UTC)

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BTW, have you seen flower called "spam". (No relation to the military named meat loaf.)

And it means the g.o.r. p:

Good old raisins and peanuts

Granola, oats, raisins, and peanuts

Gobs of raw protein

All with the help of Google.


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#6 Posted : Tuesday, April 28, 2009 7:06:45 PM(UTC)

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Lior, what exactly have dates?
We leave in a week (5-6 May) for the Golan Heights.
I hope you will still be green and blooming as the images you have uploaded (both than do desire).
#7 Posted : Tuesday, April 28, 2009 10:23:07 PM(UTC)

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Will still be green.
Only hope for Noah weather.
#8 Posted : Wednesday, April 29, 2009 11:43:55 PM(UTC)

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After tznepim!
#9 Posted : Tuesday, May 5, 2009 9:38:45 PM(UTC)

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Pine, if you haven't been yet.
In my opinion, in the northern Golan Heights will be green and beautiful blooms,

As the peninsula transitions from dry or fall is how tall the landscape becomes increasingly less spring summer.
Have fun!
#10 Posted : Wednesday, May 6, 2009 11:25:31 PM(UTC)

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Great trail. Simply awesome.
More stories and pictures via

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