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יענקל'ה סער  
#1 Posted : Sunday, January 22, 2012 6:40:20 PM(UTC)

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Jesus trail called in Hebrew "GospelBill marked" in 2009, when the Pope visited. 2011 walk on the path to more than 10,000. The path has the potential of tens of thousands of tourists a year who go on this path or parts thereof. He hopes they will arrive and can move in later years, the pilgrims, as it relates to the number of visitors to it.

The trail begins in Nazareth and holy Christian sites such as the Basilica of the Annunciation, the synagogue Church, Mensa Christi Church in Nazareth, Cana wedding Church where, according to tradition, Jesus performed his first miracle and turned water into wine, and of course all the holy sites of Christianity in the North. The trail does not skip like sites: birdie, Hattin, the Arbel Nabi Shu'ayb.

Visitors to use the local population. In addition to the base port in Nazareth where the hiker held in preparation for the trip, and sleeping in one of the town in Kafr Kanna, ilaniya, camping area next to the hotel, LAVI (Christian Soler. ), In the village of olives and in marble and tzmarim Inn. And of course all the places in the North. Until recently, Tourism Ministry praised and supported for Jesus is the Gospel.

A few months ago, Tourism Ministry inaugurated a new path: name in English or Hebrew GOSPEL in THE TRAIL: through the Gospel. Through the Ministry of tourism's Gospel begins in the mountain is ancient mount precipice outside Nazareth, she drops for beautiful hacked in the steep slope. It is the most beautiful thing about a mile way. Gospel way overrides ichsal, high above the village on a dirt road that is breached in order to bypass the village. The road continues to stream Barack Avinoam, in open areas of the Jewish national home, moving forest 5 km from Kafr Kanna and connects to the Gospel (Jesus trail) near Golani junction.

From over 10 km trail the Gospel and the Gospel going on the same route when they break up about 3 km north of Kibbutz LAVI. From here through the Gospel () is the horns of Hattin (1187 battle interlineation rays held here) bypasses West Nabi Shu'ayb, continues in nimerim, decreases in the group is Mount Arbel, and reaches.

Both trails are approximately 65 km through the Gospel meets the first Church after 60 km in the North. There's a way between Nazareth of Galilee, can obtain water only on the midway at the Golani junction, about 30 miles from jumping. After Golani junction it bath water 25 km by water parameter average tourist would have to do the landfills of water way.

He was offered the Ministry of tourism as an alternative to following the fast route to the route they marked, mount Deborah, Shibley, Mount Tabor and the Church of the Transfiguration is very important to Christianity, to continue on to Jordan, Israel to Jordan River water, dip northwards to tower sites in the North. In this way the two paths would complement each other.

The alternate route are many settlements and tourist infrastructure: Shibley, Kfar Kish, yavne'el (3 km) West of Kibbutz Kinneret (Tiberias), small town, prachits, there is a wonderful view from Arbel, and many local residents rejoice to help tourists and to use as well. The Tourism Ministry did not refer to this alternative.

Tourism Ministry responded: the route is a major route from which you can catch and return to Mount Tabor, Kfar Kanna and back, and return of Nabi Shu'ayb, Arbel mountain and back. And finally reach. Said and added: "we will build on our route, parking spaces, and places to stock up on water. They ignore the fact that you build in the forest House Hotel, and parking lots will open.

Not clear lack of desire to share the residents in the area. It is impossible to suspect someone belongs to one party and he doesn't want the good of some individuals, as they tried to imply, it's simply not true. The alternative route offered them some people from all shades of the Rainbow.

The tourist office has deleted the Gospel (Jesus trail) maps that he distributes to tourists from abroad, 2,000,000 NIS icatib Office and this addition to 1,000,000 NIS JNF and the money was used to pay in an area about 140 markup like this below.

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#2 Posted : Monday, January 23, 2012 12:30:00 AM(UTC)

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יענקל'ה, because the values that open in response to recommendation for Gospel (jesus trail), I allow myself to add to the correct words per se.

First, full disclosure: Oz, aiosmim wines of Jesus trail run too much to realize, is a friend and partner in another project.

The whole Gospel way check as another route for the Gospel, Jesus (, marked, he, supported by all the involved bodies, including the Ministry of tourism, to step on it and that was internationally recognized, also recognized by Christian factors etc), well, it smells bad but a combination of politics and bureaucracy, not to mention stupidity and wickedness.

Even if there is room for alternatives to certain sections for or even, as is customary in the world to offer several "ariiantim" part of the way, why not do this in coordination and cooperation?

What purpose could be to create another path with another check, others, integral online and promotion of wine, of existing deletion already and brings local and overseas travellers, irrespective. Is there any other explanation except for certain political purposes of upholding their names and people and organizations – and between the Office and out to be pipe and faucet or even a vessel for many funds (public funds must mention) you find on the subject.

I might not those motivations, but Loge (whether wanting to bypass Arab and Druze communities and sites I don't know) but I still haven't heard an explanation acceptable to conduct and the conduct of the firm.

Anyway I know clearly that outwardly (for pilgrims and tourists from abroad) the wars of the Jews, Christians seem ridiculous at best and certainly violate what should be the goal of all Israel-elevation map international treks, the Christian pilgrimage. (Hard to imagine the wonder of Tony Wheeler-founder of planet ה"לונלי" while walking with us section of trail and had to figure out what the various strange markings).

If this is of interest to the Forum happy to try and attach to the concatenating assignment oz safely f or David Landis writes book about Jesus Trail.

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